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Sins of a Solar Empire: Awesome

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Sins of a Solar Empire, is an RTS video game developed by Ironclad Games and published by rogue video game/software developer/publisher Stardock.


It’s a Sci-Fi space warfare fame, with elements of old fashioned Empire-building, you build up your planets, asteroids and whatever else you can, build a giant fleet, and wreck all the cool shit your neighbours have.

The game itself isn’t revolutionary at it’s core, it’s basically Homeworld with an empire building part added in, instead of the Mothership, it does bring improvements to the genre, with it’s incredibly good graphics running on a very efficient gaming engine.

The game is not fast paced at all, nor is it suppose to be, you can build a capital ship early, you’re actually suppose to build one, and venture forth with it and a few smaller frigates, but ultimately, all you can do is wipe out the neutral defenders of a nearby asteroid and colonize it.

Later on, as your wealth and fleet size grows, you start wiping out the neutrals of actual planets, and colonizing them, with that, you’re economy real starts running.

The game has three resources, old fashioned cash, metal and crystal. Depending on the map and your luck, you usual end up with either crystal or metal as the largest one, with cash being a bit of an anomaly, as you usually make much more than anything else, due to the fact that everything costs quite a bit of cash and less metal/crystal.

You mine crystal and metal from mining operations on smaller asteroids internally in the systems, and can be reinforced with some stations you can put up. And you make money from taxes on planets and trade, both external and internal.


But enough about how you get your economy running, the real game is about giant fleet battles, your capital ships versus the enemies capital ships. With your support ships doing whatever they have to, with your fighters flying all over the place blowing crap up.

The game does have a few flaws, it takes time to play, depending on the size of the galaxy you play in and how many opponents you have, it can take anywhere from two hours to eight to perhaps even more.

It also completely lacks any sort of single player campaign at all, showing that this is an independently developed game, it does come with a fully functioning skirmish mode, heavily customizable.

The game has three factions, each with a different flavour, I’ll just shortly cover them:

Trader Emergency Coalition: Basically the classical humans, heavily armoured ships, ballistics, missiles and trading. They also make use of various sabotage techs and stealing money from their opponents.

The Unity: Religious cultural freaks, more concerned with spreading their culture and subverting enemies and rely more on lasers and fragile ships, heavily shielded though.

Vasari: Aliens, here to kill everyone, hunted by something evil, expensive and massively armoured ships and semi-static star-bases.


The game has a single micro-expansion this far, called Entrenchment, prior to this expansion, your static defence of your systems was limited to some hangar station and defensive guns, and a few support buildings.

With Entrenchment you get Star-bases, giant static (One semi-static) defensive installations, that really wrecks raiders and small invasion forces, thus making defensive game-play much more useful and valid.

It improved the game considerably.


Sins of a Solar Empire
is even getting another small expansion in close future called “Diplomacy”, improving the game even more.

So I’d personally warmly recommend Sins of a Solar Empire to any person who enjoyed Homeword 2, or any of the “Ages of Empires” games and spin-offs.

The game is well-made, well-supported and I look forward to whatever Ironclad makes next time.

The Longest Norwegian Adventure Game

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Apologies for not updating with anything yesterday, unfortunately, I was enraptured by Ragnar Tørnquist’s insane Adventure game The Longest Journey.. Which for several hours sucked my soul dry, due to its stunningly brilliant storyline.


The art direction is absolutely magnificent and the character design believable, none of that Japanese leather straps or ridiculously complex bullshit outfits.

Nope, all the characters looks absolutely normal and surprisingly realistic. The human ones that is, all the non-human characters look absurd and apparently Ragnar has some very interesting dreams.

Or he smoked a not small amount of marijuana in his youth, seeing as he’s Norwegian, he probably still does to this very day.

Hell, even my Danish parents used to have pot plants in their backyard, they stopped when I was born. Nothing unusual in that. I’ve tried the fumes off it at a party, talked for roughly six hours afterwards, can’t remember a thing.

