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Anti-Piracy failure in Denmark.

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

Apparently, the Danish Anti-Piracy Group has officially given up, on attempting to sue private persons for file-sharing, presumably they’ll instead concentrate on the websites who provide the services.

I quote the translated article on

Anti-Piracy Group drops attempts to punish pirates
7. November 2009 09.08

There is now a free rein to private pirates who illegally download music, movies and software.The Anti-Piracy Group, chasing pirates, dropping now to pull the illegal file sharers in court because it is virtually impossible to get them convicted.

We have been forced, because it arrived in district court, that it requires very strong and concrete evidence to have convicted these people. We simply could not lift the burden of proof, says lawyer Maria Fredenslund from the Anti-Piracy Group to Danish Newspaper Politiken.

The Anti-Piracy Group, on behalf of film and music industry, have since 2002 tried to stop illegal piracy and file sharing.

No judgments without confession
The Anti-Piracy Group has acknowledged that they can not get convicted people without either taking them in flagrante delicto or threaten them to confess. In practice, this means that without a confession – no case, says Per Overbeck, who has been attorney for the defendants in a number of cases of illegal file sharing.
Four principal Danish Supreme Court rulings last year resulted in three acquittals and one conviction for illegal file sharing. And the latter ruling was merely a confession.

So you see.

And why does this happen? Simple my friends, because we still have a functional justice system, where fancy big shot lawyers means absolutely nothing, as it’s the evidence that matters most.

It’s called “Civil Law” or “Roman Law”, where the judges dominate the courtroom, and happily prevent lawyers from making giant speeches, in order to draw on the emotions on the civilian jury.

And that’s why you can pretty much pirate away in Denmark now, just don’t fucking confess to anything, remember:

Innocent, until proven otherwise.

The Danish People’s Party: Crypto-fascist.

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

The Danish People’s Party finally reveals themselves. Their top candidate,Birthe Skaarup, to the upcoming municipal elections in the capital, Copenhagen, has suggested that the streets and alleys of the capital, are to be patrolled by an anti-gang patrol, made out of ex-soldiers.

Ugly old fucking hag isn’t she?

She even suggests that this patrol, let’s call them the historic Stormabteilung, should be armed and uniformed in combat fatigues.

Yes, a paramilitary force, to prevent gang related crime, because we all know that heavy-handed police and paramilitary forces, solve the crime problem as fast as an ice age solves itself.

I’m sure her wonderful proposal won’t end up in tragedy and sorrow, much like it just did in Rio de Janeiro, at least their excuse “We have large slum areas full of heavily armed gangs, created by the crippling poverty our shitty society ,and years of abuse from the west, have produced” is slightly valid.

Whereas the Danish People’s Party’s excuse is “Our main power-base is old stupid people who are easily frightened by young people and their EVIL ways.”

Isn’t that awesome? Of course, the chairman of the Danish association of soldiers have pretty quickly gone and went “yeah, that’s a fucking stupid idea”.

I do not know what they have imagined, but I think that it is best that the police take care of things here. If the police care of their duties as soldiers fit the tasks they are good, and so can not mix things together, “says Jesper Hansen, President of the soldiers association.

From: Eks-soldater i bandekonflikt er en dårlig idé.

Member of the present Municipal council in Copenhagen for the Social-Democrats Jette Bergenholz Bautrup have already been out with a statement that basically goes: This is completely unacceptable.

Which is one of the problem, because she should have went “You are a bunch of fucking fascist little scaremongering lunatics, you fucking pocket Mussolinis.”

She goes on and suggest that the parents are the problem, to a degree, the parents are the problem, but the rampant racism that permeates Danish society is an even larger issue.

Especially, when you consider that the Danish People’s Party still get’s almost a third of the country’s votes, which is really fucking sad.

So, will we be seeing Danish SAs in the streets? Probably not.

Is it still sad that none of the Danish opposition parties, or the Conservative People’s Party who can barely tolerate them, speak properly up?

Yup, it fucking is.

Publicly funded non-profit Television stations and you

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Also know as “The British Broadcasting Corporation” model, a television, radio and web-based news and public service channel, with non-profit and political neutrality as it’s cornerstones.

A virtually alien concept to the Americans across the pond, completely normal to us Europeans, who often have more than one operating inside our countries, because we are dirty filthy socialist hippie scum.

Or perhaps it’s because most of the organizations in question, are useful, and mostly not full of retarded scaremongering Fox News bullshit, designed to appeal to the absolute lowest denomination of a country’s demography.

I’ll present you an example, by using one of the lesser know nation states, the Danish Broadcasting Company (DR: Denmark’s Radio), which is a sort of smaller version of the BBC, just on Danish, it’s funded entirely by a multimedia license, a defacto tax, on any multimedia device that can use TV signals or the Internet.

