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Free Speech and Me!

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

A few days ago, I started releasing information from the privileged restricted staff section of the animeleague forums, a completely legal thing to do, as I’ve never agreed not to do so.

Also, It wasn’t me who grabbed the screenshots. So purely legally speaking I’m absolutely completely in the clear. So let’s not waste any more time on that useless area, let’s focus on the ethical and moral discussion you could throw at me.

And make no mistake, I am a deeply ethical person, more ethical than most the staff of Animeleague, where sexual favours, or both the physical and virtual kind, are both commonplace and “the standard”.

At least that’s what Stacey told me about Keith, but hey. For all I know, she could be lieing, would explain a lot though.

So, are Whistleblowers a good thing? Or a horrible thing?

Well, to the fascist mind-controlling big-brotheresque reactionary scumbags they are, to the rest of the bloody world they are silent heroes working for the Free Flow of Information.

And no information relevant to a public forum are ever sacred! They belong to the public, and they will be spread in the end. So fuck all the haters! Nothing I’ve released here for the last few days have been morally or ethically wrong, the opposite in fact, how can vandalism and talking about how to HACK and abuse another web-page ever be sacred knowledge?

Unless you where involved of course.

So no, I do believe with absolute conviction that I have the moral high ground in this matter, and that Towers and his silly forum has the moral and ethical sense of a burnt potato.

So yay me.

I’m still better than any of you freaks.

Remember the forums and Twitter!

Animeleague: The Overview

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Well, it’s pretty much over and done with for this round. If I kept throwing shit at them, they might just think I cared.

Can’t have now can we.

So as a final, I’ll be giving you a walkthrough of the issues of a community, of the type Animeleague belongs in.

Anime-themed forums, it isn’t really an anime forum in any way or shape, as the vast majority of the forums purpose is social interaction and general discussion.

So it’s just anime-themed, the signatures, avatars and general layout reeks with standard mangaesque drawings and photoshops.

Now, the main issues with these kind of forums, and with animeleague especially, is that there’s no sense of criticism. Even the most awful contributions are elevated as mana from Mount fucking Olympus.

Now, that wouldn’t be a problem, in a dreamworld, made of puppies and sunshine. This lack of criticism and attentionwhoring, creates an atmosphere that’s not realistic in any way or shape.

To a degree, attentionwhores make it a long way in pornography I suppose. It’s just that sooner or later you have to show some actual skills too.

And how you can do this and not expect troubles are beyond me:


Yes, what a good idea.

Now, before you go nuts, this didn’t go as expected, everyone and their dog went “That’s fucking retarded”. Stacey expected some positive feedback, perhaps even a “Pics plx”.

Surprisingly, it didn’t go that way:


And as Matt said:


She probably had pictures of the atrocity taken and ready to post Matt, wouldn’t even surprise me at all. Would disgust me.

Guess the whole issue of “treat women like whores” is living good and well inside her twisted little head.

Oh wait, she’s fat, I totally forgot.


Haven’t got a clue who “Joel” is, but he/she/it should stop by one day, hang around, have a coke. Also, the guy in the second post was probated, apparently he/she/it had done a bunch of other stuff.

Still a pretty good reply, on most forums, he/she/it would have been a hero.


So, this is how things are done behind the scenes, back when I had the misfortune of being a volunteer on the forums, internal censorship would have created a fucking shitstorm.

So Fortune here isn’t even allowed to comment about the administration of a specific forum, how delightful, I guess her opinion is against the opinion of Michael “Freesaiyan” Towers.

Another problematic issue with these kind of forums are fascist leadership with no opportunity for debate, even among staff members internally.


I’ve titled this one “wasted effort”. Because that’s really what is.

In the eyes of the generic members of the forums, the rules exist to keep the bright sparkling creative members down and out of the way.

So they can feel special without any sort of effort or creativity.

I remember during one of my “I’m bored let’s use a proxy and mess around on animeleague” periods a few years a back. I could almost see the terror my originality caused among the members of the forums, it was awesome.

Which brings me to another point, nepotism. Staff members aren’t selected due to skill or anything in that area, it’s all popularity.

Or having a friend on staff, suggesting you in a violent and threatening manner. That’s not really a very good system, seeing as the popular are usually the ones who smack their tits in the face of the peons or the ones who appeal most to the baser instincts.

Or who watches the most Naruto.

As a closing argument, remember.

Don’t take the Internet to serious.


I shall now salute the New World Order for the rest of the next 34 seconds, all the way to the Forums!


Friday, September 11th, 2009

Beware! I Hunger!

Hahaha, It’s time for en Emergency Update of the FORUM WATCH!

Revy has kindly provided me with some indirect feedback.


Oh ho ho. I feel so special.


Hate you? Sweetie, you give me all this awesome stuff, I adore you right about now.

