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Kodomo no fucking Paedophilia

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

You see that? You know what that’s all about? Some Japanese lunatic who decided to express her violated childhood by attempting to justify fucking Paedophilia and incest through a fucking retarded manga/anime/hell.

And you know what? IT’S POPULAR! FUCKING POPULAR! How? Why? How the hell do you filthy fucking whore of Babylon possibly justify that to yourselves.

Fuck justifying it to society, I’m more interested in how you can possibly go “Yeah, this is perfectly okay, and not a gross violation of taste, morality and ethics” and sleep soundly at night?

Typical Japanophile bullshit, for fucks sake people, try and remember that until a few years ago, Japan didn’t have any Age of Consent, they have now raised it to 13, fucking 13! From nothing to 13, well done, at least now you don’t share that club with Saudi Arabia. (To be fair, the Philippines do have 12 as the limit.)

I honestly haven’t got a clue why some many mindless drones glorify Japan like they do, it’s a violently xenophobic society, who never apologized for the horrible shit they did during World War Two, unlike the Germans, who apologize pretty much every single time they can.

Why? Haven’t got a clue really, suppose because in the eyes of the equally xenophobic west, they where Asians murdering Asians, and really, who cares then? Bunch of barbarians really. /NOOOOOOOOO!

It’s like we just forgot about the Rape of Nanking, where the Imperial Army of Japan went nuts in the city, and brutally murdered and raped thousands, with plenty of Western witnesses seeing the whole thing from various consulates and trade missions, some of the Western representatives formed the Nanking Safety Zone, which was oddly enough led by a member of the Nazi party of Germany, under the logic that his membership should protect him from and repercussions from the Japanese, they where allies after all.


200,000 Chinese saved by those actions, can you even comprehend such a number? 200,000 people saved by the actions of a few brave bastards, that’s the total inhabitants of Fremont, California, saved from a slaughter that claimed around 300,000 people.


So you see, any attempt at glorifying a fucking whore of a nation like Japan, before they have stepped forward and formally apologized for all the horrible shit they did during World War Two, and pay reparations to the millions who suffered under the brutal and insane behaviour if the Imperial Armies of the now fortunately disestablished Japanese Empire.


So fuck you, and your fucking Paedophilia-filled filth, go ahead, visit Japan, they’ll happily tolerate you as a tourist, and hate you with a passion if you move there.

And by hate, I mean direct-action Yakuza like hatred.

So go on, enjoy your ignorance.

Angels cry because of this.

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Hey thanks for the add. I am getting close to the major record deal I just need to reach 1million plays &20,000 friends. Please show your support by adding me to ur Tops and refering me to your friends to reach that goal.

But of course you filthy trollop of a consumer Pop/R&B Beyonce rip-off of a waste of genetics, I’d be happy to spread the word about how great your fucking miserable excuse of musical endeavours are, and I can reassure you, that I absolutely believe that fucking record companies base their record deals on the number of Myspace friends bands have, and on how many times their “music” has been played, and not on how hot the singer looks on the cover of “Playboy”.

Her first “song” is Voodo, which starts sounding like early 80’s electronic music, and then goes into a twisting decent towards the very pits of human misery.

Also know as Dorset.

Why the hell is it a good thing to sing in a disjointed manner that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual melody? Or the music? Or anything remotely pertaining to logic and reason.

And her voice is run through enough computers to put Microsoft BOB to shame, I’ll bet my entire professional non-existence.

It’s just so generic and crap, and fucking hate R&B, almost as much as I fucking hate rap, and this is MTV R&B like nothing you’ve heard a billion times already.

“Baby (Far Away)” actually covers me feelings very well, I wish I was fucking far away, somewhere around Saturn, drowning in a sulphur eruption on Io.

It just so awful, her voice sounds like fucking shit, the lyrics are boring shit about her singing about her abusive arsehole of a boyfriend, who’s undoubted made of muscles and nothing else.

