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Imperial Proclamation of Exterminatus.

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

My subjects.

The furry threat is growing on a daily basis, now the hordes of chaotic furries threaten all that is good and civilized on our fair Internet.

That is not acceptable. So now we must take real action.

By my will, I hereby declare a state of Exterminatus upon the entire furry fandom and all aligned factions.

Exterminatus is henceforth defined as total seclusion of the declared targets. Any faction, personality or fandom under Exterminatus should be ignored, secluded and banned from any loyal Imperial site.

Thus the furry problem would cease to exist, as the furries are isolated into their own little ghettos, where their pathetic way of life won’t affect the Empire.

By my will on this: the ninth day of the seventh month of the glorious year Two of the Imperial era. (Two-thousand-and-Six Common Age).

RagnarokZ the Magnificent.

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