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The Longest Norwegian Adventure Game

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Apologies for not updating with anything yesterday, unfortunately, I was enraptured by Ragnar Tørnquist’s insane Adventure game The Longest Journey.. Which for several hours sucked my soul dry, due to its stunningly brilliant storyline.


The art direction is absolutely magnificent and the character design believable, none of that Japanese leather straps or ridiculously complex bullshit outfits.

Nope, all the characters looks absolutely normal and surprisingly realistic. The human ones that is, all the non-human characters look absurd and apparently Ragnar has some very interesting dreams.

Or he smoked a not small amount of marijuana in his youth, seeing as he’s Norwegian, he probably still does to this very day.

Hell, even my Danish parents used to have pot plants in their backyard, they stopped when I was born. Nothing unusual in that. I’ve tried the fumes off it at a party, talked for roughly six hours afterwards, can’t remember a thing.

The game is, in itself, just an adventure game of the old school, point there, walk there, grab stuff, use on everything. Even if they have made a small indicator, flashing item, to signify you can actually use them, rather than just randomly smashing everything together.

As far as I know, it’s very hard to actually die, although there might be one or two scenes where it could happen, during my play-through it didn’t happen, and I can’t be bothered to try again.


Unfortunately, The Longest Journey is an adventure game, and I really fucking loath adventure games, they are an archaic and obsolete game form, which deserves nothing but spite and hatred.

It’s useless garbage, which requires you to try and figure out whoever made the games twisted logic, which is often very hard, as logic is an alien concept to adventure video game developers.

And Ragnar is Norwegian, and thus absolutely mad, makes it much harder to penetrate.

However, the storyline is absolutely brilliantly well written, and the voices are stunningly good, two things that are absolute top priorities for yours truly, I can forgive a game a lot, just because it has good storyline and voice acting.

And I can really fucking tear the shit out of some graphically impressive video game, if the storyline is made of cheese and the voices drive me insane, hello Final Fantasy 10, please go die in a FIRE!

And of course, the Longest Journey’s graphics are so utterly outdated they don’t even have any fingers, but it’s forgiveable due to age and storyline. In the end, it’s a standard adventure game bollocks with an anything but standard storyline, which would actually make a decent movie, because Adventure games are basically very slow movies with a lot of interruptions.

You can pickup The Longest Journey on Both GoodOldGames and Steam. The Steam link is actually to the sequel, but they have a package option.

I haven’t tried Dreamfall, so I’d personally recommend GOG’s offer on this one. Or just buy it off Amazon for absolutely nothing.