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Utter failure.

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

Ever heard of Otherkin? According to Wikipedia it’s:

Otherkin are a subculture of people, primarily Internet-based, who identify in some way as other than human. Otherkin often believe themselves to be mythological or legendary creatures, explaining their beliefs through reincarnation, having a nonhuman soul, ancestry, or symbolic metaphor.[1]

According to my most holy Proclamation: “The furry threat is growing on a daily basis, now the hordes of chaotic furries threaten all that is good and civilized on our fair Internet.”

So yeah, Otherkin is just yet another name for fucking Furry.

So when a fucking “Kitsune” otherkin makes a fucking post on Somethingawful about how her boss made fun of the absolutely fucking hilarious concept that is Otherkin/furry.

She got ripped to shreds, even tried to hide the evidence, not on Somethingawful sweetie, a valiant post copied the entire post on the first page, wise as HappyKitty was.

Incidentially, that is one fucking ironic nick+post combination.

Allow me to preface this by saying, yes, I am an Otherkin, namely, a Kitsune. No, I’m not a furry, furfriend, furfan, whatever. That said, I was hired at my present place of work (telemarketing firm) with my employers knowing this full well.

About two months ago, my previous boss Rob moved on and Jeff (not actual name) was hired. Rob knew about me and allowed me to wear my decorative kitsune ears to work. Yes, I prefer to wear cat ears to work. It makes me feel more confident and comfortable, as it reflects on my personal belief system. I was personable and able to interact with folks on the phone as well as my coworkers with ease, which was much more difficult for the first 22 years of my life.

When Jeff came to power, we had our 1-on-1 interviews to get to know him, etc, and he looked at me and asked, “What’s with the dog ears?” Convinced he was just trying to push my buttons, I educated him as well as I could in about 25 minutes about what I believe and what they mean to me, and all was well after that.

For about a week. Until Liz was hired (also not real name). Telemarketing firms, if you’ve ever been in one, is an increasingly male operation. Most of the phone workers are guys, maybe because telemarketers take the position of aggressors in conversations, I don’t know, but when we get a new girl it’s big news around the building. Liz is cute, probably cuter than me, so naturally all of the guys try to show off for her, including Jeff.

I’d already met Liz in the breakroom, but Jeff took it upon himself to take her around the building introducing her to everyone, sort of putting them down at the same time. “Here’s Mike, he used to live in Canada, eh? This is Brian, he’s never worn anything but a t-shirt in his life.” Fine. Fine. “This is Uguuchick. Check it out, she actually, truly believes she is a reincarnated dog.”

What. The. Fuck. First of all, asshole, it’s kitsune, not dog. Secondly, you’re marginalizing my entire belief system in front of my coworkers and your subordinates! I was infuriated. I wrote letters to everyone in the company higher than him. HR took me aside the next day and we spoke for about half the day. They brought Jeff in, he apologized directly and he sent out an email to our department apologizing publicly and encouraging everyone to understand tolerance. Pretty cheesy, but I accepted it. Things were good for a little while again.

Then, it came time to purchase new headgear. Fine, whatever, nobody really liked our old stuff anyway. When I first started we had some super comfortable headphones that we missed when we got the newer lightweight minimalist sets, so we were looking forward to the change. Jeff asked the department for headphone advice or suggestions via email that he would then present to the higher-ups, who would make the purchase. I shot him a quick email that asked for nothing too tight directly over the head, as my ears sit there. Didn’t think it was an issue. Naturally, we ended up getting these huge padded dealies that are quite comfortable, but the band goes over the top exactly where my ears should go. No room for compromise, as you can’t wear the headphones any other way comfortably, and same goes for the ears. It’s one or the other, not both. I wanted my old uncomfortable set back, but they had taken them when they handed out the new ones.

Richard, an older gentleman who works here part time, still had the older set, so I figured they were still available upon request. I hit Jeff’s desk after lunch and waited for him to return. It only took him about an hour and a half! I asked politely for the old set back and he refused. He said we sound better to the customer on the new sets, we can’t give the old ones back. “Bullshit,” I said (not literally), “Richard still has his.” “Richard needs his because he wears a hearing aid.

