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Anti-Piracy failure in Denmark.

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

Apparently, the Danish Anti-Piracy Group has officially given up, on attempting to sue private persons for file-sharing, presumably they’ll instead concentrate on the websites who provide the services.

I quote the translated article on

Anti-Piracy Group drops attempts to punish pirates
7. November 2009 09.08

There is now a free rein to private pirates who illegally download music, movies and software.The Anti-Piracy Group, chasing pirates, dropping now to pull the illegal file sharers in court because it is virtually impossible to get them convicted.

We have been forced, because it arrived in district court, that it requires very strong and concrete evidence to have convicted these people. We simply could not lift the burden of proof, says lawyer Maria Fredenslund from the Anti-Piracy Group to Danish Newspaper Politiken.

The Anti-Piracy Group, on behalf of film and music industry, have since 2002 tried to stop illegal piracy and file sharing.

No judgments without confession
The Anti-Piracy Group has acknowledged that they can not get convicted people without either taking them in flagrante delicto or threaten them to confess. In practice, this means that without a confession – no case, says Per Overbeck, who has been attorney for the defendants in a number of cases of illegal file sharing.
Four principal Danish Supreme Court rulings last year resulted in three acquittals and one conviction for illegal file sharing. And the latter ruling was merely a confession.

So you see.

And why does this happen? Simple my friends, because we still have a functional justice system, where fancy big shot lawyers means absolutely nothing, as it’s the evidence that matters most.

It’s called “Civil Law” or “Roman Law”, where the judges dominate the courtroom, and happily prevent lawyers from making giant speeches, in order to draw on the emotions on the civilian jury.

And that’s why you can pretty much pirate away in Denmark now, just don’t fucking confess to anything, remember:

Innocent, until proven otherwise.

Afghanistan: A Continued Overview of a Giant Mess.

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Amanullah Khan, the first chap to assume the title “King of Afghanistan” and the founder of the modern state of Afghanistan. He fought a war against the British, and kinda won.

He actually started this one, and was then thrown the fuck out of the British Raj, thanks to the British military’s superior technology and air power.

Yup, turns out being able to bomb the shit out of Kabul, in an age without Flak guns, is a useful thing, who’d knew?

So, who won? Both of them really, even if the Afghans won the most, sure, the British won militarily, in that they got rid of the Afghani invasion force, but they didn’t gain anything, they accepted the existence of Afghanistan as an independent Kingdom, and reaffirmed the earlier border treaties.

And what did the British then get? Well-armed tribesmen, going nuts in the North-West Frontier, from that day and until the fall of the British Raj, and really, still going strong.

So what happened to our man Amanullah Khan? He won didn’t he? Technically spoken, he did, to bad he then tried to reform a little to fast.

Guess what happened to when you try to change a VERY conservative country really fast? You get murdered, that’s right, five points to Gryffindor.

His immediate successor lasted for decades and he was later described as “Inayatullah Khan the Magnificent”, oh wait, his reign lasted from January 14, 1929 to January 17, 1929.

His succossor had slightly more luck, at least he wasn’t chased around in his Rolls Royce by guys on freaking horses, he still only lasted a few months before being overthrown by:

Habibullāh Kalakāni, who took on the really impressive title: HabÄ«bullāh Khādem-e DÄ«n-e RasÅ«lallāh (“The servant of the religion of the messenger of God”).

He then ruled for a few months and then got overthrown and executed, his last words where: “Oh God, I have nothing to ask from you, you have given me everything that, I have wanted, you made me Amir…”. Pretty impressive from a guy who really returns to the traditions, including murder!

The next guy, was Mohammed Nadir Shah, King of the God granted Kingdom of Afghanistan and its dependencies.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Mohammad Nadir was related to the Royal family through the usual convoluted mess caused by one of royalty’s old pastimes: Fornications and another of the old pastimes: Backup heirs.

So he gets power and rapidly abolishes most of his predecessor’s reforms, presumably making the enormously conservative majority happy, he then goes and writes a “constitution”, which was basically him going “My family and friends are awesome, the rest of you will do whatever we say.”

He then goes and does the smart thing, build roads and a national army from absolutely nothing, he then goes and does the horribly brutal thing of continuing the Pashtunization his predecessors had been doing, just with bigger guns, probably wiped out a few hundred thousand, not a bad record by a horrible despotic monarch.

No match for anything the Russian Tzars ever did.

