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Animeleague: The Overview

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Well, it’s pretty much over and done with for this round. If I kept throwing shit at them, they might just think I cared.

Can’t have now can we.

So as a final, I’ll be giving you a walkthrough of the issues of a community, of the type Animeleague belongs in.

Anime-themed forums, it isn’t really an anime forum in any way or shape, as the vast majority of the forums purpose is social interaction and general discussion.

So it’s just anime-themed, the signatures, avatars and general layout reeks with standard mangaesque drawings and photoshops.

Now, the main issues with these kind of forums, and with animeleague especially, is that there’s no sense of criticism. Even the most awful contributions are elevated as mana from Mount fucking Olympus.

Now, that wouldn’t be a problem, in a dreamworld, made of puppies and sunshine. This lack of criticism and attentionwhoring, creates an atmosphere that’s not realistic in any way or shape.

To a degree, attentionwhores make it a long way in pornography I suppose. It’s just that sooner or later you have to show some actual skills too.

And how you can do this and not expect troubles are beyond me:


Yes, what a good idea.

Now, before you go nuts, this didn’t go as expected, everyone and their dog went “That’s fucking retarded”. Stacey expected some positive feedback, perhaps even a “Pics plx”.

Surprisingly, it didn’t go that way:


And as Matt said:


She probably had pictures of the atrocity taken and ready to post Matt, wouldn’t even surprise me at all. Would disgust me.

Guess the whole issue of “treat women like whores” is living good and well inside her twisted little head.

Oh wait, she’s fat, I totally forgot.


Haven’t got a clue who “Joel” is, but he/she/it should stop by one day, hang around, have a coke. Also, the guy in the second post was probated, apparently he/she/it had done a bunch of other stuff.

Still a pretty good reply, on most forums, he/she/it would have been a hero.


So, this is how things are done behind the scenes, back when I had the misfortune of being a volunteer on the forums, internal censorship would have created a fucking shitstorm.

So Fortune here isn’t even allowed to comment about the administration of a specific forum, how delightful, I guess her opinion is against the opinion of Michael “Freesaiyan” Towers.

Another problematic issue with these kind of forums are fascist leadership with no opportunity for debate, even among staff members internally.


I’ve titled this one “wasted effort”. Because that’s really what is.

In the eyes of the generic members of the forums, the rules exist to keep the bright sparkling creative members down and out of the way.

So they can feel special without any sort of effort or creativity.

I remember during one of my “I’m bored let’s use a proxy and mess around on animeleague” periods a few years a back. I could almost see the terror my originality caused among the members of the forums, it was awesome.

Which brings me to another point, nepotism. Staff members aren’t selected due to skill or anything in that area, it’s all popularity.

Or having a friend on staff, suggesting you in a violent and threatening manner. That’s not really a very good system, seeing as the popular are usually the ones who smack their tits in the face of the peons or the ones who appeal most to the baser instincts.

Or who watches the most Naruto.

As a closing argument, remember.

Don’t take the Internet to serious.


I shall now salute the New World Order for the rest of the next 34 seconds, all the way to the Forums!

More Vandalism and you

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Here we are again. Unfortunately, the good people of has decided to censor the term “Ragnarokz” and replace it with “moron”.

Absolutely delightful, and actually remarkably competent. Probably Matt’s idea.


Internet Lawyers! Drama! Action! A weirdos on the Internet, all that an more on Tonight’s Edition of the FOOOOORUM WATCH!


The Truth is much stronger than a lie, I refer here to this and this.

And Towers, what keeps you from getting a decent job is the fact that you think your fucking forum is in any way or shape important.


It’s not a serious fucking article you dimwitted British idiot. It’s a parady based on the large flaws in your soulless personality. Like when you had sex with this!


Let me quote the imaginary lawyer that could be hypothetically conjured up from this.

“Well Mr. Towers, as the website in question is American and covered under American parody law, there isn’t really anything we can do.”

“Also, I’m afraid that It’ll cost you more than you presently earn to conduct this case under American law, have a good day Mr. Towers.”

“No sexual favours are not legitimate currency, also, I now play for the other team, forever.”

“Now take your fucking shirt back on.”


Tsunade: All people on the Internet and on anime-themed shit forums like yours, deserve all that.

Matt: Who cares?


Space Cowboy is pretty much spot on, guess you have to be a bit more careful with what you do Michael, how unfortunate.


They’d probably laugh in your face if you ask them for anything, also, Mr. Towers isn’t even being that severely attacked.