Oh. Okay. Someone who needs a slight bit of help to hear gets the old set, but someone who needs a LOT of help to fucking FUNCTION IN SOCIETY can’t get the old set?! I raised something of a scene, I guess you could say, and Jeff and his boss led me into an office and told me I would have to conform or face possible termination. What. The Shit.

Do any goons have experience with discrimination in the workplace? Legal advice? Anecdotes? Kind words? If it helps I’m in Louisiana. Thanks.

TL:DR? Fuck off, read the fucking mess you loser, it’s worth every line, every single one.

And hey, there’s a picture of this abomination of a human being, do you want to see it? Of course you fucking would.


So yeah.

I really need to find more websites with these freaks on, this is fun. But oh no, we’re not done just yet.


That’s right little lights, the useless losers who would defend even genocide if the perpetrator has a vagina.

Spacko kicks off with this absolutely wonderful little gem here:

Please keep in mind that matters of personal taste are not matters of universal morality. Those who think otherwise have been responsible for some of the greatest atrocities in human history. Because something disgusts us doesn’t necessarily make it evil or wrong. Sex is based on emotion and instinct and very much comes from the animal side of our nature, and it makes sense to depict human style sex with furry anthropomorphs. We are basically within the deep animal side of our nature when we have sex, though I suspect some of you have a problem with that and are squeamish even about good old him on top, her on the bottom plain vanilla hetero sex.

I have noticed that dogs seem rather receptive to interspecies sex; I saw a YouTube video showing a dog being fucked by a tiger and really getting into it. I think it was from a zoo in Asia that had raised the tiger up with some dogs for company. I do not approve of humans molesting animals of any sort. I knew one cowboy perve who had several “trained” mares in his stable. I am not averse to legally defining it as animal abuse and prosecuting it accordingly. I am not sure why this is supposed to be a black mark against furries, very few approve of such things, and tarnishing the name of the great majority with the few is like saying Christians are a bunch of ignorant red-necked cross-burning racists. There are a few self-proclaimed “Christians” who are like that but they certainly don’t define faith in Christ. As for that “goatse” creep with the disgusting looking asshole, I have no idea just what connection he is supposed to have with the furries. I am not sure just why you guys want to make a fuss about him, such types are best ignored if possible,

Getting too heavily into body secretions and the gross side of sex is called “animalism” in S&M circles and straights do it as much as gays. I really think it is going too far, but that is my personal opinion and not a justification to sit in judgment on others, especially if they don’t impose their disgusting practices on me. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

I perceive heavy vibes in the whole furry movement. It started as roleplaying but it has become an attempt to get in touch with our primordial origins in the deep collective unconscious. We live in an ever more unnatural and dehumanized world and we largely lack the organic connection with real animals that our ancestors (who were not at all sentimental about animals) once took for granted, I suspect that the currently popularity of the furry community stems from the deeply felt subconscious lack of such a connection.

The delight is overwhelming me. Look at it, desperately trying to defend a Sexual Fetish made up by little insecure bastards, who only maintain it because they are WEAK and pitiful.

The Emperor does not approve of such cowardice.

Not that it stops freaks like Spacko, oh hell no, he just keeps going on about how he’s a Chimera and shit. “What, a squirrel not good enough for you? Nooo, you have to be something fancy and mythologically bullshity eh?” “Wanna be a big guy and play around with the dragons do ya?” “Well though shit Bucky, you’re not shit.”

“Are you mad because I don’t fit into your little boxes? Because I defy your labels as a truely unique and beautiful creature of the Multiverse? I”m sure you’re happy in your 9-5 job mailing gift certificates to Seniour Citizens or whatever it is you do. Meanwhile I’ve discovered who i truely am and moreover have found a partner who is a soul mate and who I have bonded with; my boyfriend Steve. I cannot express the Joy and Rightness we feel when we are both fully suited up, him laying there with his mandibles moving sensually as my dual penii penetrate him, You would never understand. None of you would understand except the OP and she’s gone because you’ve driven her away. Well I’m loud and im proud and here to stay so I will speak for those whose voices have been opressed.”

Even if the actual OP of the thread is just another fakepost. Spacko probably isn’t.

So even if one isn’t a fucking deviant who deserves to be cleansed off the face of Holy Terra, the other one is.

And remember: “The innocent are guilty of wasting my time.”