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Livestation: A Software Recomendation

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Livestation is an absolutely magnificent piece of software. It’s a low-resource using Streaming TV/Radio application, that provides a fair amount of news services.

It’s absolutely free on the basic level, with fairly low quality video, but perfectly adequate sound. It has an extensive list of partner station, including such important stations like Al Jazeera, BBC World serve and CSPAN.


There isn’t any interrupting ads, except those present in the channel itself, Livestation itself doesn’t use an enormous amount resources.

It’s small, free and easy to use, it’s interface is fairly simple to figure out and easy to install.


You can freely add and remove channels freely, although the program comes with most of the partner channels as a standard.

You can even, if you want, buy a premium upgrade, to for example Al Jazeera, for 2.99 US$ a month, fairly cheap for high quality streaming TV.

Livestation is definitely something to watch out for in the future, and hopefully the economic crash wouldn’t make this great idea crash and burn.

I’ll warmly recommend Livestation, if nothing else, to watch the absolutely stunning Al Jazeera English.

So go ahead, download Livestation, and who knows, some of the user-added channels might actually work.