I’ve seen worse.


You’re right, Free isn’t a Paedophile, he just likes them nice and young.


Ah Rukia, it must be pleasant to be so naive really. Some companies probably wouldn’t Towers, mostly because he’s a freak of epic proportions.


For those of you who want the text of the entire very loooooong and very useless post, it’s right here!


And this idiot decides to give us a full review of the entire thread in a single post, with only the smallest amount of spaces.

Well done, well done indeed.

The rest of the thread is just a bit of circlejerking. Nothing worth anyones time.

Once again thanks to Stacey and Revy, who are now trying desperately to backtrack, but hey, that means they might just give me a whole mess of dirt another time.

I look forward to cooperating with you both another time.

Last one’s tomorrow, just a general walkthrough of the problems, flaws and mediocracy of anime-themed forums like animeleague.

Paranoia on the Anime Forums Part Two!

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Paranoia on the Anime Forums Part Two! Operation: Overlord!

Welcome back to the Paranoia train!


To clarify, this has nothing to do with me. I have nothing to do with any of the elements involved in this entire silly little e-conflict.

I’m just bored and likes to fling shit at people for no apparent reason.

Also, I really don’t like Michael “Dragonballz” Towers.



You know what’s horribly wrong right know? The word “betray” from Padfoot.

I wasn’t aware that your silly little generic teenager forum was a fucking cult my dear Padfoot.

Betray? By the Prophet that’s the most retarded thing I’ve seen all damn day. It’s a fucking forum you dimwitted idiot, not a fucking religious movement, not a fucking liege lord.

You’re not a fucking vassal of some stereotypically incompetent monarch.

Even if he wants to be one.


Zelgadis, there we have you again. Do you ever stop being useless? Probably not. I sincerely wish nothing but nightmares upon you, until that far off day where you STOP POSTING USELESS ARSE COVERING BULLSHIT!


Watch out for Reichsführer-SS Padfoot, he’s hunting the traitors that dare to oppose his eternal Lord and Master!

Give him a bigger fucking blowjob will you?


Yeah, not really the most fascinating part, neither is this:


And to run this rather lacklustre feature into the ground, more arse covering bullshit.


So what conclusions can we draw from all this?

Zelgadis is a pathetic worm.

Thank you and goodbye.

Welcome to NIGHTMARE!

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Chase Stacks send me a message though the teletron that is

And boy, what a message.

And I thought I had a big ego, let’s see “Im your favorite rapper regardless of what kinda music u like or any other reasons to deny it. lol.. Plus im just an awsome dude.”

How delightful for you Chase, unfortunately for you, I despise rappers and consider them the scum of the Earth, and look forward to the day we finally get to cleanse society for you useless hate-indulging, moronic, incompetent, partly-literate, post-modern poets of shame and utter pillocks.

Still, I am, if nothing else, a deeply honest man, so I’ll listen to your “music”.

You fitly little bard.

“Rep my city” sounds pretty much as every other rap poetry I’ve ever heard. I’m having a few problems actually figuring out what the hell your friends and you are actually singing, but hey.

I heard “Vancouver”, so based on that, I must presume it’s a lengthy ode to Vancouver’s public parks.

“Turn it up” starts with decent techno, then goes into the usual generic rap “beat”. I could hear the word “paper”, so this must a poem about how the modern Paper industry’s burning down the rainforest.

I could be wrong.

“Keep it dropping on them” has a lot of niggers in it. Apparently.

“So Fly” starts like the three before it.

Apparently this one is about the despicable Fox Hunts of Upper Class Great Britain. And apparently they owe him money.

“I’m going to shine” starts the same way the theme to Warcraft II does. Which as a horrible nerd, I find hilarious.

This one is a romantic ballad about how utter miserable he (The Artist) was when his girlfriend OD’ed on drugs or whatever the hell people like you do when you’re not polluting the world with your ego and awful music.

“Walk with me” makes my ears scream out, like a billion voices screamed and where suddenly silenced.

Apparently it’s just a Prayer, not in the Gothic style, more like the “Generic American bullshit” style.

“Private Dancer” starts slightly different, but ends the same. And is the same.

And it’s about him wanting a stripper. How delightful. A return to form.

“Wife girl”starts like a song from The Sims.

I can’t do this, why the hell did you make this crap Chase? Why the hell did you decided to become a rapper? The Sex? The Drugs? The fucking money?