So as we can see, feedback, isn’t that just delightful?

But hey, go ahead and ignore us, Revy, Stacey and me, the Truth is often ignored anyway.

Feel free to talk about this thing on the forums!

EDIT: COMMENTS OFF! It’s all nice to see some feedback, but ultimately, I’m not really that interested in seeing you people have a giant fight in the middle of my blog, feel free to use my forums for that though, that’ll keep my amuse for at least another five minutes.

EDIT2: Comments back on.

More Vandalism and you

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Here we are again. Unfortunately, the good people of has decided to censor the term “Ragnarokz” and replace it with “moron”.

Absolutely delightful, and actually remarkably competent. Probably Matt’s idea.


Internet Lawyers! Drama! Action! A weirdos on the Internet, all that an more on Tonight’s Edition of the FOOOOORUM WATCH!


The Truth is much stronger than a lie, I refer here to this and this.

And Towers, what keeps you from getting a decent job is the fact that you think your fucking forum is in any way or shape important.


It’s not a serious fucking article you dimwitted British idiot. It’s a parady based on the large flaws in your soulless personality. Like when you had sex with this!


Let me quote the imaginary lawyer that could be hypothetically conjured up from this.

“Well Mr. Towers, as the website in question is American and covered under American parody law, there isn’t really anything we can do.”

“Also, I’m afraid that It’ll cost you more than you presently earn to conduct this case under American law, have a good day Mr. Towers.”

“No sexual favours are not legitimate currency, also, I now play for the other team, forever.”

“Now take your fucking shirt back on.”


Tsunade: All people on the Internet and on anime-themed shit forums like yours, deserve all that.

Matt: Who cares?


Space Cowboy is pretty much spot on, guess you have to be a bit more careful with what you do Michael, how unfortunate.


They’d probably laugh in your face if you ask them for anything, also, Mr. Towers isn’t even being that severely attacked.

I’ve seen worse.


You’re right, Free isn’t a Paedophile, he just likes them nice and young.


Ah Rukia, it must be pleasant to be so naive really. Some companies probably wouldn’t Towers, mostly because he’s a freak of epic proportions.


For those of you who want the text of the entire very loooooong and very useless post, it’s right here!


And this idiot decides to give us a full review of the entire thread in a single post, with only the smallest amount of spaces.

Well done, well done indeed.

The rest of the thread is just a bit of circlejerking. Nothing worth anyones time.

Once again thanks to Stacey and Revy, who are now trying desperately to backtrack, but hey, that means they might just give me a whole mess of dirt another time.

I look forward to cooperating with you both another time.

Last one’s tomorrow, just a general walkthrough of the problems, flaws and mediocracy of anime-themed forums like animeleague.

Vandalism and you.

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

You can probably guess what this one’s all about, can’t you?

Wrong, it’s about ANIMELEAGUE.NET, not about filthy cybersex you freak.



Reichspräsident Michael Towers just asked his forum staff to commit gross acts of vandalism on another site, isn’t that lovely?



It still amazes me to a considerable degree that a man with the charisma of a burnt potato can create such loyalty and anger in his volunteer moderation staff.

Yet another case of “Power attracts” and seeing as Tower’s only power is being the owner of a silly generic forum, all the people he attracts are stupid, bland and probably fat.


Really isn’t much of interest from the actual content of the post, but look at that signature, Pokemon? Ha!


Dear Copernicus, have you seen that? It’s all just bullshit.


18.000 members. Yes, of course.

700 of them active eh? Pretty sure Encyclopedia Dramatica can manage that one, especially seeing as this was in his private staff section. So, what 30 people? Bound to be a couple who realize how silly the whole thing is.


Nope, they just moved it.


So, Towers talking about hacking a wikipedia web software.

Pies trying in vain.


Free digging his grave deeper, Space Cowboy stating the obvious.


Towers really hasn’t got a clue how the Internet, or life, works. Raising to the bait, just makes it better for us Michael.

So please keep trying, don’t stop the horrible fight.


Sweetheart, Mike would need something in the range of rape and murder before he could claim higher moral ground that his “opponents”.

Also, blackmail, nice how he really brings out the WORST of his followers.


Natürlich, mein Führer, Reichsführer-SS Zelgadis ist immer mit Ihnen! SIEG HEIL!


And I end it on a CLIFFHANGER! That’ll fucking teach you little scumbags. It’s time for Internet Legal Action! The Greatest Threat since the Danish Army around 1940!

See you next time, thanks to Stacey and Revy!

Paranoia on the Anime Forums Part Two!

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Paranoia on the Anime Forums Part Two! Operation: Overlord!

Welcome back to the Paranoia train!


To clarify, this has nothing to do with me. I have nothing to do with any of the elements involved in this entire silly little e-conflict.

I’m just bored and likes to fling shit at people for no apparent reason.

