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W.I.T.C.H Versus Winx Club.

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

My excuse for watching those two? A WITCH episode popped up in the “Related Videos” on YouTube, when I was watching through Cybersix.

I haven’t got a clue where the hell I heard about Winx, oh wait, same way.

Let’s compare the Intro’s first:



Witch takes that one by a long shot, much better music, no use of any retarded “Everything is awesome” themes.

To be fair, there is another version of the WITCH intro which falls into the pit of pink dreamy despair, it is, however, fairly decent for it’s kind.

Now, for the Animation:

Yeah, In Winx, the animation looks like it’s been done by an absolute beginner, the kind of guy who’s just barely learned the basics of animation, and that’s it.

Any of the “magical” attacks they use, looks more like something out of a 1980’s videogame.

In WITCH, the animation is quite good, which probably has something to do with the fact that the Character design in WITCH is so vastly superior it makes my brain hurt.

They actually look human, rather than freakish blockheads and the largest eyes I have ever seen in Winx. WITCH’s animation and drawing styles also allows for a general application of empathy into the animation.

Well done, another one for WITCH.

The Storyline!

Now, neither have any sort of spectacular storyline, however, at least WITCH’s storyline is fairly consistent, with villains who are power-hungry and evil, and the villain in the second season is even fairly competent.

Even if she wastes a lot of time just playing around.

The storyline in WINX is the storyline in Power Rangers, drawn like shit, and viewed by to many.

The Voice acting.

Some of WITCH’s voices annoy me.

All of WINX’s voices drive me insane, especially that horrible scene at the end of Season 3 Episode 13 where they all cry, and sound like forty year old fat women.

Well done.

As a closing statement, the real question is:

WHY THE FUCK DOES WINX HAVE MORE SEASON THAN WITCH? Why the fuck did anyone watch/read WINX in the first place?

And how can the artists behind it live with themselves? That is the question, it is also the sentence!