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Why does Techno degrade women in their live acts?

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Yeah. Skimpily dressed female “dancers”, who are really just wank material for 14-year old boys in right-wing nuthouse families.

So, why do they do it? And yes, I know Smith, not all Techno acts rely on cheap skin, and yes, I know, that probably isn’t even Techno, I used as a example.

But who the fuck cares? And yes, I’ll agree that most modern music make heavy use of skimpily dressed women, thus twisting young girls world view into a giant mess, mostly due to poor parental supervisions designed purely to limit young people’s prospects, rather than to encourage them to explorer their own world.

Also, by a mechanistic society who ostracises the odd and the unique away from the physical world, into the sweet sickly embrace of the Internet, where it just gets worse, and they all end up as furries and weaboes.

Covering up their own enormous insecurities in huge amounts of paper-thin pastiches of characters, straight out of the Hollywood book of heroes/villains etc…

It’s a loathsome reality isn’t it?

A society where physical beauty is guided by adult marketing executives simply looking to profit more and apparently eliminate any sort of individuality, in the name of the Lord and Master Mammon.

It’s just an old German guy screaming into a microphone, why is this appealing to teenagers? Oh yeah, because it’s “the thing”.

And drugs, a shit load of drugs and sex.

Which wouldn’t be so bad, except the drugs kill you, and the sex is unprotected, rendering your life either A) miserable due to an unwanted pregnancy or B) traumatized due to a fucking abortion.

So, what’s my real problem? It’s not actually the Techno itself, it isn’t bad by any stretch, if nothing else it does have more merit than that noisy mistake that’s rap music.

It’s just that it, similar to Rap, R’n’B and Pop music sells itself by the way of sex. You really can’t argue against it, it’s selling through sex.

Fuck talent, let’s turn all singers into sex symbols and just ignore their potential talent, or lack there off, who cares if they can sing, we’ll fix that in post-production.

Your singer a 35 year old women? Who cares, we’ll just make use of some slutty dancer and let her lipsynch through the ENTIRE FUCKING SONG?

What the hell? How the hell can anyone even considering acceptance of something like that? How the hell can anyone ever defend it?

Why should I have to attack it? It should just happend purely automatically, that someone would fucking stand up and go “Hang on? What?”.

But no, we just accept it and suck some more on the tit of the Corporate machine, you fucking consumer whore.

Stop buying your goddamn Gucci bullshit, a cheap piece of shit bag you bought in freaking WalMart was PRODUCED IN THE SAME FUCKING ASIAN COUNTRY!

If nothing else, at least Walmart are honest in their “this is cheap shit” spiel, whereas Gucci honestly tries to tell us their crap is more worthwhile due to a giant FUCKING “G”!

Why the fuck you you idiots buy that crap?

No fucking wonder Marketing executives are doing so great.

No sex there, at least nothing beyond tight t-shirts.

Socialism is the coolest shit since the Wheel.

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009


Socialism is basically the coolest thing on the fucking planet, not hardcore Communism in a way that’ll make Stalin horny, nor the fake bullshit Hitler slammed onto his party to attract voters.

Nope, good old fashioned Socialism, the one where the general principal is that being so absurdly rich that you run the country, should result in a taxation rate of 405% and mockery from the rest of the populace.

We sure as hell don’t accept that our politicians receive literally millions from enormous thoroughly morally repugnant corporations, as “campaign contributions”, then again, most Socialist parties don’t believe in individual election campaigns.

It’s not about the individuals singular strengths, it’s about the Strength we develop as a whole, a combined people, Strength through Numbers.

Ahahahahaha, this is so wrong!

Remember, National Socialism isn’t actually Socialsm at all, it’s a fancy name for Hitler’s old party: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, which good Old Hitler just made up, to draw in votes. National Socialism is just another word for “Fascism”. It hasn’t got anything to do with Socialism as a whole.

socialismThis is Socialism explained!

Communism isn’t fucking Socialism either, they’re related, but only related the same way conservatism and reactionary is.

Communism is the doctrine of every one has equal worth, whereas Socialism is that everyone have equal rights, choice, opportunities and worth.

In a communist society, your worth is predetermined according to a general list designed by whatever Central Committee there is, and there isn’t anything you can do to change it, no matter how hard/bad you perform.

