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Random moron sends me message on myspace!

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

Alert the media, some random crapturtle has send me yet another useless message of doom and overwhelming dread.

I apologize if I sent you this message already. I just wanted to be sure that I thanked you for adding this page of mine and checking my music, but I’m actually going to be deleting it soon, and before I do, I just wanted to make sure you got to my other main page. I would appreciate if you could add that other page by clicking the link below and checking out my new songs and pictures. Thanks so much, and thank you for taking time to listen to my music.

Points for not spelling like a fucking retard, points to you Nicole.

Oh wait, it’s “Nycole”, so I guess she just lost those points.

Nicole Valentina is, and I quote, ” R&B / Hip Hop / Pop”, which makes the voices in my head go “ARGGHHHHH, KILL ALL HUMANS, KILL THEM ALL”.

Let’s get this train wreck on the rails, first song is: “Sick of you”, there is some useless shoutout too, which actually has the best singing of them all.

Sick of you is a standard Hip-hop song, which means it has an endlessly repeating “beat” in the background, which will slowly drive any sane person UTTERLY FUCKING INSANE! ARAGSADGSDFGSD.

Next fucking song.

“With me featuring Who cares”, is fucking horrible. Why the fuck do people keep sending me this bullshit music, and then get vaguely offended every time I tear into their bland crap?

Horrible, simply awful. Makes me miss Spice Girls.

“Body Talk moving slow” has a utterly useless name, and makes about as much sense as Stanley Kubrick and Moebius’s horrible lovechild.

Wait, that would actually be pretty fucking awesome, oh well, the song still sucks.

“Give it up” has the most fitting name, for I am indeed very tempted to give this fucking shit up.

And then a remix of “Sick of you”, featuring yet another asshole I haven’t fucking heard of.

It still sucks.

So, I guess the Shoutout was the best song, no wonder, it has no music.