And like always, the melody is the same fucking thing all the way through, and the choir is present and annoying through the whole fucking thing.

“Break your fall” tricks me by sounding like a Spice Girls song, and then I realize, it is a Spice Girls song, it shifts completely away from the noisy bullshit R&B and into generic pop territory.

And yet, you can still here the post-modernist disorganized noise of the R&B territory, like the “Ahahnanana” sounds that so prevail that realm of hell.

It’s just a really shitty Spice Girls rip off, and Spice Girls where fucking horrible.

I hate the “song” “Storm” before this idiot have even opened her mouth, I hate it like I hate small woodland animals.

It’s not fucking music, music requires that the actual fucking melody have something to do with the rest of the fucking song, rather than just being some bullshit beat that annoys me in the background.

And what the fuck is up with all that voice works they’ve done? Does her voice sound that bad?


I can already see the “Softcore” images out there, in the aether. Just awful, don’t buy it, don’t give her a record deal, don’t encourage her.

She sucks.

So Barrack Obama won a Noble Prize.

Saturday, October 10th, 2009


So yeah, Obama won a Noble’s Peace Prize, why? Well, according to the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget), he got it for his work with improving International Diplomacy and several statements about nuclear disarmament, full nuclear disarmament.

Really, he’s getting it for not being George “The World Hates me” Bush, who we Europeans remember as a deranged idiot in charge of the most powerful country on Earth.

Did I say we Europeans, I mean the entire planet, except for the inbreed idiots who elected him, on a basis on that he was “a guy I could have a beer with”.

Rather than Al Gore’s intellectual awesome guy, who won anyway, so really, who cares?

So Obama won himself a Peace Prize, was there really no one else who could have gotten it? Seriously? Couldn’t you just have been not bastards and given Gandhi his posthumously, like you should, if you weren’t such a bunch of old racists.

Have I ever mentioned I don’t like the Noble Committees? No? Now you know, aren’t you happy? They have a lot of old literary masterminds that should have gotten Prizes, but never did, because the Committees used to be misogynist sexist reactionary old farts.

They probably still are, but you get the point.

Still, gotta admire the irony of the guy who invented TNT sponsoring a “Peace Prize”, which Henry “Super-villain” Kissinger won.

That fat freak of a man, won a Noble PEACE Prize, for fucks sake?!? Kissinger was a fucking bastard, and his boss was a fucking lunatic.

And don’t get me start on Reagan, or perhaps I should call him Saint Reagan of the Grand Old Party, which seems to be how things works.

So he won.

Did he deserve it? Probably not, will he get it? Of course, the Noble Committees never admit any fault of theirs, or others.

Like the guy who won the Chemistry Prize for an invention he stole from his female intern, when it was revealed, did she get it instead? Of course not, she was a woman!

Did they at least take away the honour from the bastard? Nope.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, that they should have just given it to some UN Agency, like the one who feeds millions of starving people in Africa, while most of you Americans are trying not to be racist.

So, will this change anything? Nope.

I’ll change nothing, a ban on Campaign contribution, lobbying and violent overthrow of the present American government, might change something.

Might just get a second Reign of Terror, might just manage to consume Sarah Palin and her malevolent spawn.

Oh dear me, why?

Friday, September 25th, 2009

Rose from the asheS send me a message that’s ultimately useless and insignificant. But dear merciless Shiva, how the hell did this band, and I use this as loose as I can, ever come to be?

“Plastic Girl” is the first one to come up, come up and hit my in the back of my head, with a sledgehammer, made of poisonous magma.

I’d be able to describe the sheer suffering of actually listening to this piece of abysmal shit, if I was standing on a cliff in a violent storm, screaming my pain towards the unmerciful gods of the Dark Reaches of the Voids.

“Living in this Nightmare” has the single most fitting name in the history of all mankind. How the hell? WHY? PLEASE DEAR DARKNESS TELL ME WHY? WHY DOES THIS EXIST? WHYYYYYYYY?