Also, I really don’t like Michael “Dragonballz” Towers.



You know what’s horribly wrong right know? The word “betray” from Padfoot.

I wasn’t aware that your silly little generic teenager forum was a fucking cult my dear Padfoot.

Betray? By the Prophet that’s the most retarded thing I’ve seen all damn day. It’s a fucking forum you dimwitted idiot, not a fucking religious movement, not a fucking liege lord.

You’re not a fucking vassal of some stereotypically incompetent monarch.

Even if he wants to be one.


Zelgadis, there we have you again. Do you ever stop being useless? Probably not. I sincerely wish nothing but nightmares upon you, until that far off day where you STOP POSTING USELESS ARSE COVERING BULLSHIT!


Watch out for Reichsführer-SS Padfoot, he’s hunting the traitors that dare to oppose his eternal Lord and Master!

Give him a bigger fucking blowjob will you?


Yeah, not really the most fascinating part, neither is this:


And to run this rather lacklustre feature into the ground, more arse covering bullshit.


So what conclusions can we draw from all this?

Zelgadis is a pathetic worm.

Thank you and goodbye.

Paranoia on the Anime Forums Part One!

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Paranoia on the Anime Forums Part One! The Shining Path!


So, welcome back to yet another feature about the silly little buggers of the Animeleague forums! And it’s yet another case of Freesaiyan being absolutely insanely paranoid and thinking that everyone and everything is out to get him, so let’s help him along!

It’s almost a shame that I can’t get my hands on all the stuff that goes through the PMs and IMs, but then again, would I actually want to see it?

Probably not:


I really haven’t got a clue who Jason or Showmasters actually are. The Grapewine tells me something about attentionwhores and event stealing, seems fair enough to presume such.


And here comes all the stuff we’ve been waiting for! Paranoia! Theories about where the leak comes from! Who did it!

Why me of course! I’m sitting here in my corner of the Internet and twirling my moustache and polishing my tophat.

Me, and a few others.


Zelgadis here is a moron, of course not a single person in the “anime” community likes you, you’re a bunch of twats. Your boss is a selfish moron who just wants to accumulates whatever power his pitiful choice of life potentially makes available.

So yes Zelgadis, you are dense. Like harden steel.


I have no clue who any of those are, hasn’t stopped me.

And fuck, is that ever a shitty signature.


How do you measure loyalty? Well, The Lords Resistance Army of Dem. Congo forces its child soldiers to kill their own parents. Hitler faced his people against each other to keep them away from his own total power.

And of course, the problem about his question is that IT’S A FUCKING ANIME FORUM YOU FREAK!


Oh sweet Buddah that’s awesome!

“People that hate us and are involved in convoluted plots to wage war against a web community”

It makes me sound like a fucking supervillain again! Really Matt, it’s just that people think your community is a stinking puss-filled wound on an already stupid sub-culture.


A Second Life account? Are you fucking kidding me? Second Life isn’t a videogame, it’s just another place for furries to propagate their foul fetish.

And it’s just me.

And my Social Engineering.

And a bunch of your staff members being REALLY angry.

Thanks to Stacey and Revy!

Michael “Freesaiyan” Towers

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Now, Michael “Freesaiyan” Towers is the guy who owns and operates the Animeleague forums: This is how he describes himself:

Strengths: Intelligence, Charisma, Loyalty, Courage, Kindness, Selflessness, Insightful, Humour, Organisational/Management Skills and Wit (allegedly), open-minded, extreme resilience (ie: I don’t give up), determined, common-sense and logical.
Weaknesses: Apathy, Sadness, Under-Confidence, Social Odd-ball, Fear, Very Poor Relationship Skills with the opposite sex, too-soft.

I’d personally describe him as a selfish little twit of a man, weak, stupid and with an amazing ability to somehow twists people’s tasteless facination for Japanese cartoons into his own personal goon squad.

Now he has a lovely little feud with pretty much everyone else, related to silly Japanese Culture Convention, in the whole of Britain, because his convention is a giant mess: It steals from others, pester, annoy and is really fucking small.

But that’s not what you’re here for, you can read more about Towers here!

You’re here for secrets from the lovely STAFF forum of ANIMELEAGUE.NET, which I have aquired through my “Sources“.

We started out with the most important thread I could fine “This could be a problem for us now”, where Freesaiyan is whining about Encylopedia Dramatica being awesome and great.


You can see all the links here!





Some bullshit about how he wants more CYBERPOWER into his grubby little British hands:


I didn’t actuall read all this, it’s something about flying cars and dreams.


Now it get’s a little fancy again, Free, in his unwarrented paranoia, thinks some other con is out to GET HIM! Yes, because billions of people do nothing but try to get GLORIOUS VENGANCE on some nerdy English idiot.