He managed to stay in power by using a method similar to freaking Emperor Palpatine, he played the various factions, tribes and clans against each other. And oddly enough, that actually works quite often, if also backfires quite often.

He was then, in the traditionally manner, assassinated, even if it was by some schoolboy, who was of course killed.

Then his entire family was horribly murdered, probably raped and according to a rumour, one of the woman in his extended family was pregnant. She gives birth in prison, the baby is released and probably placed with some loyal family, the mother snaps, and if this had been a video game or a fantasy movie, the boy would return and avenge his lost family.

He probably just went and died of some disease, if he actually existed.

And here we comes to the last King of Afghanistan: Mohammed Zahir Shah. Who died a few years ago, thus breaking a proud tradition of being murdered by someone else.

He was characterized by being a fairly decent monarch, which really just mean that he didn’t really do anything for the first thirty years of his fairly long reign, except improving foreign relations with anyone who knew Afghanistan was an actual nation.

Until 1963 when he goes and proclaims a new constitution with all the trappings of a civilized nation, civil rights, equality between the sexes, parliament, the whole thing.

To bad factionalism and his cousin killed the whole thing off in 1973, when Mohammed Daoud Khan goes and overthrows him while he was being operated in Italy, and then goes and breaks tradition by proclaiming himself President, rather than doing what everyone before that did, and just proclaiming himself King/Emir.

To be fair to Zahir, there was an attempted assination in 1991, decades after he was thrown out of Afghanistan, by some guy pretending to be Portuguese, and he did manage to return in 2002, when the Taliban had been thrown out.

He then died of old age.

But back to Daoud, who was kinda angry he’d been removed from any power by the 1963 consitution, goes and forms a defacto military dictatorship, with the rubberstamp of a loyalist Loya Jirga, which is a sort of old school tribal gathering, kinda like the Witenagemot of old England.

He then goes and pisses all over his neighbour by his foolish Pashtun nationalism, thus resulting in Pakistan closing the border and going “Fuck you”.

Thus pretty much forcing poor Daud to look towards the now Soviet Union, who delightfully responds by sending him cheap military equipment.

He even goes and actually invades Pakistan, and is then repulsed by, get this, Pakistani Pashtun Tribesmen.

That’s right, the guy he’s hoping “liberate” actually helped the Pakistani army fighting his forces off, isn’t that just fucking ironic?

He then goes and suppress Islamic fundamentalist, proclaim a single party state, distance himself form the communists and in 1978, in a return to traditions, he gets overthrown, this time not by a family member, but the Communists.

He then gets shot, and officially “Retires due to Health issues”, which is technically correct, pretty sure that bullets in your brain counts as “health issues”.

The Communists then goes and tries to turn the country into a socialists wonderstate, to bad they kinda missed the whole “Islam is a really strong religion” thing, which caused the entire scheme to fail hilariously, forcing the Soviets to intervene, and here we go, it’s time for war.

The Soviets invasion of Afghanistan went really well in the begining, and then got bogged down by angry Afghani tribesmen, kinda like the British did, and then the CIA went and started support rebels too, making it even harder for the Soviets.

The Soviets tried for nine long years, then gave up and buggered out in 1989, they did keep supplying the Afghanistan Communists with weapons until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Communists in Kabul lasted to 1992, when they kinda ran out of everything, from food and water to guns and bullets.

The war basically fucked everything up, the infrastructure went to hell in a hand-basket, and even through the Soviets had helped the Afghani’s with raw material extraction, even today, Afghanistan has a few dozen natural gas operations build by the Soviets, it all just fell apart during the civil war.

Now, when the Communist, the popular misconception probably is that the Taliban seized power immediately after, they didn’t actually, sure, they had control of some areas, but most of Afghanistan was under control of that weeks attempt at a nation-state, which fell in 1996, went he Taliban went and returned to tradition, by proclaiming the Emirate of Afghanistan, with a brand new Emir.

Mohammed Omar, who according to images, have a giant beard:


The Taliban basically went and turned the clock back around a century, to just before the turn of the last century, brutally enforcing the barbaric Sharia law.

It just went downhill from there really, the Taliban really didn’t do anything good for the country in this entire period, isn’t that awesome?

They probably could have gotten away with it, until the pissed the Americans off in 2002, and got invaded by everyone’s favourite superpower, The United States of America.

