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And now for something slightly different.

Friday, July 24th, 2009

We defeated the Jedi Knights just ain’t the same as the rest of the riff-raff.

First, I know one of the guys in the band, some blond fellow from work.

Second, this isn’t some overwhelmingly retarded hip-hopper, RnB maniac or rap “artist”. It’s just mellow pop. Almost refreshing to get the most generic kind of music for once.

They have THREE pieces of musical product available on their myspace, and I hardly would be a bastard, if I didn’t treat it the same way I treat everything and everyone else.

Like retarded chipmunks.

They’ve actually gone and made an “intro” composition. Which is technically competent I suppose, properly recorded too.

And I really wish I didn’t have to shelf out imaginary points for proper recording software and equipment. It’s a bit repetitive, but it’s otherwise remarkably competent. Good, but not amazing. The drummer must be falling asleep during it though, poor bastard.

And the first actual song “Thief of my Heart” has absolutely nothing to do with the style present in the intro. That’s a good thing.

Here comes the first problem, whoever the hell’s singing. Good Lady man, you don’t sound like that, that stupid overlay makes it sound like a old school radio. It’s like listening to an AM station, from Mongolia, in a snowstorm.

The song is otherwise good, the part where the lyrics go all “Sound like a loudspeaker” is absolutely perfect. And whoever the singer is, stop fucking singing like that, it fucking sucks.

It’s fairly generic, bordering on the “emo” sound, which, let me reassure you, is under no circumstances a good thing, it’s a fucking awful thing.

I have no doubt it could be successful, for five minutes, among retards.

Love the organ sound at the end.

“The Swallowing Norm”.

Hey, the singer sounds like a human now, instead of a Red Hot Chilli Peppers rip-off, progress! I like it.

In order to better review this one, as it proves progress, I’ve decided to listen at a slightly better sound.

The music is good. The singer, if he maintains the style I hear here, become good, thus more than simply decent.

At least you can actually sing, and you even do sing. A large improvement to most of the idiots I have the misfortune of listening too. Listening to this higher quality does help a fair bit, well done.

Ultimately, I’d call this song: A song, actual music, above average.

Also, apparently the “intro” is called “Intrapersonal”, which isn’t a word. Points of for being Pretentious.

I’d go so far to describe “We defeated the Jedi Knights” as decent. Although they will get into problems with George “Franchisecide” Lucas.

Well done Azur, well done indeed.

Just stop trying to sound like everyone else, and who knows, you might be remembered as more than just another generic band.

And you’re not fucking rock.

I hate it when this happens.

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

I was planing to dump this one with the idiot below, but these guys deserve better:

Drop Electric is actual something fairly new, not rap, but Electronica/Live Electronics/Trip Hop. And even odder, their first song is actually fairly decent.

“The Leftist” has a fairly good electronic sound, none of all that odd soundwerk you usually hear from Electronica, where the artist thinks listening pleasure is a town in Mongolia.

Only problem is the presence of the singer, who I can’t understand a word of, mostly because she’s mumbling half the time, and just going “aaaahhh ohhhh” the other half.

Oh wait, I can almost understand her when the electronic overlay turns her voice into the voice of a cooler C3PO.

Also, not a sample, Bonus Points.

“Sky Red” is a bit faster, but still quite good. Oddly enough, I can actually understand and hear the singer now. A fairly pleasant voice.

This is actually a pleasant surprise, I usually only review crap rap shit. Not decent music.

A bit on the repetitive side though, which they then fix by changing style in the latter part of the song, where the shift to something almost folksong and yet totally fucking awesome.

Not a fucking sample but full-length and good. Fucking well played.

“RU50” has a pretentious name, good, gotta have something to get angry at. Which is fitting, cause it sucks and is fairly broken, so let’s pretend it doesn’t exist, YOU HEAR ME?

“Fierce Urgency of Now” has a different beat, but Myspace has broken it.

To bad.

Still, a refreshing experience Electric Bungalow, well done.