The game is, in itself, just an adventure game of the old school, point there, walk there, grab stuff, use on everything. Even if they have made a small indicator, flashing item, to signify you can actually use them, rather than just randomly smashing everything together.

As far as I know, it’s very hard to actually die, although there might be one or two scenes where it could happen, during my play-through it didn’t happen, and I can’t be bothered to try again.


Unfortunately, The Longest Journey is an adventure game, and I really fucking loath adventure games, they are an archaic and obsolete game form, which deserves nothing but spite and hatred.

It’s useless garbage, which requires you to try and figure out whoever made the games twisted logic, which is often very hard, as logic is an alien concept to adventure video game developers.

And Ragnar is Norwegian, and thus absolutely mad, makes it much harder to penetrate.

However, the storyline is absolutely brilliantly well written, and the voices are stunningly good, two things that are absolute top priorities for yours truly, I can forgive a game a lot, just because it has good storyline and voice acting.

And I can really fucking tear the shit out of some graphically impressive video game, if the storyline is made of cheese and the voices drive me insane, hello Final Fantasy 10, please go die in a FIRE!

And of course, the Longest Journey’s graphics are so utterly outdated they don’t even have any fingers, but it’s forgiveable due to age and storyline. In the end, it’s a standard adventure game bollocks with an anything but standard storyline, which would actually make a decent movie, because Adventure games are basically very slow movies with a lot of interruptions.

You can pickup The Longest Journey on Both GoodOldGames and Steam. The Steam link is actually to the sequel, but they have a package option.

I haven’t tried Dreamfall, so I’d personally recommend GOG’s offer on this one. Or just buy it off Amazon for absolutely nothing.

The Chronicle of Deimos of Titan!

Saturday, September 26th, 2009


By the Emperor’s Grace! What foulness is this? This is neither Titan, nor is it Holy Terra! Another trickery of the Arch-fiends?


What is this? Mutants? Filthy mutants? Unworthy of the Emperor’s Blessed Light! Unworthy of Life! Purge them from this mangled world, in the name of the Emperor!


The Emperor grant you his Blessings in the purifying flames poor creature! Be at Peace with your Dark Gods, for I am Deimos of Titan, and I know now of Mercy!


This world must have suffered a truly devastating war some centuries ago, and though the Emperor’s Blessing is with the skies above, the world itself has yet to recover.


And yet life goes on, the few uncorrupted men I have encountered so far, tells me strange stories of a Great War some centuries ago, and they seem to have personified the God-Emperor into avatars of some sort, some worship “The Atom”, as a sort of creator force and I have encountered a Chapel to St. Katherine, oddly enough, they seem to have no understanding of the Golden Throne, and yet, they are not heretics worshiping the Dark Gods. Perhaps the Ecclesiarchy will send missionaries when I reestablish contact with the Imperium.


So there are Heretics on this world! Ha! I shall rejoice in their purge!


By Fire be Purged!


What is this? What Technosorcery is this? The Tau? The Eldar? Filthy Xenos Scum!


RAAARRGHH! Filthy Xenos! How dare you lie hand upon a Grey Knight, long shall be your suffering, sweet will be your deaths!


By Fire be Purged!


I have linked up with a few other brave civilians, who had been placed into some sort of cryostatis on-board this Xenos, a young girl seems to know much about this ship and it’s foul occupants, her bravery is worthy of one of the Emperor’s finest, with their assistance, this ship shall be purged, and perhaps I can commandeer the vessels communication system or perhaps event he navigation systems, for return to the Imperium I shall!

Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Simulator

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

There probably isn’t a whole lot of you who knows about Majesty, and old awesome simulator, where you weren’t the plucky Hero of the Land going out to murder the bad guy for gold and glory.

You’re the King, who sends out the plucky heroes with promises of Gold and Glory, but really just Gold.