Who then beat the shit out of the Taliban, kicked them out of the cities, and then did the same freaking thing as the British and the Soviets and tried to put their own puppets in power, and by puppet, I mean Hamid Karzai, a corrupt fucker with a list of sins a billion miles long.

Why they didn’t just dig out the old King and put him into place, proclaiming the restoration of Afghanistan, I don’t know.

So the history of Afghanistan can basically by summed up like this, the cooler the beard, the better the ruler.

Now enjoy this Frontline documentary about how Obama’s trying to get the mess in Afghanistan under control, to bad it’s probably way to late.

Afghanistan: An Overview of a Giant Mess.

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Or: How I learned to love Afghanistan and hate Ahmad Shah Durrani ,Padshah of the Durrani Empire.

Afghanistan, originating in the old Durrani Empire founded by the person just mentioned in 1747, in comparison, the United States went independent in 1776. So Afghanistan is actually older, as a nation, then the United States of America, even if the Durrani Empire, like most the nations in that region (Hindu Kush) of the world, where very decentralised.

The Durrani Empire basically came into being through a combinations of tribal Pashtuns, one hell of a military leader and the massive incompetence of whatever useless Shah the Persian Empire had that particular week.

It last about as long as it’s founders life, and then collapsed into the standard “Civil War, kept nicely inside the Empire with a defacto Head of State”, also common in the area.

Sounds delightfully stable doesn’t it? It wasn’t really, but it was still technically speaking a nation, much in the same way Somalia is a nation, and how Zaire was.

Some central control, localized around the capital and whatever clans, tribes and factions support the government that day.

Still, if nothing else, Ahmad did pick one hell of a cool extra title to add to his “Shah/Emir” title: “Durr-i-Durrani” (“pearl of pearls” or “pearl of the age”), yup, he wanted to be adressed as Ahmad Shah Durrani, Durr-i-Durrani.

Isn’t that pretty fucking awesome? More leaders should do that shit, we really should start bringing back Epithet and nicknames for our leaders.

Like George “The Warmonger” Bush, or really, just George the Second of the House of Bush.

But back to the story, most of Ahmad’s successors where either to greedy, to incompetent or generally shit, so they got murdered off and another Royal House took over, fairly normal, happened all the time, pretty much everywhere.


Even if it at some stage usually goes from “Kill everyone who used to belong to the old family” to “Wait for the inbreeding to kill them off”.

So, in comes Dost Mohammad Khan, some tribal leader with enough prestige, men at arms and charisma to usurp whatever Durrani remnant was at the throne.

To bad he then got into trouble with his neighbours playing a bit of dynastic games trying to get some predecessor prince into his place.

It started out with the Punjab Kingdom next door, and then, enter the English, the British Raj, The Largest Empire on the Planet.

Despite the advice of yet another hilariously awesome British explorer, the English went with the old price, who’d been overthrown thirty bloody years before.

Turns out he just bribed the Punjab king with the fucking Koh-i-Noor, he’d gotten his hands on, somehow, from when the old Mughal Emperor’s kinda went and lost it.

So, the British march, with some help from the Sikh, onto Kabul, wreck the shit out of whatever the Afghans could throw at them, and the learned an important lesson: “Mountain countries with no maps are a fucking pain.”

So, having “conquered” Afghanistan and restored their preferred ruler, they mostly went home, leaving around 8,000 men left to protect their new puppet king.

You can probably guess what happened, the English gradually losing control, realize it’s probably a good idea, to get the fuck out of Afghanistan while they can, strike a deal to move their army and whatever civilians they need defended out of Kabul and back to the Raj.

So, they fall back, they retreat.

During the winter, with the some 4,500 remaining men they had left, and some 12,000 civilians. Harassed by local tribesmen, the cold and the terrain, they lost some amount of people, around 3,000 in the early stages of the retreat, that was pretty chaotic in nature.

In the end, the commander of the expiditon just shut down, stopped issuing orders, and most of the officers and whatever other nobles surrendered to the Afghans, safe in the promise of future ransoms, any servants, wives of sepoy forces or whatever other hanger-ons? Killed, to the last man.

In the end, 65 remaining British soldiers made it to the small village of Gandamak, where they conducted their last stand.


They where pretty much all killed, three where taken prisoner, of the 8,000 man strong garrison, guess how many made it back:


One, a single lonely assistant Surgeon, the single survivor of some 16,000 British subjects, the only one who made it all the way back to the Raj.