Why the Internet? Because you can watch the DR channels on the Internet and hear all of their radio stations, both the FM and the DAB stations, so it was a common way of dodging the license.

Which still required you not having a TV or a Radio at all. There’s a separate Radio license, which operates differently, but only if you just have a radio, and it’s a general license, not a per unit license.

And what do we get in return? Two Free channels, around 20 radio stations, four on FM, around 15 or so on DAB and I think there’s even more who are entirely web-based.

And a large and extensive easy to read website, not covered in ugly as fuck advertisement or using a layout designed by a man who hates all of mankind.

The downside? The stations are usually politically neutral, in as much as they give all sides in the never-ending Danish political games, an opportunity to talk freely about their raging nationalist bullshit or their concrete crypto-fascist communism.

If course, the most extreme on the two sides of the common political spectrum, the Danish People’s Party and the Red-Green Alliance will often cry up about “how DR shows right/left-wing bias”.

And on those cases, the Danish People’s Party is usually the loudest,because that’s what right-wing populists do, the scream and scream and scream about how society is falling appart, and how Denmark needs to streengthen their resolve.

The usual neo-Nazi bullshit covered in political correctness and then sprinkled with more money for the old farts and harsher penalties for the young/foreigners/Socialists. The usual for parties like that, it’s the BNP, just competent, dangerously competent.

Even the BBC get’s the shaft of “Bias” all the time:

Allegations of bias

BBC News forms a major department of the BBC, and regularly receives complaints of bias. Some groups accuse them of being overly left-wing, while others say they are too right-wing. The Centre for Policy Studies says that, “Since at least the mid-1980s, the BBC has often been criticised for a perceived bias against those on the centre-right of politics.”[56] Similar allegations have been made by past and present employees such as Antony Jay,[57] former political editor Andrew Marr, North American editor Justin Webb,[58] former editor of the Today Programme Rod Liddle[59] and former correspondent Robin Aitken.[60] BBC executives would later submit to claims of systematic bias and “that the BBC is guilty of promoting Left-wing views”.[61]

Accusations of a left-wing bias were often made against the BBC by members of Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government in the 1980s. Norman Tebbit called the BBC the “Stateless Person’s Broadcasting Corporation” because of what he regarded as its unpatriotic and neutral coverage of the Falklands War and Peter Bruinvels called it the “Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation”. Thatcher did not agree with the Television licence, she wanted to deregulate British broadcasting and she regarded the BBC as overmanned and uncompetitive, as well as biased against her. Throughout the 1980s her government appointed more and more Conservatives to the Board of Governors of the BBC, but controversies continued with the likes of the Nationwide general election special with Thatcher in 1983, a Panorama documentary called Maggie’s Militant Tendency, the Real Lives interview with Martin McGuinness, the BBC’s coverage of the United States’ Bombing of Libya and the Zircon affair. In 1987 the Director-General of the BBC, Alasdair Milne, was forced to resign. Thatcher later said: “I have fought three elections against the BBC and don’t want to fight another against it.” [62] In 2006 Tebbit said: “The BBC was always against Lady Thatcher.” [63]

By contrast, left-wing figures such as the journalist John Pilger have frequently accused the BBC of a right-wing bias, a view supported by the left-wing website Media Lens. Websites such as Media Lens claim that the BBC acts to narrow the range of thought and like most commercial broadcasters it inherently portrays the opinions of the powerful [64]. This echoes the famous statement of the first Director General of the BBC (Lord Reith), who confided to his diary in the midst of the 1926 general strike. The cabinet had decided not to take over the BBC. Reith noted that the decision was really a “negative one” because “they know they can trust us not to be really impartial”. Since that time UK news has very rarely departed from the assumptions implicit in that judgment[65]. The Respect MP George Galloway has referred to it as the “Bush and Blair Corporation”.[66]

Still, it’s better than the alternative, which is Fox News:

So, why doesn’t the US have such a concept? Mostly because you yanks haven’t got a clue what “politically neutral organizations” are, and that your corrupt little senators and representatives are in the pocket of, well, everyone who have money.

And it’s all thanks to:


I use Ronald Reagan as a symbol here, of the deep mistrusts the common American have in any government venture, also because that is a really fucking awesome little gif.

The many kinds of Healthcare

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

So yeah, there are more than one alternative to handle Healthcare in a country, and most of them have a bunch of hybrid solution that blends elements of them all.

