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Once again, it’s time for the FORUM WATCH!

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

Hey again kids, it’s me again.

Unfortunately I’ve just recently been banned form Animeleague, because I pointed out how utterly useless some of their moderators are.

I guess criticism is cause for banning on Animeleague, but then again, no one cares anyway.

Nonetheless, I shall not stop from making fun of their stupid forums.

Otherwise they would win, and that wouldn’t be acceptable at all.

First Item’s up, one of my threads, I posted in connection with my conveyance of a few titles.

I give four people Noble Titles.

It’s a very fine example of useless posts and threadshitting, it doesn’t have Rain through, otherwise it would be a perfect example of a good thread gone shit.

Talking about Rain, let’s take a look at her bad taste shall we?

I’m watching big brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rain’s actually male, and also a flamboyantly insecure homosexual. He will also constantly make use of silly Ebonics, and claim that the word “hoe” isn’t demeaning to women.


Apparently Rain takes offence to the word “faggot”, so I guess I’ll just piss the weakling of a bit more.

That was today’s Forum Watch; join me again, whenever, wherever.

RagnarokZ Augustus.

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