The English, of course, assembled a vengeance army, marched on Kabul, and burned it to the ground. The Prince who probably ordered the massacre, was quietly poisoned, and the old King was released by the British, who basically went, “Fuck this stupid country, they can do whatever they want” and let him go.

He, of course, went and got rid of their original puppet king. So it was essentially a giant waste of resources and lives.

So Dost Mohammad Khan get’s his throne back, then dies, his son takes over, gets overthrown by a brother, then overthrows his brother.

Back to business eh? Except now a new player comes into the scene, Imperial Russia, interested in getting control of Afghanistan and Baluchistan, so they’d get access to the Indian Ocean, perhaps even the ability to invade the British Raj in a giant land war.

Obviously, that really wasn’t anything the British could stand for, so the Great Game in India really started up. In this time, Sher Ali Khan, Dost’s son, tries to remain neutral.

Fat, fucking chance.

To cut it nice and short, the British win, and win properly this time, they accept Afghani internal control, remembering what happened last time, and assume full responsibility for foreign affairs, through a treaty signed by the successor of old Ali, who was understandably scared the the British murder machine.

Basically a Protectorate agreement, a standard British move.

The Russians then went and send in their little claimant, recognizing just how weak Yaqub was, enter Abdur Rahman Khan, and his really fucking awesome beard, serious, he probably ruled by virtue of the best beard.

He basically went and re-established Afghanistan from almost scratch, getting rid of the weak old Emir, and negotiating a solid border with the British Raj.

He was basically a little effective reactionary military dictator, rulling through espinage and brutal adherence to his despotic rule.

And Afghanistan prospered, and yet, he was still basically a puppet of the British, even if he really just accepted that the British would pay him, to accept their control of foreign affairs, oddly enough he didn’t really mind getting paid 1.85 million rupees and being allowed to import war munitions.

I wonder why?

He also took an awesome extra title: Zia-ul-Millat-Wa-ud Din (“Light of the nation and religion”), even today, his descendants (Who are pretty much everywhere, thanks to fornication) use the last name Ziyaee. It’s the beard.

His successor pretty much kept the status quo, even ignoring the Ottoman Sultan’s, de-jure Spiritual head of Islam, requests for help during World War One.

And here it comes, the start of Modern Afghanistan, Amanullah Khan and the third Anglo-Afghan War: To be Continued.


This isn’t how Economy works is it?

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

So yeah. Apparently George W. Bush, hasn’t got a clue how economy works, slash taxes, and you have to slash expenses, actively.

It’s totally impossible to passively slash expenses on public programs, because in most cases it’s politically suicide.

Why they didn’t do it like the Danish Liberal-Conservative Government and freeze taxes and then quietly and gradual cut everything and anything not related to their “Hard on Crime, Hard on Immigrants, Hard on Poor People” ideology.

Probably because you Americans need giant public theatrics, like Bush signing in laws with people clapping and cheering, rather than just doing the symbolic signing somewhere quiet and cheap.

And I like how apparently the Bush administration just went crazy and burn away money for no reason other than, “Politics” and “Campaign contributions” and “A cosy seat on some corporate board”.

Joseph Stiglitz Columbia University

There has been, in my mind, a little bit too much emphasis on the deficit and less emphasis on what is being done with the money. So for instance, if we are borrowing money to invest in infrastructure, technology, education, then that is leading our country to be more productive. The increases in income, in principle, should be able to pay the interest and pay back the debt that we borrowed.

So yeah, money down the drain in Iraq, money to the old people who the US couldn’t and still can’t afford, rather than investing it in education, civilian technology and the people.

And massive tax cuts, because Reagan did it, even if he didn’t.


Kodomo no fucking Paedophilia

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

You see that? You know what that’s all about? Some Japanese lunatic who decided to express her violated childhood by attempting to justify fucking Paedophilia and incest through a fucking retarded manga/anime/hell.

And you know what? IT’S POPULAR! FUCKING POPULAR! How? Why? How the hell do you filthy fucking whore of Babylon possibly justify that to yourselves.

Fuck justifying it to society, I’m more interested in how you can possibly go “Yeah, this is perfectly okay, and not a gross violation of taste, morality and ethics” and sleep soundly at night?

