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A New Bewilderingly named Danish Band

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Well, this is without doubt the most peculiar little band that could, I’ve encountered this month.

It’s The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, spawned from the same abyssal pit that spawned Aqua, and blasphemous cartoons, It’s Denmark everyone!

The first song they have on their Myspace is called “The Golden Age”, and is actually genuinely good, apparently the Statement of this band, or Artisan Commune, Or Pretentious Bullshit Collective, is Retro.

And “Golden Age” is absolutely without a doubt retro, but fuck if I can figure out just how retro it is, or where it’s time travel destination is, the deliberate sound overlay that makes it sound like it comes from the late forties are really the only clue I can find.

Afraid I’m not a musical historian.

“The Sun Ain’t Shining No More” sounds like it’s coming from an “Austin Powers” movie, so the sixties it is. It’s actually pretty good, the lead singer does have an unusual voice, mostly because it’s actually her voice and not the voice of a talentless American hack transformed through a synthesizers to sound like Microsoft BOB.

It’s lyrics are fairly good, and it’s actually music, and not just noise and some twit talking with an odd rhythm, fucking R’n’B.

“Around the bend” is yet another retro song, which, in case your thicker than eighteen billion kilometres of lard, is the fucking gimmick on the band.

It’s well executed, well written and genuinely good, I actually like this one a fair bit, it has a decent rhythm in it, a bit to repetitive, but that’s unfortunately a norm in these days.

“Hero” gets on my bad side, mostly because I really fucking hate the old genre they’ve decided to conjure up, through ritualized sacrifice to Odin, from the depths of time.

It’s also a sample, luck I just happen to have the CD eh? It’s a slow, easy-going song, it bores me to tears, but I can imagine that some people would enjoy it.

Either because all fashion goes in a never-ending circle, or because you where young when this crap was “in the in”.

“Bad Fever” has a familiar sound, late eighties, early nineties? Probably, makes me feel fucking old as hell.

Could be the sixties again for all I know, as I’ve already pointed out, fashion often recycles old crap, because people have really bad memories.

Myspace has delivered all it could, let’s look at the CD I’ve gotten my hand on.

The first track is “Lady Jesus”, and holy fuck on my hat on fire, I fucking loath it from the deep dark burning core of my foul soul.

Feels good to know, that I’m not growing soft. Unfortunately the “Acid” style rarely works very well, it’s simply to fucking noise to enjoy any of it’s elements.

The Third track, seeing as a simply skip the ones they have to their Myspace, “Push the envelope” suffers from the same problem as the first one, it’s style is simply shit, hateful shit even.

“Satellite” sounds like the Beatles.

I don’t like the Beatles.

“Crazy”, I haven’t got a clue. It’s not bad, not to good either, but compared to most of the crap there’s out there, it’s as pure as the Golden Tears of Freya.

“Sunshine cooling” is pretty good, kinda a good song for a hot summer day, young people dancing on some open scene in some little park.

And that’s it. If you like the songs you heard on the Myspace, it’s probably worth it picking up the physical or eletronic CD/Whatever the fuck you call it when you buy it on Itunes you filthy consumerist whore.