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Katy Perry is about as interesting as late Italian Post-Modern Brutalist Brickworks

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Yeah, sorry, she really isn’t anything absurdly interesting or fascinating, as her lunatic fans make her seem like, which is annoying, I was almost expecting decent, and just got boring generic crap.

I’ll give her points for this one, not a gram of redundant fanservice sex appeal, she’s dressed perfectly normal, even if she tries to grab a bit of Björk’s magic with the see-through umbrella.

It’s music for the kind of people who think they are intellectuals, but are really just arrogant little bastards, who deserves to be shot for wearing enormous sunshades.

The song is really simple though, and by that, I mean boring.

Throwing in retro-sex appeal is one hell of a bewildering thing to do, personally I find any fashion from before 1959 primitive and barbaric, a remnant of a time where a woman belonged in the thralls of obedience, kitchen and children.

Sad that it’s glorified like that.


Unfortunately “Hot’n’cold” isn’t really embeddable, probably because she hasn’t realized that Record Companies are malevolent bastards who doesn’t benefit anyone beyond a few far shareholders.

It’s an odd blend of “Girl Power” and yet, the line “You change your mind, like a girl changes clothes” is so fundamentally stereotypically wrong and morally bankrupt it’s actually painful to hear.

Apparently the song is about how Katy is a hideously forceful person, and she’s trying to force some poor bastard into a marriage he’s pretty clearly not interested in at all.

Not sure what’s with all this marriage bullshit in these days, it’s like how society just moves forwards and backwards all the time.

In the 1980’s it was popular to marry years after you had freaking kids, rather than before, sure kept the divorce numbers down.

And why the hell is she dressed like that? Did her sales start to drop, so her “manager” is forcing her into a more mainstream slut image? How delightful.


They sure have.

Let’s play the “Katy might be lesbian” card, well done Record Company, well done indeed.

Like to demean an entire sexual preference a bit more? Perhaps manufacture a further reinforcement of the twisted vision of femininity the youth gets today?

No fucking wonder we have a lot of youth crime today.

And guess what? It gets worse.

I like how she throws out Penn and Teller, sure they are reactionary lunatics, but they still have more talent than she does.

Should have stick with Gospel, saved us from yet another generic pop-star.

Awful Generic crap band.

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

We start out with “Awake by Design“, which has a boring name, and they have:

This is the Myspace site for the band Awake By Design a Heavy/Rock and Metal band with a tinge of Gothic from the UK.
Their debut album Sentiment is out Now on sale via the Myspace and FaceBook page and is being sold worldwide. They currently have 4 tracks from the album uploaded onto their Myspace. If you have the time to check them out that would be great. We hope you enjoy them.

Any information you would like to know about Awake By Design is on the page.

Thank you for your time and effort we hope you stay in touch and catch them on tour.

Yours kindly

Paul – Manager/Myspace team.

Yup. A stupid spam message send out by their fucking manager of their “Myspace” team, how utterly delightful, and by that, I mean that I am going to rip their fucking crap to shreds.

We start out with “The Visions of Truth”, which is crap. No, seriously, it’s a boring piece of crap, played by the single most generic band in the history of the fucking planet, and sung by someone who doesn’t have a voice that fits to his genre of “Metal/Gothic/Rock”, on the other hand, it could be “Gothic”, although it doesn’t sound very old-German to me.

But what do I know right? Just because I have decent taste doesn’t mean I’m right now does it?

“Ethereal” or as I’d like to call it “Pretentious”. It’s the same thing as the other one, really, it is. The music is just a drone in the background, and the guy who is singing is just boring as fuck.

Boring is really all that sums up that one.

“Sentiment” at least have the decency to start with a bit of old-school guitar play, that sounds like something from a café singer without talent or merit.

It’s not even metal at all. It’s just a slow, quiet Emo piece of shit. It would be decent, without the fucking horrible singer.

“Silence Undone” they try to mask the awful singer with some stupid voice effect, some eletronica bullshit and general incompetence.

Yeah, there really isn’t anything redeeming about this piece of shit band. Let’s move on to their site:


And the lovely pictures of the band?


So yeah. Awful, awful, boring, generic and awful.

And here’s some very silly metal for you.