Typical Japanophile bullshit, for fucks sake people, try and remember that until a few years ago, Japan didn’t have any Age of Consent, they have now raised it to 13, fucking 13! From nothing to 13, well done, at least now you don’t share that club with Saudi Arabia. (To be fair, the Philippines do have 12 as the limit.)

I honestly haven’t got a clue why some many mindless drones glorify Japan like they do, it’s a violently xenophobic society, who never apologized for the horrible shit they did during World War Two, unlike the Germans, who apologize pretty much every single time they can.

Why? Haven’t got a clue really, suppose because in the eyes of the equally xenophobic west, they where Asians murdering Asians, and really, who cares then? Bunch of barbarians really. /NOOOOOOOOO!

It’s like we just forgot about the Rape of Nanking, where the Imperial Army of Japan went nuts in the city, and brutally murdered and raped thousands, with plenty of Western witnesses seeing the whole thing from various consulates and trade missions, some of the Western representatives formed the Nanking Safety Zone, which was oddly enough led by a member of the Nazi party of Germany, under the logic that his membership should protect him from and repercussions from the Japanese, they where allies after all.


200,000 Chinese saved by those actions, can you even comprehend such a number? 200,000 people saved by the actions of a few brave bastards, that’s the total inhabitants of Fremont, California, saved from a slaughter that claimed around 300,000 people.


So you see, any attempt at glorifying a fucking whore of a nation like Japan, before they have stepped forward and formally apologized for all the horrible shit they did during World War Two, and pay reparations to the millions who suffered under the brutal and insane behaviour if the Imperial Armies of the now fortunately disestablished Japanese Empire.


So fuck you, and your fucking Paedophilia-filled filth, go ahead, visit Japan, they’ll happily tolerate you as a tourist, and hate you with a passion if you move there.

And by hate, I mean direct-action Yakuza like hatred.

So go on, enjoy your ignorance.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Awesome

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Sins of a Solar Empire, is an RTS video game developed by Ironclad Games and published by rogue video game/software developer/publisher Stardock.


It’s a Sci-Fi space warfare fame, with elements of old fashioned Empire-building, you build up your planets, asteroids and whatever else you can, build a giant fleet, and wreck all the cool shit your neighbours have.

The game itself isn’t revolutionary at it’s core, it’s basically Homeworld with an empire building part added in, instead of the Mothership, it does bring improvements to the genre, with it’s incredibly good graphics running on a very efficient gaming engine.

The game is not fast paced at all, nor is it suppose to be, you can build a capital ship early, you’re actually suppose to build one, and venture forth with it and a few smaller frigates, but ultimately, all you can do is wipe out the neutral defenders of a nearby asteroid and colonize it.

Later on, as your wealth and fleet size grows, you start wiping out the neutrals of actual planets, and colonizing them, with that, you’re economy real starts running.

The game has three resources, old fashioned cash, metal and crystal. Depending on the map and your luck, you usual end up with either crystal or metal as the largest one, with cash being a bit of an anomaly, as you usually make much more than anything else, due to the fact that everything costs quite a bit of cash and less metal/crystal.

You mine crystal and metal from mining operations on smaller asteroids internally in the systems, and can be reinforced with some stations you can put up. And you make money from taxes on planets and trade, both external and internal.


But enough about how you get your economy running, the real game is about giant fleet battles, your capital ships versus the enemies capital ships. With your support ships doing whatever they have to, with your fighters flying all over the place blowing crap up.

The game does have a few flaws, it takes time to play, depending on the size of the galaxy you play in and how many opponents you have, it can take anywhere from two hours to eight to perhaps even more.

It also completely lacks any sort of single player campaign at all, showing that this is an independently developed game, it does come with a fully functioning skirmish mode, heavily customizable.

The game has three factions, each with a different flavour, I’ll just shortly cover them:

Trader Emergency Coalition: Basically the classical humans, heavily armoured ships, ballistics, missiles and trading. They also make use of various sabotage techs and stealing money from their opponents.

The Unity: Religious cultural freaks, more concerned with spreading their culture and subverting enemies and rely more on lasers and fragile ships, heavily shielded though.

Vasari: Aliens, here to kill everyone, hunted by something evil, expensive and massively armoured ships and semi-static star-bases.


The game has a single micro-expansion this far, called Entrenchment, prior to this expansion, your static defence of your systems was limited to some hangar station and defensive guns, and a few support buildings.

With Entrenchment you get Star-bases, giant static (One semi-static) defensive installations, that really wrecks raiders and small invasion forces, thus making defensive game-play much more useful and valid.