In the first Majesty, you build market places, Inns, a blacksmith and other economical buildings to make Gold, which you then used to build Guilds for Heroes, Towers for local defence and other residences.

It was great fun, for the kind of people who prefer a bit more slower paced action, rather than crazy screaming Goblins in your face every five minutes. Sure, it had it’s moments of utter annoyance, and sure the Wizards went “I’m melting!” every 35 seconds, because they where made of cheese.

Majesty was simply a city-builder simulator with RPG heroes management at it’s core. It was fun and didn’t take itself very seriously.

It’s Gone 3-D!

Majesty 2 is essentially the same game, with a 3-D rework, streamlined hero management and a few tweaks all around. What its done is preserver the point of the original game, and wrap it into a beautiful 3D engine.

It’s still based on the same old concept, you’re the Local King, you have a problem with your neighbours, due to them being wolves, bears, undead, werewolves, vampires, ogres, Minotaurs, elementals and other supernatural annoyances.

You build a small city, hire heroes from a bunch of Guilds, and bribe them into murdering everything that looks at you funny, in a lovely number of creative ways. From cheap rogues who love gold, into rangers who murder beats and love exploring, into clerics who are basically the best of the best, since they can fucking heal, into Warriors who are though.

And the Wizards, who are glass cannons, they are, however, slightly more competent and durable in this particular incarnation. you’ll still get the “I’m melting!” now and then.

And when some of your heroes die, guess what? A freaking graveyard spawns in your city, where you can resurrect your heroes, and be attacked by: THE UNDEAD!

Also, as the number of heroes grow, the number of peasants you can gather taxes from grows too, this does, however, carry a penalty: Sewers.

And guess what sewer exit’s spawn? That’s right, rats first, then Ratmen! So expansion and losing heroes has a downside too, but, these graveyards and sewers keep spawning low level creatures, so you can use them as training grounds for new inexperienced heroes.

Just remember to build some guard towers around them anyway.

So in the end, Majesty 2 captures the original game, simplifies the heroes a bit, but it’s still the same game, which in this case is a good thing. It even uses a large element of the original sounds and even the advisor, who sounds like a drunk Sean Connery.


You can even play Multi-player, using your heroes to murder HIS heroes.

A single criticism is really just the lack of a random map generator, but it’s alleviated by the slightly lower price, at least in Euroland.

Remember the forums and Twitter!

Warhammer Age of Reckoning is boring.

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009


Warhammer Age of Reckoning, also know as WAR, is a really boring momorperger created by the otherwise well meaning gentlemen of Mythic Entertainment.

It was designed to be a casual PvP mmo, capturing the niche right next to World of Warcraft, who firmly controls the casual PvE niche.

altheaf_000Controls just like World of Warcraft, which is a REALLY good thing. Fucking Tabula Rasa.

The problem is, that all the PvP in WAR is utterly meaningless, all of it. You sure, you can enter into scenarios, where you kill other players. To grind up reputation.

To buy armour and weapons and similar junk, so it’s basically just a normal grind, with slightly smarter mobs to murder, well done.

Oh sure, it builds up some stupid counter that’ll give you some discounts among merchants in the respective zones PvP scenarios.

But that’s pretty much it, the scenarios are really just there to grind your levels up, and get the reputation you need to buy more crap. It has no real meaning beyond that.

Just a theme-park really, no matter how many times you ride it, the only thing that can happen is the occasional catastrophic breakdown.

There’s also a bunch of Castles you can capture for your side, which in itself isn’t anything spectacular, except being fairly entertaining. But you can also capture them for your Guild, which makes them a billion times more interesting.

Problem is, it costs money to keep the Castles/Keeps/Who the fuck cares? under control, and the only real benefit is prestigious banners on the keep, which few will ever notice and boost to the Guilds own internal experience counter.

And sure, there’s the opertunity to grind your way up to a Siege of the opposing sides Capital, where you can, Guess what?