Enjoy sucking the tit of the mediocracy you useless generic piece of biological waste.

“I’ve got to live mine” has a fucking piano! Holy shit! The most advanced rap I’ve heard so far.

Still fucking horrible. Also, apparently in this one he wants money from someone or something or other.

Who the fuck cares?

“Let’s go” is the final song he has graced us with, and Thank the Dark Gods for that.

Listening to it makes me want to murder small nations, like Lichenstein.

Chase, you whore of a Stereotype, I sincerely hope you will have your success, and you will become a big “White rapper”.

And I fucking hope you get caught with cocaine, end up in jail, and get raped by the Fascist fuckers there.

Enjoy your future.

As either a hopelessly generic rapper, regular joe or anal-rape every night mate.

Or perhaps you’ll listen and become something original and interesting.

Ha, fat chance, you probably wont even read this.

You loser.

And to turn off the hatetrain:

Yeah, just chill out.

Protecting America from reason

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

TUCSON, AZ – Three people have been arrested in connection with last months deadly double homicide in Arivaca that left a nine-year-old and her father dead. One of the people arrested for the homicide is the National Executive Director of the Minuteman American Defense group (M.A.D.), a group known for patrolling the border, and is dedicated to “Defending America’s Borders” according to their website –

Yup, deranged racist American rednecks break into some poor Mexican bastards home, kill the father and NINE year old daughter, wound the mother.

Leave the scene, returns later, gets shot by the wounded mother, runs off.

Also, Minuteman American Defense are cunts:

Shawna Forde has been exposed as a liar. After her ex-husband was shot, she claimed she was raped and shot by a Mexican Drug Cartel and it was connected to her work as a Minuteman. Now, in this expose, reports Forde finally confesses these crimes may have actually been committed by friends of her son who is currently in prison. This expose also provides details into Forde’s very troubled life, her mental instability and criminal past. reports:

Trouble finds Shawna Forde – Border activist at center of recent spate of violence
EVERETT — An Everett woman who attracted national attention by suggesting Mexican drug cartels targeted her for a series of violent attacks now acknowledges she told police they ought to look closer to home for suspects — including among her own son’s friends. Shawna Forde, 41, said she is convinced there are links between the Dec. 22 shooting of her ex-husband at their north Everett home, her reported rape and beating at the same house a week later, and an attack on Jan. 15 in a nearby alley that left her with apparent gunshot wounds to her right arm…(the police) investigation should focus on local street toughs who until last summer were burglarizing Everett-area homes and trafficking in stolen firearms. One member of the ring was Forde’s own son, Devon Duffey, 19. He went to prison in October and now is serving more than two years at the state penitentiary in Walla Walla for being a felon in possession of firearms, records show.
..Forde’s ex-husband declined to be interviewed for this story. He was home alone when ambushed by a narrow-faced stranger dressed in khaki-colored clothing…Forde said it is ridiculous for anyone to think she had anything to do with her ex-husband’s shooting. The attack occurred roughly two weeks after she returned to Everett from a three-month stretch engaged in Minuteman border operations. “If I was going to do something like that I would have done it while I was in Arizona,” Forde said.

Troubled Life:

…Forde said she has been diagnosed with attachment disorder…restraining order against her..felony forgery charges..four marriages…On March 20, 2007, three young men (including her son) showed up at the beauty salon on Colby where Forde worked. One pulled a baseball bat from under his jacket and clobbered the man who owns the salon. The victim required hospital treatment to close his head wounds (son now in prison)…(Forde convicted of )chocolate milk shoplifting…

Forde said she knows her background is unconventional but said she’s not worried that it may affect her ability to work with other Minutemen in combatting illegal immigration and drug smuggling.

Taken from GOOGLE CACHE, because someone knows how to damage control a PR situation, well done.

Doesn’t make you any less racist.

Anencephaly Part Two

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Remember that last post? Sure you do, it was only a few days ago.

In relation to that post, where I refered to a sad case of Anencephaly and the delusions of a fundie single mother.

In a shocking event, the Goons of SomethingAwful, have found something rather interesting. Turns out that this maniac of a woman isn’t as innocent as she looks.

She planned out the whole thing.

She honestly claimed that her kid was only “handicapped”, she isn’t handicaped, she hasn’t got a fucking brain. That’s not a handicap, that’s vegetables.

Myah Walker gave an eloquent testimony about choosing life for her unborn baby whom she has named Hope. Six months pregnant, Myah has been told by doctors that Hope is handicapped. She has had to resist repeated pressure to abort. She hopes her story can inspire others about the God-given dignity of every child’s life.