It improved the game considerably.


Sins of a Solar Empire
is even getting another small expansion in close future called “Diplomacy”, improving the game even more.

So I’d personally warmly recommend Sins of a Solar Empire to any person who enjoyed Homeword 2, or any of the “Ages of Empires” games and spin-offs.

The game is well-made, well-supported and I look forward to whatever Ironclad makes next time.

Angels cry because of this.

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Hey thanks for the add. I am getting close to the major record deal I just need to reach 1million plays &20,000 friends. Please show your support by adding me to ur Tops and refering me to your friends to reach that goal.

But of course you filthy trollop of a consumer Pop/R&B Beyonce rip-off of a waste of genetics, I’d be happy to spread the word about how great your fucking miserable excuse of musical endeavours are, and I can reassure you, that I absolutely believe that fucking record companies base their record deals on the number of Myspace friends bands have, and on how many times their “music” has been played, and not on how hot the singer looks on the cover of “Playboy”.

Her first “song” is Voodo, which starts sounding like early 80’s electronic music, and then goes into a twisting decent towards the very pits of human misery.

Also know as Dorset.

Why the hell is it a good thing to sing in a disjointed manner that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual melody? Or the music? Or anything remotely pertaining to logic and reason.

And her voice is run through enough computers to put Microsoft BOB to shame, I’ll bet my entire professional non-existence.

It’s just so generic and crap, and fucking hate R&B, almost as much as I fucking hate rap, and this is MTV R&B like nothing you’ve heard a billion times already.

“Baby (Far Away)” actually covers me feelings very well, I wish I was fucking far away, somewhere around Saturn, drowning in a sulphur eruption on Io.

It just so awful, her voice sounds like fucking shit, the lyrics are boring shit about her singing about her abusive arsehole of a boyfriend, who’s undoubted made of muscles and nothing else.

And like always, the melody is the same fucking thing all the way through, and the choir is present and annoying through the whole fucking thing.

“Break your fall” tricks me by sounding like a Spice Girls song, and then I realize, it is a Spice Girls song, it shifts completely away from the noisy bullshit R&B and into generic pop territory.

And yet, you can still here the post-modernist disorganized noise of the R&B territory, like the “Ahahnanana” sounds that so prevail that realm of hell.

It’s just a really shitty Spice Girls rip off, and Spice Girls where fucking horrible.

I hate the “song” “Storm” before this idiot have even opened her mouth, I hate it like I hate small woodland animals.

It’s not fucking music, music requires that the actual fucking melody have something to do with the rest of the fucking song, rather than just being some bullshit beat that annoys me in the background.

And what the fuck is up with all that voice works they’ve done? Does her voice sound that bad?


I can already see the “Softcore” images out there, in the aether. Just awful, don’t buy it, don’t give her a record deal, don’t encourage her.

She sucks.

The Danish People’s Party: Crypto-fascist.

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

The Danish People’s Party finally reveals themselves. Their top candidate,Birthe Skaarup, to the upcoming municipal elections in the capital, Copenhagen, has suggested that the streets and alleys of the capital, are to be patrolled by an anti-gang patrol, made out of ex-soldiers.

Ugly old fucking hag isn’t she?

She even suggests that this patrol, let’s call them the historic Stormabteilung, should be armed and uniformed in combat fatigues.

Yes, a paramilitary force, to prevent gang related crime, because we all know that heavy-handed police and paramilitary forces, solve the crime problem as fast as an ice age solves itself.

I’m sure her wonderful proposal won’t end up in tragedy and sorrow, much like it just did in Rio de Janeiro, at least their excuse “We have large slum areas full of heavily armed gangs, created by the crippling poverty our shitty society ,and years of abuse from the west, have produced” is slightly valid.

Whereas the Danish People’s Party’s excuse is “Our main power-base is old stupid people who are easily frightened by young people and their EVIL ways.”

Isn’t that awesome? Of course, the chairman of the Danish association of soldiers have pretty quickly gone and went “yeah, that’s a fucking stupid idea”.

I do not know what they have imagined, but I think that it is best that the police take care of things here. If the police care of their duties as soldiers fit the tasks they are good, and so can not mix things together, “says Jesper Hansen, President of the soldiers association.

From: Eks-soldater i bandekonflikt er en dårlig idé.

