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Why does Techno degrade women in their live acts?

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Yeah. Skimpily dressed female “dancers”, who are really just wank material for 14-year old boys in right-wing nuthouse families.

So, why do they do it? And yes, I know Smith, not all Techno acts rely on cheap skin, and yes, I know, that probably isn’t even Techno, I used as a example.

But who the fuck cares? And yes, I’ll agree that most modern music make heavy use of skimpily dressed women, thus twisting young girls world view into a giant mess, mostly due to poor parental supervisions designed purely to limit young people’s prospects, rather than to encourage them to explorer their own world.

Also, by a mechanistic society who ostracises the odd and the unique away from the physical world, into the sweet sickly embrace of the Internet, where it just gets worse, and they all end up as furries and weaboes.

Covering up their own enormous insecurities in huge amounts of paper-thin pastiches of characters, straight out of the Hollywood book of heroes/villains etc…

It’s a loathsome reality isn’t it?

A society where physical beauty is guided by adult marketing executives simply looking to profit more and apparently eliminate any sort of individuality, in the name of the Lord and Master Mammon.

It’s just an old German guy screaming into a microphone, why is this appealing to teenagers? Oh yeah, because it’s “the thing”.

And drugs, a shit load of drugs and sex.

Which wouldn’t be so bad, except the drugs kill you, and the sex is unprotected, rendering your life either A) miserable due to an unwanted pregnancy or B) traumatized due to a fucking abortion.

So, what’s my real problem? It’s not actually the Techno itself, it isn’t bad by any stretch, if nothing else it does have more merit than that noisy mistake that’s rap music.

It’s just that it, similar to Rap, R’n’B and Pop music sells itself by the way of sex. You really can’t argue against it, it’s selling through sex.

Fuck talent, let’s turn all singers into sex symbols and just ignore their potential talent, or lack there off, who cares if they can sing, we’ll fix that in post-production.

Your singer a 35 year old women? Who cares, we’ll just make use of some slutty dancer and let her lipsynch through the ENTIRE FUCKING SONG?

What the hell? How the hell can anyone even considering acceptance of something like that? How the hell can anyone ever defend it?

Why should I have to attack it? It should just happend purely automatically, that someone would fucking stand up and go “Hang on? What?”.

But no, we just accept it and suck some more on the tit of the Corporate machine, you fucking consumer whore.

Stop buying your goddamn Gucci bullshit, a cheap piece of shit bag you bought in freaking WalMart was PRODUCED IN THE SAME FUCKING ASIAN COUNTRY!

If nothing else, at least Walmart are honest in their “this is cheap shit” spiel, whereas Gucci honestly tries to tell us their crap is more worthwhile due to a giant FUCKING “G”!

Why the fuck you you idiots buy that crap?

No fucking wonder Marketing executives are doing so great.

No sex there, at least nothing beyond tight t-shirts.