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Danish Defence Scandal

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

This feature is about politics, so if you don’t care about that, go look at funny cats on YouTube you pitiful loser, this feature is mainly about Denmark, so if you don’t care about Denmark, then I can completely understand.

It’s just an insignificant five million people large flat country in northern Europe, it’s hard to matter less, unless your Macedonia or Andorra,at least we’re members of the EU, they aren’t.

Not even sure of Andorra actually exist, and isn’t just a funny French joke.

Now, a few months ago, a Danish former member of our Army Elite regiment announced that he was publishing a book about his experiences and the methods used when he was a member of said Elite regiment, the “Jæger” regiment, presumably named after the Austrian Jeagers on the Napoleonic age.

The Danish Defence Command (Forsvarskommandoen) protested against it, despite the fact they where told ages ago, that he was going to write it, as they felt it was endangering the operations of Danish Soldiers in Afghanistan.

The problem, they it very late in the process, presenting themselves like slow fools, who hadn’t noticed until now, it was furthermore a problem, as the Danish constitutions protection of Free Speech and Free Publication is very strict.

And who really thinks the insurgents in Afghanistan haven’t figured out how the Danish Army operates? They problem know how the Americans operate in these days, why would they really care about the hundred or so Danish troops in the country?

So, the books is leaked on Wikileak and the published in the Danish Newspaper “Politikken“, with national coverage.

Meaning that at this stage, everyone and their dog have either read it or has the opportunity, wisely enough, the Defence Command decides to abandon their attempt to ban the book.

And decides to sue the author for violating the secrecy parts of his contract, which is called “being a sore loser”, remember, Denmark is still insignificant.

So what happens? Another big Danish newspaper publishes an “Arab” translation of the book, they’ve received through some source of theirs.

The Defence Command strikes at once “look, the insurgents now know all our secrets, we where right all along despair and shake with fear, we’re all going to DIE!”.

The Problem? The translation wasn’t actually in Arabian, apparently someone has just thrown the text into “Google translate” and hit enter, the end result was a giant mess of pseudo-Arabian, which was useless for anyone.

Except the Danish Ministry of Defence and the Danish Defence Command, who had a wonderful excuse. Conspiracy you say? Why no, yesterday it was revealed that the mock translation was actually done by the IT Manager of the Defence Command, and that the Danish Broadcasting Company got an e-mail from the Minster’s Press Secretary containing a copy.

So, apparently the Ministry of Defence was behind this, to discredit the Author as a form of traitor, acceptable? Under no fucking circumstances. The entire Defence Command staff should be fired without pension, replaced with younger officers and whatever civilian oversight there was, should be tripled.

The Danish Defence exist to protect us against external threaths and to cooperate with the EU/UN/NATO, not to manipulate the Danish people and Media like that, it’s a gross violation of the entire Danish nation.

The minster should resign at once and the entire Defence Command should too. Hell, the entire Government should, stuff like this does NOT happen without orders from above.

And the Danish Government hasn’t been doing to well for the last few months; a perfect distraction until December, when the climate conference in Copenhagen should draw attention away from the Government.

What’s going to happen? Nothing, the IT guy might be fired, some old Generals will probably resign, and the Minster will remain, useless though he may be.

And how competent is the Danish Military? I heard on the radio earlier that they’d lost one of their Drones.

Where? In Afghanistan? Iraq? Nope.

In the middle of their own fucking training area, incompetent idiots.

NEWSFLASH: Chief of Defense resigns, Minster of Defense apologizes.