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What the hell happened to England?

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

‘I do not roll over,’ says Brown

Yeah, kinda hard to roll over when you’re welded in place, to really fucking awful policies of bullshit nanny-state surveillance society, populist warmongering junk and pandering to giant Banks who’s moral code would make Machiavelli blush.

It’s absolutely astonishing that anyone in England actually considers the Labour Party worthwhile or useful, oh wait, I forgot.

Their opponents are hideously malignant Populist reactionary scumbags who are even deeper into the pocket of the Corporations.

Still, these Conservative bastards will probably still win, and then people will be reminded why the entire country of Scotland will start singing the day Thatcher’s deal with the Dark Gods expire, she’s already slipping, that will teach her not to sign deals with malevolent Dark Gods.

But then, it’s just another fine example of the enormous failures of Two-party systems, what happens when both parties are fucking amazingly stupid and utterly useless?

Simply, your already damaged nation just keeps going into the drain, Italy may be the sick man of Europe, wallowing in corruption, stagnation and Berlusconi’s unbelievable popularity.

But the United Kingdoms are definitely a fine number two, and your continued pandering to “family issues” will create nothing but votes from absolutely terrible parents.

And those CCTV systems you’re setting up everywhere? Ain’t gonna do shit in the long run, sooner or later Electronic Warfare will spread into the criminal society.

And then we’ll have true SciFi dystopia, with hackers scrambling cameras will grunts are moving drugs and guns around without intervention from the police, whoa re paralyzed without their precious cameras.


And how the hell do you elect that? Oh wait, you didn’t, the Labour political apparatus moved him into place and then just rubber stamped him into his present position.

Looks like he never grew up, a giant manchild in a giant position, oddly fitting, still he’s no worse than this:

Alistair Darling

Ahahaha! How the hell? What the hell? Who the hell? Alistair Darling ladies and gentlemen, the Chancellor of Obsolete name for Minister of Finance.

Looks more like a Sith Lord, give him some yellow eyes and let him shot lightning from his hands, Beware! Darth Darling comes!

He’ll reinstate the British Empire, and then get his ass kicked by a nuclear armed 900 million people strong India.