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Jacqueline Stem.

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

Jacqueline Stem didn’t contact me, I randomly stumbled upon here sailing the High Seas of electrons.

Just before I actually start chucking away about her songs, let me point out that her myspace does NOT require the combined processing power of small African countries, unlike pretty much everyone else I’ve ever reviewed.

Well done.

“Streams of Conciousness” is the first song she’s made available on her myspace, she is as she advertises, her voice, a guitar.

The only real problem I have is that I have absolutely no fucking clue what the hell she’s actually singing, as a European, I often find myself unable to understand some American accents, quite odd.

“Anything but ourselves”, starts out slowly. Unlike the first song, I can understand her quite clearly, odd, but I’m not complaining.

I’m actually enjoying this one much more than it’s predecessor. No clue what she’s singing about though.

“Bury my feet”. The first thing I notice is the weird title of the song. Pretty sure the song’s all about love and what do you care.

Unlike most of the freaks I’ve reviewed, this one can actually sing, the sound quality isn’t the best when she hits some of the higher tones, probably an encoding problem.


Ben Nevis. Only thing this one has is a slightly different intro.

“Rodrigo plays the keys”, shit girl, your titles makes less and less sense as time passes. It’s still fairly decent, unfortunately my preferences is for music with a bit more noise.

“All the dance you do”, starts out like the rest, soft and quite.

“Walking in Circles”

Come on, not that tired all cliché, must be bloody billions of songs with those exact words, try again.

Ultimately Jacqueline, you’re a fairly decent, quite possibly good, artist. And unlike most the peasants I’ve reviewed so far, you genuinely sound like you actually care for the music.

And aren’t just doing it for coke and whores.

Well done.