In a proper moderate Social-Democratic system, your performance will have an effect on your rewards, it’s just limited to something that isn’t absurd.

Like getting paid millions for driving your Bank into Bankruptcy, because long-term planing went straight out the window.


And you should always remember, that I’m from Scandinavia, we’re doing just fine in these days, even though the Liberal-Conservative right-wingers have had their periods of power, in Denmark thanks to the Racist Danish People’s Party, we’re a thoroughly Socialist society.

Everyone in Denmark are Social-Democrats, except the Social Democratic Party, which is probably why they are going down the drain.

And why the Socialist People’s Party is doing so awesomely good.

So as a conclusion, we’re doing better than the self-pronounced Capitalist societies, we’re happier, we’re healthier and we have a much lower rate of infant mortality.

And remember, the only ones who enjoy a Laissez Faire capitalist society are the ultra-rich, who will ruthless prevent anyone else from ever getting close to them.

Also, such societies will usually stagnate without some sort of external stimuli. If you’re more interested in that subject, go have a look up at the time the British Empire was being crushed industrially by the more restrictive governments of the 1890’s Germany and America.

So in closing. Socialism is awesome.

And we’re using the Red Rose as symbol these days you fucking yanks, not a damn Hammer and Sickle.

And Obama is fucking conservative you dimwits.

Patriotism sucks

Friday, September 18th, 2009

“Heroism on command, senseless violence, and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism — how passionately I hate them!”Albert Einstein

Patriotism is a load of utter bullshit, originally concocted by Napoleon Bonaparte, when he realized that sooner or later his conscripts would probably kill him, rather than the Germans.

So he whipped up a lovely inferiority case and started calling the Germans a bunch of Saurkraut eating sausage manufacturers.

It’s all a bunch of useless crap, and any person with half a brain will drop the concept into the same deep chasm of your psyche where slavery belongs.

And then proceed to base the rest of your life on rational and logical thoughts, rather than “They have a funny accent, let’s bomb them back to the stone age.”

Or “they worship our god in a slightly more flashy manner, let’s go crazy with snipers.”

Or the other billion stupid excuses there exist, simply to move blame away from your own country’s cloying incompetence and gross neglience.

And onto a convenient scapegoat in another country, like for instance Canada, who’s otherwise reasonably functional public healthcare system was deemed the great Satan of Committee executions by the Republican Party of the United States of America.

Who claim that the Public Healthcare System kills people who’s expensive to cure, which is utterly retarded, a lie and so wilfully stupid.

But what the hell else do you expect from a political system that seems to permit and encourage corruption, open corruption even.

So hey?

Patriotism sucks, it absolutely and unrestrictedly sucks. And there’s no hope in hell for any human being, who remain a Patriot.

Free Speech and Me!

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

A few days ago, I started releasing information from the privileged restricted staff section of the animeleague forums, a completely legal thing to do, as I’ve never agreed not to do so.

Also, It wasn’t me who grabbed the screenshots. So purely legally speaking I’m absolutely completely in the clear. So let’s not waste any more time on that useless area, let’s focus on the ethical and moral discussion you could throw at me.

And make no mistake, I am a deeply ethical person, more ethical than most the staff of Animeleague, where sexual favours, or both the physical and virtual kind, are both commonplace and “the standard”.

At least that’s what Stacey told me about Keith, but hey. For all I know, she could be lieing, would explain a lot though.

So, are Whistleblowers a good thing? Or a horrible thing?

Well, to the fascist mind-controlling big-brotheresque reactionary scumbags they are, to the rest of the bloody world they are silent heroes working for the Free Flow of Information.

And no information relevant to a public forum are ever sacred! They belong to the public, and they will be spread in the end. So fuck all the haters! Nothing I’ve released here for the last few days have been morally or ethically wrong, the opposite in fact, how can vandalism and talking about how to HACK and abuse another web-page ever be sacred knowledge?

Unless you where involved of course.

So no, I do believe with absolute conviction that I have the moral high ground in this matter, and that Towers and his silly forum has the moral and ethical sense of a burnt potato.

So yay me.

I’m still better than any of you freaks.

Remember the forums and Twitter!