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Anencephaly Part Two

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Remember that last post? Sure you do, it was only a few days ago.

In relation to that post, where I refered to a sad case of Anencephaly and the delusions of a fundie single mother.

In a shocking event, the Goons of SomethingAwful, have found something rather interesting. Turns out that this maniac of a woman isn’t as innocent as she looks.

She planned out the whole thing.

She honestly claimed that her kid was only “handicapped”, she isn’t handicaped, she hasn’t got a fucking brain. That’s not a handicap, that’s vegetables.

Myah Walker gave an eloquent testimony about choosing life for her unborn baby whom she has named Hope. Six months pregnant, Myah has been told by doctors that Hope is handicapped. She has had to resist repeated pressure to abort. She hopes her story can inspire others about the God-given dignity of every child’s life.

You see that? You fucking see this sick twisted individual insane agenda. Repeated pressure to abort? It had no fucking brain, what the hell are professionally trained doctors suppose to say to you?

“Sure, I wont advice you to give birth to a fucking vegetable, go ahead! Make yourself utterly miserable caring for that abomination.”

I think BunnySkull said it well:

I can now only assume that upon finding out she was going to have a anencephalic baby she committed herself to using it as a propaganda tool for radical christianity and pro-life witnessing. I take back what I said earlier about her not being manipulative enough to have planned this from the get-go – obviously she has done just that. This baby is a PR tool for her agenda, nothing more. Fuck her.

So yeah.

Let them do their prayer war against reason and logic.

I’ll be over here, feeling deeply ashamed of the Collective idiocy and evil of these deranged psycopaths.