You see that? You fucking see this sick twisted individual insane agenda. Repeated pressure to abort? It had no fucking brain, what the hell are professionally trained doctors suppose to say to you?

“Sure, I wont advice you to give birth to a fucking vegetable, go ahead! Make yourself utterly miserable caring for that abomination.”

I think BunnySkull said it well:

I can now only assume that upon finding out she was going to have a anencephalic baby she committed herself to using it as a propaganda tool for radical christianity and pro-life witnessing. I take back what I said earlier about her not being manipulative enough to have planned this from the get-go – obviously she has done just that. This baby is a PR tool for her agenda, nothing more. Fuck her.

So yeah.

Let them do their prayer war against reason and logic.

I’ll be over here, feeling deeply ashamed of the Collective idiocy and evil of these deranged psycopaths.

What the hell Heavy rock?

Monday, November 24th, 2008

What the hell happened to you Heavy Rock genre? When did the “let’s do what all the other successful bands do” thing happened?

Oh sure, in Ye Olden Days, you where just angry Scandinavians and Dutch screaming into microphones pretend you where actually singing.

But dammit, you did it with fucking style and it’s glorious beyond imagination. Amon Amarth is a fine example of how it used to be, honest to Odin noise and anger. Just the way your distant ancestors would have wanted it.

To bad we had to stop the whole “invade everyone” else thing we had, eh lads?

Now, up comes along Nightwish, or some other band, I can’t be fucking bothered to actually research which obscure band did what first, Nightwish will serve quite well as an example of the pox.

Delightful isn’t it? As delightful as hornets down your underwear. Which is actually fairly delightful, if you are watching from some distance.

Look at them! It’s tame, boring and rips of Meatloaf’s symphony-rock sound. I’ll give them point for not sexualising the female lead. That’s always something.

To bad she’s so “goth” that she almost speaks German, most of their other music videos is her in a fucking dress, a dress! What lunatic still wears dresses, outside weddings and funerals, wear some fucking pants.

Of course, there are worse creatures than Nightwish out there, on the Ocean of Corruption that is Our Internet.

Let’s take an example, I only recently dug out of Myspace: Into The Woods.

I would like to point out, that due to some oddball attempt at localizing the link to their “myspace” account, the link goes: intothewoodsuk.

Foreboding, thy name has been called.

Eyes Wide Shut takes a piss on Stanley Kubrick, and then procedes to dig him up and rape the corpse.

Not only did they rip off the name of his last movie. It’s also downright horrible, I’ll try to point out all the mistakes.

There is no consistency in the song, it goes from full-on Heavy Rock to something out of Nightwish or Celtic folk music.

Apparently “progressive” means, full of shit.

The Eclipse, is just generic. It even has the good old “lead singer just making vaguely musical noises” that everyone and their dog uses.

Breaking Silencesure breaks with the standard that the rest of them made, when it comes to the intro part.

The Lead Singer is actually fairly decent, it’s just to bad most of their music isn’t progressive at all. It’s bland.

Progressive is the new mainstream I guess.

And now for something delightfully sad.

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

Ever heard of EVE-Online? You probably have, unless you’re some oddball hermit living in seclusion in the mountains of the Caucasus, only coming down once every three years for the sole purpose of reading this website.

Hey Vladimir, what’s up?

Most fans of EVE will tell you it’s a open sandbox massive multi player online RPG, they’ll tell you it’s the single most magnificent MMORPG to hit the planet since Ultima Online.

And they are all utter fuckwits with no sense of anything.

Eve Online is a giant shitpile of a game, with horrible bugs and servers who appears to be powered by steam and happy thoughts.

But I’m not here to tell you about EVE, I’d rather not.

I’m here to tell you about this brilliant idea the developers of EVE got, it basically goes like this:

1. Some developer of something, gives player organisation phat loots.
2. Some other guy hacks some of the players that got phat lewts.
3. Everyone gets pissed off at developer.
4. Developer gets a slap over his fingers and nothing else, guy get’s banned.
5. To pacify it’s playerbase, the developers decided to make a community based advisory council.

That’s right.

They’re asking MMORPG fans to provided them with insight, MMORPG fans, the single-most retarded gamer sub-culture in existence, which isn’t some fuck up lunatics like soulbonders and shit.

That’s bound to fail isn’t it? Damn straight it is.