It’s so fucking awful, the instruments are played by drunk monkeys in the process of being raped by the undying corps of Genghis Kahn and the singer sounds like Celine Dione being thrown into a large blender.

“Never coming home” is what would happen to me, if I hadn’t been home when I wrote this, I’d probably have killed myself somewhere outside my home.

Fortunately, thanks to Rose form the morons, I can commit honourable Suicide right here, the comfort of my own room, my own house, my sanctuary.

“Better of Alone”, sounds like a football riots, where all the participants are a lovely mix of Vikings, Genghis Kahn’s Hordes and the entire population of the state of Kentucky.

They couldn’t even agree for a fucking theme for this one, it goes from Viking death metal into whiny emo goth rock and then into the bowels of Municipal Chemistry Reclamation in Nyborg, Denmark to produce something that could be used as a very primitive form for torture.

And it can’t even be redeemed by decent music, for the music sucks just as bad as the awfully high-pitched “singer”.

“All my loving”, a cover of a Beatles song, made by the single most imcompetent crap band I have ever had the misfortune of listening to, the Greatest Band in history (Beatles) brought so far down by the worst (Rises from Idiots).

It just so fucking awful, that whoever murders the guitar, actually drowns out the horrible singer, how nice of him.

To bad he can’t fucking play for shit.

Event he chorus sucks, they can’t hold a freaking tone worth shit. How the hell did these idiots ever get it into their thick moronic heads that they are worth anything?


“Better days” isn’t one of my better days, as a matter of a fact, this is rapidly going to be an absolutely horrible day.

Because it sucks, if only the singer could sing, the guitarist play and everyone was competent and interesting, this could be redeemed.

And why the hell do they keep switching between whiny voice and Viking voice?

“Wounded Angel” starts with a fine example of the guitarist being horrible with these occasional little sounds that sounds like he’s stepping on mice, I think they might be on purpose, so I shall now wish for Damnation to his entire bloodline for nine generations.

The lyrics are pretty fucking stupid too.

“I can’t remember when” is just awful right from the start. It fits into around fifity-six trillion stereotypes and generic things within seventy nanoseconds.

It’s amazing really.

So much awful music, in such a small band. It’s fucking bewildering, who told these idiots they where worthy of anything but scorn and stigmatization?

Do us all a favour and die in an Ocean of fucking Misery!

Animeleague: The abomina-Webcomic!

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Thought I was all done with animeleague did you? Well, you thought wrong my little friends. There’s one other thing that requires my superior attention. The AL WEB-COMIC! Drawn by incompetent losers, written by people who usually write Harry Potter Slash Fan fiction and edited by people with no taste or sense of criticism.

It could only end in a massive disaster, and as I’ve mentioned before, these forums have NO sense of criticism, so the useless fuckers who made it, can’t handle any proper feedback, outside of their precious weabo japanophile animefanatical circle-jerk, and thus start crying.

They recently came out with their first issue “Al-chan’s big victory!”. Even the name of the damn thing spells damnation and plagues doesn’t it? It sure as fuck does.

alcomic1cover It’s just as awful as you’d think. And as it’s drawn by several people, I’ll have to make separate commentary on each desperate page.

We start with the cover page, at least it’s coloured. And that’s it, that’s the ONLY positive thing I can about this piece of shit. There absolutely no use of perspective, the eyes of the metro-sexual are so far down on his face, that he’s apparently suffering from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, possibly because whoever drew this abomination suffered from it herself.

alcomic1page1 This one is oddly enough the best of the lot. Drawn by the apparent Editor-in-Charge Noddlekitty. It’s properly drawn.

But not very sophisticated, even for manga standards, it also makes pretty clear how awful the writing is, booze and boobs indeed. It also fails to betray just how awful the rest is.

alcomic1page2What the fuck just happened here? No seriously.

Time to rage! This is absolutely crap, what little there’s drawn looks like a sketch from a six-year old crack addict. And most of the fucking thing isn’t even drawn, it’s actually just a screen-shot from their fucking private comic forum.