So let’s run through the three “pure” ways of handling healthcare in a nation:

Universal government owned healthcare:

This is the one the American Republicans would call “Socialist”, it’s fairly straightforward, the state has every citizen in a giant database, you show up at your local hospital through either a doctor, an accident or the emergency room.

You get treated, it costs you absolutely nothing, it’s paid collectively through the taxes everyone pays. Fairly straightforward, this is the basic model used in the Scandinavian countries and to a degree Great Britain through the NHS.

It does carry a fairly large bill and depending on the nature of the system, a potential waiting list and inefficiency.

But people don’t die in the streets, or at home, generally.

Government owned, mandated or heavily legislated Healthcare insurance.

This is the method used in German and Japan, among others, it’s also fairly simple. It’s a system based on private or public hospitals, who get paid through either government run health insurance companies or private companies that often operate in a sort of cooperative method, i.e. mostly non-profit or mandated not to produce larger profits than some legislative limit.

It generally works, in Germany your job actually pays to private non-profit companies, and if you lose your job? Off to the government subsidy, so people, you know, don’t die in the gutter and other such uncivilized stuff.

I gave an example on the Japanese system in yesterdays update, it does seem to have some problems actually paying enough to the healthcare companies and doctors.

The anarchy model, no control, limited or no government intervention.

Note, that I refrain from using laissez faire, because this model sucks. This is the model most commonly used in dirt poor African and Asian nations, it’s absolutely horrible and mandates that the poor have to make use of local clinics, often funded by who knows what, and old traditional methods.

It’s also the American model, just with an actual healthcare system present, completely run through the medium of private for-profit virtually unregulated healthcare insurance companies, which is why the most common reason for bankruptcy in America, is medical bills.

It, as we have seen in the US, doesn’t work at all, even with the American patchwork programs of Medicare and Medicaid, who are only directed towards those below or just above some Federal Poverty limit, which is a problem when lots of people lose their jobs, and thus their healthcare insurance, and for when the profiteering companies decided to go “Ha ha, fuck you” and dump you for the old insurance “Act of God” bullshit.


Shit, there’s tons of hybrid solutions, the Universal Government Healthcare often has possibilities for the rich and resource wealthy to simply skip the entire public waiting list and emergency room and just check into one of the many private hospitals and recently, in Denmark at least, some companies hand out private insurance as a little additional to their crucial employees, insures that they get them back to work faster and more efficiently, it’s also often used to just everyone, to draw people to the company.

Not in these days with crisis of course.

The second option is really a hybrid already.

Now for the American/Dirt poor country method? Perhaps some sort of Government Non-profit Health Insurance company to provide some proper competition to large Insurance companies who really only benefit people with a job or their shareholders or their CEOs.

Or perhaps a shift into the second model, and regulated the shit out of an area that always should have been heavily legislated.

But thanks to the one, the only:


A New Bewilderingly named Danish Band

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Well, this is without doubt the most peculiar little band that could, I’ve encountered this month.

It’s The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, spawned from the same abyssal pit that spawned Aqua, and blasphemous cartoons, It’s Denmark everyone!

The first song they have on their Myspace is called “The Golden Age”, and is actually genuinely good, apparently the Statement of this band, or Artisan Commune, Or Pretentious Bullshit Collective, is Retro.

And “Golden Age” is absolutely without a doubt retro, but fuck if I can figure out just how retro it is, or where it’s time travel destination is, the deliberate sound overlay that makes it sound like it comes from the late forties are really the only clue I can find.

Afraid I’m not a musical historian.

“The Sun Ain’t Shining No More” sounds like it’s coming from an “Austin Powers” movie, so the sixties it is. It’s actually pretty good, the lead singer does have an unusual voice, mostly because it’s actually her voice and not the voice of a talentless American hack transformed through a synthesizers to sound like Microsoft BOB.

It’s lyrics are fairly good, and it’s actually music, and not just noise and some twit talking with an odd rhythm, fucking R’n’B.

“Around the bend” is yet another retro song, which, in case your thicker than eighteen billion kilometres of lard, is the fucking gimmick on the band.

It’s well executed, well written and genuinely good, I actually like this one a fair bit, it has a decent rhythm in it, a bit to repetitive, but that’s unfortunately a norm in these days.

“Hero” gets on my bad side, mostly because I really fucking hate the old genre they’ve decided to conjure up, through ritualized sacrifice to Odin, from the depths of time.

It’s also a sample, luck I just happen to have the CD eh? It’s a slow, easy-going song, it bores me to tears, but I can imagine that some people would enjoy it.

Either because all fashion goes in a never-ending circle, or because you where young when this crap was “in the in”.

“Bad Fever” has a familiar sound, late eighties, early nineties? Probably, makes me feel fucking old as hell.