It’s name? The Council of Stellar Management.

It’s purpose? To boldly go where billions have gone before! To useless meetings and the clashes of gigantic egos!

Why? Because the fucking thing was elected by popular democracy, that’s right. Sure, CCP did a bit of weeding out and picked some 20-30 candidates in total, and then let the masses vote.

How they could possibly be so naive and think something like that could possibly work on the Internet, is a fucking wonder to me.

Basically, the elections went down to either A: Popularity or B: Organized voting blocks.

GoonSwarm, the Somethingawful forums alliance in the game, went with option B and got Darius JOHNSON and Bane Glorious.

Sure, Darius is the leader of Goonswarm, but hey, that’s a free playing sandboxing alliance chilling out in utterly lawless space, he deficiently knows what he’s talking about, same goes for Bane.

Then the uneducated masses elected this useless waste called Ankhesentapemkah. A carebear render advice on a game who have TWO selling points, SPACESHIPS and OPEN-PVP.

What a brilliant decision. Also, she’s a girl, so a sizeable majority of the voters placed their vote on her due to Vagina, not her fault though.

But the ultimate failure was this one, the election of Jade Constantine to the council. A man who tried the lawless areas of the game, and failed utterly, known for hiding himself behind HUUUUGE fucking walls of text.

Here’s a small taste of the horror:

As I fly Jade’s customised warship of choice through the chaos of border systems in Providence I know that elsewhere in the single universe capital vessels are dying in sieges and traps, battleship fleets are clashing for the ambition of their captains and leaders, blockade-running smugglers are taking the wealth of 0.0 back to the core markets for profit, religious zealots are clashing with their victims, traders are falling for scams and petty intrigues, and war profiteers are counting their profits while dreaming of plans to hurt their enemies a hundred systems away with complex schemes within schemes in this interconnected universe of bitter chance and endless possibility.

Ignoring the fact that smuggling has never been implemented, that the religious zealots in question are small and insignificant he’s it pretty much spot on with the rest.

He actually tried to annex more power to his silly Chairman position, that he got because he got more votes, thus bringing light to the biggest problem with democracy, voters are idiots.

He failed, utterly, mostly because people just point at this and said: “Organize meetings of the CSM
Moderate meetings
Delegate assignments where necessary
Summon Alternates when primary Representatives are unavailable”. And nothing else.

So yeah, drama drama drama.

But hey, it dwindled down, and the CSM get on it’s way of doing absolutely bugger all, and even managed to waste the subscribers money by going to fucking Iceland to talk to the developers in person.

I guess they never heard of video conferences.

And did Jade stop? NEVER!

Vandervecken Smith wrote: TBH, I expect once this happens that Hardin will run for Chair and be elected.
Jade Constantine wrote: Nah, Hardin’s too affiliated with the goons, – in all likelihood if there was a re-vote now it’d go to Serenity if anyone.
HippoKing wrote: Hardin is affiliated with us? We’re not even blue Confused
Jade Constantine wrote: I kinda mean he’s whispering sweet nothings to darius in meetings and giving bane virtual hand-jobs under the table – that sort of affiliated. Cool

He just keeps going in this Scrapheap Challenge thread with various extracts from both the EVE Online forums and other sources:

Jade Constantine wrote: Where things have gone wrong have been where I’ve made the mistake of allowing this council a little too much democracy

Also, White Knights!

Kaylana Syi wrote:
How many other people in the CSM wanted to wait for an official line from CCP before they made changing policies already established?

You dumb goon faggot.

Hardin makes the single most magnificent post on this page:

And if that wasn’t enough idiocy we are going to get the ‘alternates’ issue on the agenda AGAIN, as Jade had decided to misinterpret the CSM document to have yet another crack at overturning the decision – which I am sure will be yet another excellent use of CSM time! I have no doubt he will be along shortly to justify this misinterpretation and tell you how awful we all are and how he can’t possibly manage such objectionable people as us.

Jade Constantine wrote:
Whereas you are a shrinking violet who never says boo to a goose. Seriously I think you should set your aspirations on something a little more attainable than gaining equality with adults though Very Happy

My advise to you is stop sulking, stop throwing your toys out of the pram and leave all the manipulative Goon politics to somebody less desperately concerned with their own evidently questionable masculinity. You might be a big man on the internets Darius but prepare to be laughed at quite a lot in Europe.

So yeah.

A horrible idea.

With horrible results.

Who could have foreseen such consequences?