Wrong, you can throw it all the way back on the capitals internal Experience, so the other side has to GRIND the City back to up to level whatever.

So essentially a waste of time.

So can WAR be saved? Sure it can, if Mythic would stop realising more and more retarded PvE “free expansions”, what the hell is the point of an expansion if all it is, is a BIGGER and BETTER fucking grindfest.

What does WAR need? The fucking BORDER PRINCES that is!

BorderPrincesMapYeah! That’s what they need.

The Border Princes are basically just a whole bunch of forts, small cities and small dwarf holds scattered just across the southern border of the Empire.

Several zones full of capturable cities, forts, holds, encampments of different sizes, locations, some obvious, other hidden.

It’d be great wouldn’t it, capturing a small city, getting taxes and cheap equipment from the local merchants in return, some PvE activities like protecting caravans.

On in the case of an old Dwarf hold, going down into the depths and murdering goblins and crap, yeah, Tunnel fighting in the dark corners underneath the old World.

Hell, it’s the Border Princes, guilds that have anything permanent in the areas, should be able to declare war against their neighbours, even if they are nominally on the same side. If they aren’t, a declaration isn’t available, for you are already at WAR!

And PvP on all the time, everywhere, even inside the cities you control yourself. Should be a few minor timers, just to keep the cities safe from being destroyed every single night.

That would just be frustrating. But think about it, your guild goes and captures a small city on the top of a hill, and there you are, a Proud Guild of Order extending the authority of Order into the uncontrolled anarchy of the Border Princes, and you’re getting PAID for your success.

And the longer and better you hold your little city, the more people will show up, more caravans, more opportunities.

And a much greater loss when the Destruction fellows show up and ruin everything, unless you manage to defend yourself.

Or perhaps you’re holding some old Dwarf Hold against attacks from another old Hold, smashing into each other in dark Tunnels under the ground.

See? That’ll make a fucking great expansion, hell, I’d pay for this, PvP with more meaning that just fucking grind, grind, grind.

Remember the forums and the Twitter.

MMORPG: The Scourge of Modern Society.

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Mr. 47 posted: modeski posted:
In reality her WoW buddies would probably curse her out for hacking her parent’s account, then subject her to a lengthy lecture on how WoW was just as valid as real life and she should should respect her parent’s passions more. Or something.

I play World of Warcraft, but I steadfastly refuse to plan my life around it. Especially after a particular incident about a year ago when I missed a raid because a friend was killed in a car accident, and I went with other friends to the hospital. I was promptly chastised by several members of my guild for missing the raid.

Their reasoning was that, it wasn’t like I could have saved her by being at the hospital, so I should have stayed home and played WoW.

Needless to say, I quit the guild.


Let’s not rage on World of Warcraft alone though, let’s RAGE on fucking all of them, with no exceptions.

Except Gaia Online’s ZOMG, you’re not allowed to rage on it, YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO HATE IT! LOATH IT! DESTROY IT WITH FIRE!

Most MMORPGs are based on a fairly simple method, the more you play, the more shit you get, the more powerful you get and finally, the finisher, the Grand Armé of MMORPGs, the more shit you still have to get.

That’s really the kicker, no matter how much crap you do and acquire, there’s always something new and shiny waiting in the next cave, or in World of Warcraft’s case, the next giant derelict Troll city.

There’s no real end to any of them, right until the game is shut-down because it sucked and didn’t drown the publisher and developers in huge avalanches of cash.

Still waiting for Age of Conan to go the way of the Dodo.

And even after the game has been terminated, lunatic fans continue to try to design jury-rigged emulation software, all so they can pretend to be elves in a game designed by deranged idiots.

If done correctly, it’s a fucking goldmine, good for us, that it’s virtually impossible for any of the many companies to actual comprehend how to hit the target.

Which brings us back to the only company who did hit the target, Blizzard Entertainment and their precious World of Warcraft.

