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Free Speech and Me!

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

A few days ago, I started releasing information from the privileged restricted staff section of the animeleague forums, a completely legal thing to do, as I’ve never agreed not to do so.

Also, It wasn’t me who grabbed the screenshots. So purely legally speaking I’m absolutely completely in the clear. So let’s not waste any more time on that useless area, let’s focus on the ethical and moral discussion you could throw at me.

And make no mistake, I am a deeply ethical person, more ethical than most the staff of Animeleague, where sexual favours, or both the physical and virtual kind, are both commonplace and “the standard”.

At least that’s what Stacey told me about Keith, but hey. For all I know, she could be lieing, would explain a lot though.

So, are Whistleblowers a good thing? Or a horrible thing?

Well, to the fascist mind-controlling big-brotheresque reactionary scumbags they are, to the rest of the bloody world they are silent heroes working for the Free Flow of Information.

And no information relevant to a public forum are ever sacred! They belong to the public, and they will be spread in the end. So fuck all the haters! Nothing I’ve released here for the last few days have been morally or ethically wrong, the opposite in fact, how can vandalism and talking about how to HACK and abuse another web-page ever be sacred knowledge?

Unless you where involved of course.

So no, I do believe with absolute conviction that I have the moral high ground in this matter, and that Towers and his silly forum has the moral and ethical sense of a burnt potato.

So yay me.

I’m still better than any of you freaks.

Remember the forums and Twitter!

Michael “Freesaiyan” Towers

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Now, Michael “Freesaiyan” Towers is the guy who owns and operates the Animeleague forums: This is how he describes himself:

Strengths: Intelligence, Charisma, Loyalty, Courage, Kindness, Selflessness, Insightful, Humour, Organisational/Management Skills and Wit (allegedly), open-minded, extreme resilience (ie: I don’t give up), determined, common-sense and logical.
Weaknesses: Apathy, Sadness, Under-Confidence, Social Odd-ball, Fear, Very Poor Relationship Skills with the opposite sex, too-soft.

I’d personally describe him as a selfish little twit of a man, weak, stupid and with an amazing ability to somehow twists people’s tasteless facination for Japanese cartoons into his own personal goon squad.

Now he has a lovely little feud with pretty much everyone else, related to silly Japanese Culture Convention, in the whole of Britain, because his convention is a giant mess: It steals from others, pester, annoy and is really fucking small.

But that’s not what you’re here for, you can read more about Towers here!

You’re here for secrets from the lovely STAFF forum of ANIMELEAGUE.NET, which I have aquired through my “Sources“.

We started out with the most important thread I could fine “This could be a problem for us now”, where Freesaiyan is whining about Encylopedia Dramatica being awesome and great.


You can see all the links here!





Some bullshit about how he wants more CYBERPOWER into his grubby little British hands:


I didn’t actuall read all this, it’s something about flying cars and dreams.


Now it get’s a little fancy again, Free, in his unwarrented paranoia, thinks some other con is out to GET HIM! Yes, because billions of people do nothing but try to get GLORIOUS VENGANCE on some nerdy English idiot.

He even calls it Astro-turfing, trying to present his opponents as a fake grassroots organization, despite the fact that this is the Internet.

We’re all grassroot, all of us.

Baically Towers thinks he is the first person to run a moderately successful UK based anime board and takes personal offence; when someone dares to claim that they were doing it before him.


He actally “requires” shit of his members, like it’s a fucking priviledge being a member of his stupid Japanese cartoon forum, hey! News-fucking-flash! There’s about a trillion fucking forums just like yours.

Just without the English racism, you nationalist prick.


I figured some of you nerds would want to look around the forums Freesaiyan babbles on about. (Gone with the Winds) (Gone, probably deleted, why have the conventionequivalent of STDs in your community?) This one is fucking awesome (Reqires a login, probably furries.) (Gone, the Conspiracy grows larger) (And the party goes on!)




Oh noes! How horrible! They wont show up at a Convention who doesn’t want them! Twenty people might not show up! The horror! Truely MCM are now doomed to forever walk the desolated streets of Manchster.

Well, I’m sure someone out there can use all this for greater purpose than mine.

Then again, my purpose is entertainment.

And there isn’t a greater one.

Once again, thank you SOURCES!