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Japanese Culture and you!

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Or Culture Wars: Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere edition.

Or “Listen to me call every single Japanophile a raging moron without any conception of the fucking country they so happily worship, like a religion who’s only equal is the Mayan “10.000 sacrifices on a good day” religion.”

Let’s face it nerds, most of you probably have or is or will watch Japanese cartoons, most of you, hopefully, will treat them like you treat every other cartoon.

Harmless fun, entertainment and time wasted. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s just like watching an episode of Transformers, Venture Brothers or Merry Melodies.

Not seeing anyone spending ages thoroughly analysing Bugs Bunny blowing the shit out of Daffy Duck, although, with how the Internet moves, there is without any doubt someone out there, who did.

Probably more.

Still, the real core of the problem is that most people with an interest in Japanese Culture, doesn’t have any interest in any sort of culture at all.

You have an interest in anything vaguely exotic, because you don’t really have anything going for yourselves, at all, nothing. You’re just an empty shell, desperately sucking any content in.

And of course, why not fucking ridiculous Japanese cartoons, they are absurdly exotic, delightfully alien due to the culture barrier and utterly without merit.

Most of them are so mind-numbing pointless that is it simply below my sizeable mental capacity to comprehend why this is in anyway tasteful:

I couldn’t even watch 0.65 seconds of this, before I could feel billions of neurons screaming out in terrorized pain. It’s ugly, disgusting, poorly drawn and below juvenile.

You’d have to be such an utter dullard, such an imbecile, to enjoy this, that your opinion have never mattered, ever, no one on the whole fucking planet takes you seriously.

Except all the other fans of course.

You’ll have to apologize me for not actually using a clip from the actual animated features on my next example, but there doesn’t exists any legal short clips, so you’ll have to live with a Video Game Trailer, you plebs.

I’ll give them one point, just a single in a vast bottomless Jovian ocean of despair and misery: The trailer music is actually quite good, well done.

To be fair, this example is pretty much the one above it, just better drawn and with better character design. It’s still just syphilis compared to bubonic plague, not immediately deadly, but will drive you insane over a long period, then kill you.

It’s a fucking children’s show you giant fucking manchild, grow the fuck up and smell the fucking sewage.

And that smell, that’s you, yes, you.

Now, the real issue here, isn’t that a bunch of losers thinks Ninjas aren’t just assassins dressed in black, but are a bunch of people with the worst costumes since the Swiss Guard was massacred during the French Revolution.


See? One of them doesn’t even have proper Depth Perception. And it looks like he’s been spending a lot of time standing around in fucking hurricanes, the moron.

Go read something properly Ninja-like.

You know what Japanese Culture is?


I fucking hate all of you.