Anti-Piracy failure in Denmark.

Apparently, the Danish Anti-Piracy Group has officially given up, on attempting to sue private persons for file-sharing, presumably they’ll instead concentrate on the websites who provide the services.

I quote the translated article on

Anti-Piracy Group drops attempts to punish pirates
7. November 2009 09.08

There is now a free rein to private pirates who illegally download music, movies and software.The Anti-Piracy Group, chasing pirates, dropping now to pull the illegal file sharers in court because it is virtually impossible to get them convicted.

We have been forced, because it arrived in district court, that it requires very strong and concrete evidence to have convicted these people. We simply could not lift the burden of proof, says lawyer Maria Fredenslund from the Anti-Piracy Group to Danish Newspaper Politiken.

The Anti-Piracy Group, on behalf of film and music industry, have since 2002 tried to stop illegal piracy and file sharing.

No judgments without confession
The Anti-Piracy Group has acknowledged that they can not get convicted people without either taking them in flagrante delicto or threaten them to confess. In practice, this means that without a confession – no case, says Per Overbeck, who has been attorney for the defendants in a number of cases of illegal file sharing.
Four principal Danish Supreme Court rulings last year resulted in three acquittals and one conviction for illegal file sharing. And the latter ruling was merely a confession.

So you see.

And why does this happen? Simple my friends, because we still have a functional justice system, where fancy big shot lawyers means absolutely nothing, as it’s the evidence that matters most.

It’s called “Civil Law” or “Roman Law”, where the judges dominate the courtroom, and happily prevent lawyers from making giant speeches, in order to draw on the emotions on the civilian jury.

And that’s why you can pretty much pirate away in Denmark now, just don’t fucking confess to anything, remember:

Innocent, until proven otherwise.

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