Let’s recap:

-Easy controls: Check.
-Editable, customizable interface: Check.
-Fairly simple Quest system: Check.
-Not being designed by arseholes: Check.
-Sucks your entire life into a giant drain, never to be seen by mortal eyes? Oh fuck yes.

So yeah, they make money.

Much more then the rest of them.

And hey, guess where the whole MMO thing shows up in these days? Fucking everywhere.

Apparently every single video game published have to have some retarded MMO element included, it’s not fucking necessary you troglodytes.

Take Cities XL, which is presently going through it’s “Beta” phase, more like “Alpha” phase. Why the hell did they decided to run the entire regional concept through an MMO interface? Why?

It’s fucking awful. I build a city, can I see it from the highly detailed planet view? No. Are the maps actually concurrent with the view of the planet? No, they are all generic bullshit.

Who the fuck thought that was a good idea?

Once again, MMO’s ruin everything that’s good in the world.

That, and advertisement in video games, I bought the damn game, fuck off with your stupid unskippable intro sequences of your fucking awful logos you raging cunts.

I leave you with this:



Monday, June 15th, 2009

It isn’t unfortunate though. What’s unfortunate is that I have to hide my fun “dice-rolling and sitting around drinking, and bullshitting with my friends” hobby from normal people because they instantly imagine you guys with your capes and foam bats, and associate me with that shit. Don’t pretend that you don’t know where the hate comes from, it comes from you making it worse for other, lesser nerds. In the exact same way that people who dress up for starwars or startrek conventions make it hard on normal people who just like the movies or show, and don’t want to go any further with it. I know it’s fun for you and all, but you really are fucking it up for the rest of us.

Don’t feel victimized when you get insulted over what you do, we’re the fucking victims here, we don’t even play the game but we get the stigma for it all the same. I have never once put on a cape, but that’s the first thing to pop into anyone’s mind when I mention Dnd. I can even explain to them that we don’t take it seriously at all, that it’s more of a board game than anything, and talking in character is optional, that we speak normally – no thees or thous- modern english only, and that it’s just really an excuse to get together with your friends – ’cause men kind of need a structure in odder to hang out, a BBQ or a game or whatever.

But it’s too late, there’s nothing I can say. In their minds eye I’m a cape wearer, and it’s all you LARPers fault for putting that image into their brain. I don’t care if you don’t have any shame or self respect. I do! Some of us don’t hate society enough that we want to completely scare away anyone who isn’t “one of us”.

As said by Joudas on the SomethingAwful forums.

I was going to add some fancy arse shit here.

But really, this just confirms the age old statement: “Fuck people”.

World of Warcraft fucking sucks

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

So, want jokes do you Army of Darkness?

Want me to prance about like a fucking Medieval minstrel telling you the news? Bullshitting about dragons and fucking dungeons? Fine, I’ll joke until your pitiful little brains melt and pour into the streets of Liverpool.

Why Liverpool? Because I fucking like using the city’s name in an absolutely delightful manner.

According to my frail research, you are apparently some World of Warcraft Guild, and by Guild, I mean Anti-Weight Watchers “We hate our life” group.

According to my further research into your dark, dank and quite possibly fetishistic daily workings, your “Guild” has at least a decent amount of members, surprising that so many people can turn off their good taste to join a “Guild” with a name as overwhelmingly daft as “Army of Darkness”, yes, we all know the movie was a delightful spectacle of masculine meritocracy, but really.

“Army of Darkness”, should probably be “Army of Dorkness”, not the best joke, but really, do you deserve less than spite?

The answer, is of course, a resounding no, a no uttered with such an intensity, that the very skies above shattered into a thousands pieces of my lost dreams.

Your “Guild” is apparently quite old too, older than my entire website, well done, well done indeed. Not that it really matters, as activity here, on, has been forthcoming since oh, 2004 or something like that.

Go look it up on, I’ll wait.

Done being a bitch? Good.

Always wondered why EverQuest went with “Guild”, not really a guild now is it? A Guild was a sovereign association of Tradesmen, operating in Ye Olden Days.

