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Free Speech and Me!

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

A few days ago, I started releasing information from the privileged restricted staff section of the animeleague forums, a completely legal thing to do, as I’ve never agreed not to do so.

Also, It wasn’t me who grabbed the screenshots. So purely legally speaking I’m absolutely completely in the clear. So let’s not waste any more time on that useless area, let’s focus on the ethical and moral discussion you could throw at me.

And make no mistake, I am a deeply ethical person, more ethical than most the staff of Animeleague, where sexual favours, or both the physical and virtual kind, are both commonplace and “the standard”.

At least that’s what Stacey told me about Keith, but hey. For all I know, she could be lieing, would explain a lot though.

So, are Whistleblowers a good thing? Or a horrible thing?

Well, to the fascist mind-controlling big-brotheresque reactionary scumbags they are, to the rest of the bloody world they are silent heroes working for the Free Flow of Information.

And no information relevant to a public forum are ever sacred! They belong to the public, and they will be spread in the end. So fuck all the haters! Nothing I’ve released here for the last few days have been morally or ethically wrong, the opposite in fact, how can vandalism and talking about how to HACK and abuse another web-page ever be sacred knowledge?

Unless you where involved of course.

So no, I do believe with absolute conviction that I have the moral high ground in this matter, and that Towers and his silly forum has the moral and ethical sense of a burnt potato.

So yay me.

I’m still better than any of you freaks.

Remember the forums and Twitter!