Could be the sixties again for all I know, as I’ve already pointed out, fashion often recycles old crap, because people have really bad memories.

Myspace has delivered all it could, let’s look at the CD I’ve gotten my hand on.

The first track is “Lady Jesus”, and holy fuck on my hat on fire, I fucking loath it from the deep dark burning core of my foul soul.

Feels good to know, that I’m not growing soft. Unfortunately the “Acid” style rarely works very well, it’s simply to fucking noise to enjoy any of it’s elements.

The Third track, seeing as a simply skip the ones they have to their Myspace, “Push the envelope” suffers from the same problem as the first one, it’s style is simply shit, hateful shit even.

“Satellite” sounds like the Beatles.

I don’t like the Beatles.

“Crazy”, I haven’t got a clue. It’s not bad, not to good either, but compared to most of the crap there’s out there, it’s as pure as the Golden Tears of Freya.

“Sunshine cooling” is pretty good, kinda a good song for a hot summer day, young people dancing on some open scene in some little park.

And that’s it. If you like the songs you heard on the Myspace, it’s probably worth it picking up the physical or eletronic CD/Whatever the fuck you call it when you buy it on Itunes you filthy consumerist whore.

Danish Defence Scandal

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

This feature is about politics, so if you don’t care about that, go look at funny cats on YouTube you pitiful loser, this feature is mainly about Denmark, so if you don’t care about Denmark, then I can completely understand.

It’s just an insignificant five million people large flat country in northern Europe, it’s hard to matter less, unless your Macedonia or Andorra,at least we’re members of the EU, they aren’t.

Not even sure of Andorra actually exist, and isn’t just a funny French joke.

Now, a few months ago, a Danish former member of our Army Elite regiment announced that he was publishing a book about his experiences and the methods used when he was a member of said Elite regiment, the “Jæger” regiment, presumably named after the Austrian Jeagers on the Napoleonic age.

The Danish Defence Command (Forsvarskommandoen) protested against it, despite the fact they where told ages ago, that he was going to write it, as they felt it was endangering the operations of Danish Soldiers in Afghanistan.

The problem, they it very late in the process, presenting themselves like slow fools, who hadn’t noticed until now, it was furthermore a problem, as the Danish constitutions protection of Free Speech and Free Publication is very strict.

And who really thinks the insurgents in Afghanistan haven’t figured out how the Danish Army operates? They problem know how the Americans operate in these days, why would they really care about the hundred or so Danish troops in the country?

So, the books is leaked on Wikileak and the published in the Danish Newspaper “Politikken“, with national coverage.

Meaning that at this stage, everyone and their dog have either read it or has the opportunity, wisely enough, the Defence Command decides to abandon their attempt to ban the book.

And decides to sue the author for violating the secrecy parts of his contract, which is called “being a sore loser”, remember, Denmark is still insignificant.

So what happens? Another big Danish newspaper publishes an “Arab” translation of the book, they’ve received through some source of theirs.

The Defence Command strikes at once “look, the insurgents now know all our secrets, we where right all along despair and shake with fear, we’re all going to DIE!”.

The Problem? The translation wasn’t actually in Arabian, apparently someone has just thrown the text into “Google translate” and hit enter, the end result was a giant mess of pseudo-Arabian, which was useless for anyone.

Except the Danish Ministry of Defence and the Danish Defence Command, who had a wonderful excuse. Conspiracy you say? Why no, yesterday it was revealed that the mock translation was actually done by the IT Manager of the Defence Command, and that the Danish Broadcasting Company got an e-mail from the Minster’s Press Secretary containing a copy.

So, apparently the Ministry of Defence was behind this, to discredit the Author as a form of traitor, acceptable? Under no fucking circumstances. The entire Defence Command staff should be fired without pension, replaced with younger officers and whatever civilian oversight there was, should be tripled.

The Danish Defence exist to protect us against external threaths and to cooperate with the EU/UN/NATO, not to manipulate the Danish people and Media like that, it’s a gross violation of the entire Danish nation.

The minster should resign at once and the entire Defence Command should too. Hell, the entire Government should, stuff like this does NOT happen without orders from above.

And the Danish Government hasn’t been doing to well for the last few months; a perfect distraction until December, when the climate conference in Copenhagen should draw attention away from the Government.

What’s going to happen? Nothing, the IT guy might be fired, some old Generals will probably resign, and the Minster will remain, useless though he may be.

And how competent is the Danish Military? I heard on the radio earlier that they’d lost one of their Drones.

Where? In Afghanistan? Iraq? Nope.

In the middle of their own fucking training area, incompetent idiots.

NEWSFLASH: Chief of Defense resigns, Minster of Defense apologizes.