Kinda like a prototype Union/Corporation. Nothing to do with random freaks running around in a silly videogame spending hours killing dragon number 423, “The One with the yellow Spots”.

Still, I played World of Warcraft, kinda lost interest ages ago. Grinding the same crap, using the same tired old ways, gets you in the end.

Ultimately, World of Warcraft does not suck, the title of this article is simply a way of getting YOUR attention, that’s right, YOU! The Unique Little Snowflake!

It’s fanbase is a different story, a very different story. Like how Sonic fans are furries, Harry Potter fans paedophiles and dreamers, like how Dota fans are insane and how fans of Insane Clown Posse hasn’t gotten the joke yet.

World of Warcraft’s main fanbase are utter and complete pillocks, idiots, morons, dimwits, racist, useless, fat, socially inept and simply plain and utterly horrible at life.


Oh wait, you don’t have one.

Iceburn, I suppose I must.


Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Remember that BLOGGOSPHERE UPDATE, I made a few time units ago? No, well fuck you then.

It was all about how some stupid Video Game Studios retarded decision to create a Committee of Elected customers of their MMORPG, so they could give feedback.

In Theory, retarded, in practice, hilarious failure.

Yeah. It just keeps paying off, like a horrible nightmare of light entertainment.

The best is probably when Herschel Yamamoto pops up with this gem of unrestricted awesomeness:

Now, most people would be accepting of something like that, it’s a fair and reasonable post, with a fair dose of sarcasm.

But how did our wonderboy of maturity react? Like the retarded man-child he is:

Page three is just a clusterfuck of sheer stupidity, makes you wonder why people even bother, or even worse, what if any of those people ever got any actual power?

The though is staggering, go read through page three yourself plebs, hell, go read the entire thread, and laugh all the way to the ends of the Earth.

You’ll notice one thing, DARIUS JOHNSON, one of the members of the CSM, isn’t posting in the later parts of the thread.


Isn’t that a fucking mess? Of course, Jade avoided any problems at all, because he’s a nice and shiny little butterfly.

And now for something delightfully sad.

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

Ever heard of EVE-Online? You probably have, unless you’re some oddball hermit living in seclusion in the mountains of the Caucasus, only coming down once every three years for the sole purpose of reading this website.

Hey Vladimir, what’s up?

Most fans of EVE will tell you it’s a open sandbox massive multi player online RPG, they’ll tell you it’s the single most magnificent MMORPG to hit the planet since Ultima Online.

And they are all utter fuckwits with no sense of anything.

Eve Online is a giant shitpile of a game, with horrible bugs and servers who appears to be powered by steam and happy thoughts.

But I’m not here to tell you about EVE, I’d rather not.

I’m here to tell you about this brilliant idea the developers of EVE got, it basically goes like this:

1. Some developer of something, gives player organisation phat loots.
2. Some other guy hacks some of the players that got phat lewts.
3. Everyone gets pissed off at developer.
4. Developer gets a slap over his fingers and nothing else, guy get’s banned.
5. To pacify it’s playerbase, the developers decided to make a community based advisory council.

That’s right.

They’re asking MMORPG fans to provided them with insight, MMORPG fans, the single-most retarded gamer sub-culture in existence, which isn’t some fuck up lunatics like soulbonders and shit.

That’s bound to fail isn’t it? Damn straight it is.

It’s name? The Council of Stellar Management.

It’s purpose? To boldly go where billions have gone before! To useless meetings and the clashes of gigantic egos!

Why? Because the fucking thing was elected by popular democracy, that’s right. Sure, CCP did a bit of weeding out and picked some 20-30 candidates in total, and then let the masses vote.

How they could possibly be so naive and think something like that could possibly work on the Internet, is a fucking wonder to me.

Basically, the elections went down to either A: Popularity or B: Organized voting blocks.

