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So Barrack Obama won a Noble Prize.

Saturday, October 10th, 2009


So yeah, Obama won a Noble’s Peace Prize, why? Well, according to the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget), he got it for his work with improving International Diplomacy and several statements about nuclear disarmament, full nuclear disarmament.

Really, he’s getting it for not being George “The World Hates me” Bush, who we Europeans remember as a deranged idiot in charge of the most powerful country on Earth.

Did I say we Europeans, I mean the entire planet, except for the inbreed idiots who elected him, on a basis on that he was “a guy I could have a beer with”.

Rather than Al Gore’s intellectual awesome guy, who won anyway, so really, who cares?

So Obama won himself a Peace Prize, was there really no one else who could have gotten it? Seriously? Couldn’t you just have been not bastards and given Gandhi his posthumously, like you should, if you weren’t such a bunch of old racists.

Have I ever mentioned I don’t like the Noble Committees? No? Now you know, aren’t you happy? They have a lot of old literary masterminds that should have gotten Prizes, but never did, because the Committees used to be misogynist sexist reactionary old farts.

They probably still are, but you get the point.

Still, gotta admire the irony of the guy who invented TNT sponsoring a “Peace Prize”, which Henry “Super-villain” Kissinger won.

That fat freak of a man, won a Noble PEACE Prize, for fucks sake?!? Kissinger was a fucking bastard, and his boss was a fucking lunatic.

And don’t get me start on Reagan, or perhaps I should call him Saint Reagan of the Grand Old Party, which seems to be how things works.

So he won.

Did he deserve it? Probably not, will he get it? Of course, the Noble Committees never admit any fault of theirs, or others.

Like the guy who won the Chemistry Prize for an invention he stole from his female intern, when it was revealed, did she get it instead? Of course not, she was a woman!

Did they at least take away the honour from the bastard? Nope.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, that they should have just given it to some UN Agency, like the one who feeds millions of starving people in Africa, while most of you Americans are trying not to be racist.

So, will this change anything? Nope.

I’ll change nothing, a ban on Campaign contribution, lobbying and violent overthrow of the present American government, might change something.

Might just get a second Reign of Terror, might just manage to consume Sarah Palin and her malevolent spawn.