Member of the present Municipal council in Copenhagen for the Social-Democrats Jette Bergenholz Bautrup have already been out with a statement that basically goes: This is completely unacceptable.

Which is one of the problem, because she should have went “You are a bunch of fucking fascist little scaremongering lunatics, you fucking pocket Mussolinis.”

She goes on and suggest that the parents are the problem, to a degree, the parents are the problem, but the rampant racism that permeates Danish society is an even larger issue.

Especially, when you consider that the Danish People’s Party still get’s almost a third of the country’s votes, which is really fucking sad.

So, will we be seeing Danish SAs in the streets? Probably not.

Is it still sad that none of the Danish opposition parties, or the Conservative People’s Party who can barely tolerate them, speak properly up?

Yup, it fucking is.

Publicly funded non-profit Television stations and you

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Also know as “The British Broadcasting Corporation” model, a television, radio and web-based news and public service channel, with non-profit and political neutrality as it’s cornerstones.

A virtually alien concept to the Americans across the pond, completely normal to us Europeans, who often have more than one operating inside our countries, because we are dirty filthy socialist hippie scum.

Or perhaps it’s because most of the organizations in question, are useful, and mostly not full of retarded scaremongering Fox News bullshit, designed to appeal to the absolute lowest denomination of a country’s demography.

I’ll present you an example, by using one of the lesser know nation states, the Danish Broadcasting Company (DR: Denmark’s Radio), which is a sort of smaller version of the BBC, just on Danish, it’s funded entirely by a multimedia license, a defacto tax, on any multimedia device that can use TV signals or the Internet.

Why the Internet? Because you can watch the DR channels on the Internet and hear all of their radio stations, both the FM and the DAB stations, so it was a common way of dodging the license.

Which still required you not having a TV or a Radio at all. There’s a separate Radio license, which operates differently, but only if you just have a radio, and it’s a general license, not a per unit license.

And what do we get in return? Two Free channels, around 20 radio stations, four on FM, around 15 or so on DAB and I think there’s even more who are entirely web-based.

And a large and extensive easy to read website, not covered in ugly as fuck advertisement or using a layout designed by a man who hates all of mankind.

The downside? The stations are usually politically neutral, in as much as they give all sides in the never-ending Danish political games, an opportunity to talk freely about their raging nationalist bullshit or their concrete crypto-fascist communism.

If course, the most extreme on the two sides of the common political spectrum, the Danish People’s Party and the Red-Green Alliance will often cry up about “how DR shows right/left-wing bias”.

And on those cases, the Danish People’s Party is usually the loudest,because that’s what right-wing populists do, the scream and scream and scream about how society is falling appart, and how Denmark needs to streengthen their resolve.

The usual neo-Nazi bullshit covered in political correctness and then sprinkled with more money for the old farts and harsher penalties for the young/foreigners/Socialists. The usual for parties like that, it’s the BNP, just competent, dangerously competent.

Even the BBC get’s the shaft of “Bias” all the time:

Allegations of bias

BBC News forms a major department of the BBC, and regularly receives complaints of bias. Some groups accuse them of being overly left-wing, while others say they are too right-wing. The Centre for Policy Studies says that, “Since at least the mid-1980s, the BBC has often been criticised for a perceived bias against those on the centre-right of politics.”[56] Similar allegations have been made by past and present employees such as Antony Jay,[57] former political editor Andrew Marr, North American editor Justin Webb,[58] former editor of the Today Programme Rod Liddle[59] and former correspondent Robin Aitken.[60] BBC executives would later submit to claims of systematic bias and “that the BBC is guilty of promoting Left-wing views”.[61]

Accusations of a left-wing bias were often made against the BBC by members of Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government in the 1980s. Norman Tebbit called the BBC the “Stateless Person’s Broadcasting Corporation” because of what he regarded as its unpatriotic and neutral coverage of the Falklands War and Peter Bruinvels called it the “Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation”. Thatcher did not agree with the Television licence, she wanted to deregulate British broadcasting and she regarded the BBC as overmanned and uncompetitive, as well as biased against her. Throughout the 1980s her government appointed more and more Conservatives to the Board of Governors of the BBC, but controversies continued with the likes of the Nationwide general election special with Thatcher in 1983, a Panorama documentary called Maggie’s Militant Tendency, the Real Lives interview with Martin McGuinness, the BBC’s coverage of the United States’ Bombing of Libya and the Zircon affair. In 1987 the Director-General of the BBC, Alasdair Milne, was forced to resign. Thatcher later said: “I have fought three elections against the BBC and don’t want to fight another against it.” [62] In 2006 Tebbit said: “The BBC was always against Lady Thatcher.” [63]