GoonSwarm, the Somethingawful forums alliance in the game, went with option B and got Darius JOHNSON and Bane Glorious.

Sure, Darius is the leader of Goonswarm, but hey, that’s a free playing sandboxing alliance chilling out in utterly lawless space, he deficiently knows what he’s talking about, same goes for Bane.

Then the uneducated masses elected this useless waste called Ankhesentapemkah. A carebear render advice on a game who have TWO selling points, SPACESHIPS and OPEN-PVP.

What a brilliant decision. Also, she’s a girl, so a sizeable majority of the voters placed their vote on her due to Vagina, not her fault though.

But the ultimate failure was this one, the election of Jade Constantine to the council. A man who tried the lawless areas of the game, and failed utterly, known for hiding himself behind HUUUUGE fucking walls of text.

Here’s a small taste of the horror:

As I fly Jade’s customised warship of choice through the chaos of border systems in Providence I know that elsewhere in the single universe capital vessels are dying in sieges and traps, battleship fleets are clashing for the ambition of their captains and leaders, blockade-running smugglers are taking the wealth of 0.0 back to the core markets for profit, religious zealots are clashing with their victims, traders are falling for scams and petty intrigues, and war profiteers are counting their profits while dreaming of plans to hurt their enemies a hundred systems away with complex schemes within schemes in this interconnected universe of bitter chance and endless possibility.

Ignoring the fact that smuggling has never been implemented, that the religious zealots in question are small and insignificant he’s it pretty much spot on with the rest.

He actually tried to annex more power to his silly Chairman position, that he got because he got more votes, thus bringing light to the biggest problem with democracy, voters are idiots.

He failed, utterly, mostly because people just point at this and said: “Organize meetings of the CSM
Moderate meetings
Delegate assignments where necessary
Summon Alternates when primary Representatives are unavailable”. And nothing else.

So yeah, drama drama drama.

But hey, it dwindled down, and the CSM get on it’s way of doing absolutely bugger all, and even managed to waste the subscribers money by going to fucking Iceland to talk to the developers in person.

I guess they never heard of video conferences.

And did Jade stop? NEVER!

Vandervecken Smith wrote: TBH, I expect once this happens that Hardin will run for Chair and be elected.
Jade Constantine wrote: Nah, Hardin’s too affiliated with the goons, – in all likelihood if there was a re-vote now it’d go to Serenity if anyone.
HippoKing wrote: Hardin is affiliated with us? We’re not even blue Confused
Jade Constantine wrote: I kinda mean he’s whispering sweet nothings to darius in meetings and giving bane virtual hand-jobs under the table – that sort of affiliated. Cool

He just keeps going in this Scrapheap Challenge thread with various extracts from both the EVE Online forums and other sources:

Jade Constantine wrote: Where things have gone wrong have been where I’ve made the mistake of allowing this council a little too much democracy

Also, White Knights!

Kaylana Syi wrote:
How many other people in the CSM wanted to wait for an official line from CCP before they made changing policies already established?

You dumb goon faggot.

Hardin makes the single most magnificent post on this page:

And if that wasn’t enough idiocy we are going to get the ‘alternates’ issue on the agenda AGAIN, as Jade had decided to misinterpret the CSM document to have yet another crack at overturning the decision – which I am sure will be yet another excellent use of CSM time! I have no doubt he will be along shortly to justify this misinterpretation and tell you how awful we all are and how he can’t possibly manage such objectionable people as us.

Jade Constantine wrote:
Whereas you are a shrinking violet who never says boo to a goose. Seriously I think you should set your aspirations on something a little more attainable than gaining equality with adults though Very Happy

My advise to you is stop sulking, stop throwing your toys out of the pram and leave all the manipulative Goon politics to somebody less desperately concerned with their own evidently questionable masculinity. You might be a big man on the internets Darius but prepare to be laughed at quite a lot in Europe.

So yeah.

A horrible idea.

With horrible results.

Who could have foreseen such consequences?