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Public Healthcar? Socialism? Fuck yeah!

Monday, August 31st, 2009
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Reactionary bullshit and you!

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

There is no Liberal Conspiracy to take over the World.

There is no Illuminati, the Freemasons are old men having a fancy excuse to drink and eat and the Bilderberg Group is just high-powered networking.

Odd isn’t it?

Just because I happen to say “Happy Holidays” does NOT mean I want to burn down the Vatican, eviscerate all priests and murder billions.

I can assure that I want to do that, because 98% of all Organized Religion is a gigantic Confidence Scam, designed to keep the proletariat down.

And I don’t use “Happy Holidays”, I’m Danish, we use “Jul” instead of Christmas, blending it perfectly with it’s pagan origins.

We even celebrate it on the 24th instead of the 25th, take that in your Reactionary pipes and kill yourself.

There isn’t any huge atheist conspiracy group called “The International Movement for Counter-Reactionary Anti-Religion”, most atheist are to busy arguing with each other about how to respond to fundamentalist when they claim atheism is a religion.

Not entirely sure how the hell Atheism can be called “religion” when the entire point of it, is not to be a religion, why not accept it as one of two alternative definitions.

A: Communist madness.
B: Life Philosophy, much like Buddhism, Taoism and the likes.

But noooo, our tiny Reactionary minds can’t handle anything more sofisticated than reading a book written by arseholes living in a dessert two-thousand years ago.

Actually, most of the New Testament was probably written much later, and the Old Testament much earlier, but who cares about the Old Testament?

Why Fundamentalist Christians of course! Why the fuck do they care? Last time I checked, it was the holy book of the fucking Jews?!?!

Let them keep that ancient useless tome of reactionary crap, don’t eat shellfish my fucking hairy Danish Socialist Revolutionary ass.

And why the fuck am I suppose to adapt to these fuckers? Fuck them, I’ll curse as much as I’ll damn well please, drink, whore, watch porno, support homosexuals and laugh at Religion.

Like anyone else with just a tiny wee bit of their logical centre working. Fucking Glowhand the Destroyer and all his little control-freak minions.

And fuck Pope Ratzinger that old Nazi windbag, him and his Holy Office of the Psychotic Roman Inquisition can go the hell they so righteously deserve according to the OWN DAMN BOOK!

Sarah Palin resigns!

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

Ding dong, the Wicked Alaskan Reactionary Witch is dead!

Or resigned, whatever. And sure, she resigns because she’s planing to run for the US Presidency in 2012, and you shouldn’t fear this.

That incompetent soccer mom doesn’t have a fucking chance in hell to get elected to anything beyond her stupid redneck frozen state.

Her ridiculous excuse? You’re gonna live it!

“People where mean to my son/me on the Internet!”.

Which is quite frankly the single most retarded and yet hilarious thing I’ve heard this month.

You may laugh.

So yeah, apparently it all started on some random crap website out in the Ether, and then picked up by the awful bastards of SomethingAwful.





Perhaps Alaska can seem just a little bit less stupid now. What the hell kinda woman actually wants her rights stripped away from her anyway?

So, SomethingAwful made her resign earlier to avoid any more attacks on her family. Yeah, not likely to happen Sarah, not while you think women should stay at home and take care of the kids, the eight of them, that is.

Fucking soccermoms.