He even calls it Astro-turfing, trying to present his opponents as a fake grassroots organization, despite the fact that this is the Internet.

We’re all grassroot, all of us.

Baically Towers thinks he is the first person to run a moderately successful UK based anime board and takes personal offence; when someone dares to claim that they were doing it before him.


He actally “requires” shit of his members, like it’s a fucking priviledge being a member of his stupid Japanese cartoon forum, hey! News-fucking-flash! There’s about a trillion fucking forums just like yours.

Just without the English racism, you nationalist prick.


I figured some of you nerds would want to look around the forums Freesaiyan babbles on about. (Gone with the Winds) (Gone, probably deleted, why have the conventionequivalent of STDs in your community?) This one is fucking awesome (Reqires a login, probably furries.) (Gone, the Conspiracy grows larger) (And the party goes on!)




Oh noes! How horrible! They wont show up at a Convention who doesn’t want them! Twenty people might not show up! The horror! Truely MCM are now doomed to forever walk the desolated streets of Manchster.

Well, I’m sure someone out there can use all this for greater purpose than mine.

Then again, my purpose is entertainment.

And there isn’t a greater one.

Once again, thank you SOURCES!

Anencephaly Part Three

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

It just doesn’t stop does it?

Remember that thread?

We’ve got more dirt, not on the crazy fundie mother, but on the FATHER! Who cheated on his wife with this crazy broad.


And look what stonedpanda found: “Dan Lirette posted:

To top it off, I’m also in Ministry, preaching the Gospel Open Air (though under my own Power and not the Power of God!), in the media, known by many and even had a position on the Evangelism Committee in my local assembly.

I became involved in an adulterous affair with a summer student staff member at our church and she became pregnant.

Was what I to do?

I had two options:

1- Run away to another city
2- Hope for the best without turning to God

The Lord had option #3 waiting, which I had no clue would happen… you have to remember, I was one who was 99% sure I had blasphemed the Holy Spirit!”

Yup. Giant scumbad motherfucker, just dumping his responsibility on his precious little god. Well done mate, well done indeed.

And there’s more, samizdat found even more dirt on him:
” shoeshoe at 2007-09-23 00:57 CET:
Dan Lirette, in reality, is a closet homosexual who deals with his desire for penis by yelling at other homosexuals who are just minding their own business.

That guy is seriously tortured … gay, but so afraid of gay men that he became a bible-thumping fanatic solely because he couldn’t deal with his personal issues.

I’m betting he’ll commit suicide pretty soon.

aweirdly at 2007-09-23 01:53 CET:
It’s been awhile. He got laughed out of here the last time he posted this archaic info. He’s so desperate that he can’t even give this shit away.

Piss poor way to start your televangilist career.

Who wants to place bets that he’ll land up in prison like Kent Hovind?

shoeshoe at 2007-09-24 22:17 CET:
ha ha Dan Lirette got arrested a few days ago in Chicago for propsitioning an undercover police officer in a restroom!”

Apparently the fucker is all over the place!

Who knows what’ll happen next, perhaps he’d actually take some responsibility, rather than just blaming the GREAT GLOWHAND THE DESTROYER, ONLY TRUE GOD!

Probably not.

EDIT: Trying to escape the net are we? Bad David, that’s no good, no good at all!

Horrible try.

Anencephaly Part Two

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Remember that last post? Sure you do, it was only a few days ago.

In relation to that post, where I refered to a sad case of Anencephaly and the delusions of a fundie single mother.

In a shocking event, the Goons of SomethingAwful, have found something rather interesting. Turns out that this maniac of a woman isn’t as innocent as she looks.

She planned out the whole thing.

She honestly claimed that her kid was only “handicapped”, she isn’t handicaped, she hasn’t got a fucking brain. That’s not a handicap, that’s vegetables.

Myah Walker gave an eloquent testimony about choosing life for her unborn baby whom she has named Hope. Six months pregnant, Myah has been told by doctors that Hope is handicapped. She has had to resist repeated pressure to abort. She hopes her story can inspire others about the God-given dignity of every child’s life.

You see that? You fucking see this sick twisted individual insane agenda. Repeated pressure to abort? It had no fucking brain, what the hell are professionally trained doctors suppose to say to you?

“Sure, I wont advice you to give birth to a fucking vegetable, go ahead! Make yourself utterly miserable caring for that abomination.”

I think BunnySkull said it well:

I can now only assume that upon finding out she was going to have a anencephalic baby she committed herself to using it as a propaganda tool for radical christianity and pro-life witnessing. I take back what I said earlier about her not being manipulative enough to have planned this from the get-go – obviously she has done just that. This baby is a PR tool for her agenda, nothing more. Fuck her.

So yeah.

Let them do their prayer war against reason and logic.

I’ll be over here, feeling deeply ashamed of the Collective idiocy and evil of these deranged psycopaths.