How the fuck anyone ever though this was ANYTHING other than utter crap is beyond me and my good taste.

alcomic1page3Oh Merciful Jesus Augustus of Byzantium, why was this ever allowed to leave a sketch book?


How the hell did anyone let this out as anything other than a thread called “My art sucks, help me improve it” is beyond me! It’s better than the previous page, but that’s like saying AIDS is slightly better than fucking Ebola!

It’s awful beyond redemption, just like the previous page.

alcomic1page4It’s like a disease! It’s a fucking disease! It’s Criticism-Deficiency Syndrome, it has to be!

Why are they all thinking? Did Kisara actually try and force it upon almost a century of thought bubbles, that they mean TALKING rather than THINKING? It’s the only way I can make any fucking sense of this mess. It’s awfully drawn, written and executed.

Moving onwards to the writing: It’s fucking awful, not really anything else to it. It’s painfully generic and utter crap. None of this should EVER have been released, with the possibly exception of pages one.

So well done Noddlekitty, you suck, you just have potential NOT to suck.

Now, what’s interesting is, that in the comic thread itself, they ask for feedback:

Flake~ wrote: Be sure to leave feedback. There will be more to come in the future!

So obviously, they got feedback.


And they defend it in the usual way, it’s not suppose to be a serious webcomic, we didn’t have time to colour it, we’re useless hacks, etc… Leper did go “It’s crap stop drawing”. Which I shall change slighty to, everyone but Noddlekitty have no hope in hell, stop drawing, Noodle may carry one trying.


The rest of the feedback is bewilderingly constructive, and doesn’t take into account that 80% is utter crap with no hope at all.

Only the first page has any hope in hell, even the cover sucks.

So well done Noodlekitty.

Even of the comic is still a drawn version of a burning trainwreck.

EDIT: After a small conversation with Noodlekitty, I’ve learned that she doesn’t actually draw manga in any serious manner, thus she’s in the clear. She just did it for shits and giggles. Well done, well done indeed.

Remember the forums and the Twitter.

I review the endless nightmare that is “Aurora Low”.

Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

Myspace, blablablabla.

Got this message from whoever the fuck is in charge at the very feminine sounding band/singer/collective/anarcho-syndicalist commune that is “Aurora Low“.


How are you today? I hope you don’t mind me adding you but I thought you seemed cool and thought you might like the tunes.

I know myself that crap band adds get annoying and tedious. I get loads on my personal profile but I do listen to every one. About 90% I delete but I have found some amazing bands that have added me.

If you get time then have a listen and let us know what you think.

Stay in touch

Aurora Low

Now, the first song you can listen to on “Aurora Low”‘s myspace is called “Upside down”. It just plain horribly bland, no song, just music. And it endlessly repeats itself for the first NINETY SECONDS, of the roughly three minutes long song, and it sounds like something of the soundtrack of the Sims.

For your information, that isn’t a GOOD thing, it’s a horribly abomination upon the face of all creativity.

Let’s move on to the next song, before I start screaming in rage.

Next up, “Arizona”, yep, named after some American state, hurray and yahoo for the sheer originality.

Only a 45 seconds long repeat intro this time, awesome, at least, that’s what you would think. It’s just the beginning of a new repeat, which is the beginning of a new repeat, which is the beginning of a new repeat, ARRRGSDFSHDFhd.mnghsfn,dhfd.

Next song, quick dear Internet, quick.

“New Song 249″…. The fuck? Okay, titles doesn’t make any sense, and it suffers from the same stupid shit as the two others. Fuck that noise.

Last one is “Say what you mean”, and it’s a REVOLUTIONARY blend of electronical music and the same shit.

Fuck that one too.

Sorry “Aurora Low”, you suck.

Your songs are repetitive, not very original and just plain shitty.

Apparently, it’s not actually a band, it just some bastard from Sheffield that wants to make a band, HA, fat chance with such shitty music.

Try again, you FAILURE!