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It’s time for the FORUM WATCH

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

That’s right kids; is deeply saddened to reveal my latest attempt to make fun of morons.

It’s the Forum Watch, where I will make fun of stupid threads on stupid forums. Which is easy as hell, as all forums are stupid.’

I’m still wearing clothes. This thread also falls under the “things we don’t need to know” category.

This thread is awesome, apparently some morons out there have forgotten an important lesson.

NEVER, EVER, give out naked pictures of you; to random people on the Internet, it’ll only take a few hours before your neighbour is masturbating furiously to them.

Also, this chat log is included because it is AWESOME:

Citizen says: Shake it, shake it, baby, baby.
Tenebraeâ„¢ says: No.
Tenebraeâ„¢ says: You.
Citizen says: Prude. D:
Tenebraeâ„¢ says: I just like seeing your hair wave.
Citizen says: I’m bald.
Tenebraeâ„¢ says: Your ass hair, silly.
Citizen says: The government took it from me. =(
Tenebraeâ„¢ says: Poor Citibum.
Tenebraeâ„¢ says: No hairz.
Citizen says: No bearz either. =(
Tenebraeâ„¢ says: Stairz?
Citizen says: Yes, but no legz to use them. =(
Tenebraeâ„¢ says: In response to your post in that thread, as my internet is lagging to much to post, yeah, it is amusing how retardedly the current mods choose drama threads.
Citizen says: Probubly because I was watching TV and not really paying much heed to it.

You just happened to get done watching TV the second I posted, rite? =3

Citizen says: olo
Tenebraeâ„¢ says: Was that Daili or something?
Citizen says: Yes.
Tenebraeâ„¢ says: … He posted in it more than once.
Citizen says: And people yell at me when I call them inept.
Citizen says: Not that I care, it’s a hilarious thread.
Citizen says: I just don’t like seeing harmless threads locked when shit like that clunks along. =3
Tenebraeâ„¢ says: Not to mention he is posting now and still hasn’t locked.
Citizen says: He and Stacey don’t care. They’ve both said so over MSN.
Citizen says: They won’t lock it until someone pitches a major bitch.
Citizen says: Basically, if it wasn’t Ember, they’d have locked it by now.
Tenebraeâ„¢ says: Because him and Stacey are horrible mods.
Citizen says: That’s the gist of what they both said.
Tenebraeâ„¢ says: Well.
Tenebraeâ„¢ says: That is a bit harsh to them.
Citizen says: What is? What you said or what I said?
Tenebraeâ„¢ says: Ayami-chan, Daili Lama, Stacey are horrible mods.

Tenebraeâ„¢ says: And Toni is alright.
Citizen says: with anyone*
Citizen says: Toni is the only good mod. She just comes on during the times when NOTHING is happening.
Citizen says: Thus rendering it a moot point. D:
Tenebraeâ„¢ says: I should post this. For lolz
Citizen says: Har. =0

Stay tuned for more fun, and do send me e-mails with stupid threads: AT