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Which song do you like best on my page?

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Which song do you like best on my page?

Well Seretha Lichez, seeing as you ask, I’ll tell you.

Wait, Seretha Lichez? What the hell? Where your parents high on acid when they gave you that name? Or is this one of those “we’re minorities, let’s go fucking crazy” things?

I’ll presume the latter, because I live in a fantasy world where all parents are good.

“I Wish”, personally I wish the song would end before it was even conceived. The music is fucking terrible, the chorus is downright painful, it’s just Seretha’s annoying voice going “I wish, I wish, I wish”, bloody terrible.

“Fools in love”, yeah, shit.

Why do you sound like everyone else on the surface of the planet you talentless waste of oxygen. This song is awful.

“So lost”, yeah, you are lost, lost in an imaginary world where actually civilized people likes crap like this. Oh wait, you’re in America, I forgot, oh well, close second I suppose.

“Rhetorical Questions”, wait, you probably don’t even know what “rhetorical” means, or what “question” means for that matter.

Not because you are a black, it’s because you have to be utterly idiotic to enjoy or even make crap like that.

“Push up on me” starts like nothing else Sara or whatever has made. The intro music is excellent, actually the guitar in the background is excellent, to bad that obnouxios beat drowns in out.

And there are those fucking clap sounds too, shit, sucks.

The lyrics is generic “I’m afro-american, fell sorry for me” deal.

“5 minutes” starts like a soft romantic song, to bad Simon’s horrible voice ruins all of it. And hey, it’s the clapping sound again, awesome.

The rest of the music sounds like something stolen from old DOS games, fucking great.

And it doesn’t even last five minutes, would be a rip-off, but it’s free.

Susan, you are fucking horrible.

But to answer your question, the best song you’ve made it the first 10-15 seconds of “Push up on me” just before you start wailing.

How the hell do you “push up” on anyone?