By contrast, left-wing figures such as the journalist John Pilger have frequently accused the BBC of a right-wing bias, a view supported by the left-wing website Media Lens. Websites such as Media Lens claim that the BBC acts to narrow the range of thought and like most commercial broadcasters it inherently portrays the opinions of the powerful [64]. This echoes the famous statement of the first Director General of the BBC (Lord Reith), who confided to his diary in the midst of the 1926 general strike. The cabinet had decided not to take over the BBC. Reith noted that the decision was really a “negative one” because “they know they can trust us not to be really impartial”. Since that time UK news has very rarely departed from the assumptions implicit in that judgment[65]. The Respect MP George Galloway has referred to it as the “Bush and Blair Corporation”.[66]

Still, it’s better than the alternative, which is Fox News:

So, why doesn’t the US have such a concept? Mostly because you yanks haven’t got a clue what “politically neutral organizations” are, and that your corrupt little senators and representatives are in the pocket of, well, everyone who have money.

And it’s all thanks to:


I use Ronald Reagan as a symbol here, of the deep mistrusts the common American have in any government venture, also because that is a really fucking awesome little gif.

The many kinds of Healthcare

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

So yeah, there are more than one alternative to handle Healthcare in a country, and most of them have a bunch of hybrid solution that blends elements of them all.

So let’s run through the three “pure” ways of handling healthcare in a nation:

Universal government owned healthcare:

This is the one the American Republicans would call “Socialist”, it’s fairly straightforward, the state has every citizen in a giant database, you show up at your local hospital through either a doctor, an accident or the emergency room.

You get treated, it costs you absolutely nothing, it’s paid collectively through the taxes everyone pays. Fairly straightforward, this is the basic model used in the Scandinavian countries and to a degree Great Britain through the NHS.

It does carry a fairly large bill and depending on the nature of the system, a potential waiting list and inefficiency.

But people don’t die in the streets, or at home, generally.

Government owned, mandated or heavily legislated Healthcare insurance.

This is the method used in German and Japan, among others, it’s also fairly simple. It’s a system based on private or public hospitals, who get paid through either government run health insurance companies or private companies that often operate in a sort of cooperative method, i.e. mostly non-profit or mandated not to produce larger profits than some legislative limit.

It generally works, in Germany your job actually pays to private non-profit companies, and if you lose your job? Off to the government subsidy, so people, you know, don’t die in the gutter and other such uncivilized stuff.

I gave an example on the Japanese system in yesterdays update, it does seem to have some problems actually paying enough to the healthcare companies and doctors.

The anarchy model, no control, limited or no government intervention.

Note, that I refrain from using laissez faire, because this model sucks. This is the model most commonly used in dirt poor African and Asian nations, it’s absolutely horrible and mandates that the poor have to make use of local clinics, often funded by who knows what, and old traditional methods.

It’s also the American model, just with an actual healthcare system present, completely run through the medium of private for-profit virtually unregulated healthcare insurance companies, which is why the most common reason for bankruptcy in America, is medical bills.

It, as we have seen in the US, doesn’t work at all, even with the American patchwork programs of Medicare and Medicaid, who are only directed towards those below or just above some Federal Poverty limit, which is a problem when lots of people lose their jobs, and thus their healthcare insurance, and for when the profiteering companies decided to go “Ha ha, fuck you” and dump you for the old insurance “Act of God” bullshit.


Shit, there’s tons of hybrid solutions, the Universal Government Healthcare often has possibilities for the rich and resource wealthy to simply skip the entire public waiting list and emergency room and just check into one of the many private hospitals and recently, in Denmark at least, some companies hand out private insurance as a little additional to their crucial employees, insures that they get them back to work faster and more efficiently, it’s also often used to just everyone, to draw people to the company.

Not in these days with crisis of course.

The second option is really a hybrid already.

Now for the American/Dirt poor country method? Perhaps some sort of Government Non-profit Health Insurance company to provide some proper competition to large Insurance companies who really only benefit people with a job or their shareholders or their CEOs.

Or perhaps a shift into the second model, and regulated the shit out of an area that always should have been heavily legislated.

But thanks to the one, the only: