The Danish People’s Party: Crypto-fascist.

The Danish People’s Party finally reveals themselves. Their top candidate,Birthe Skaarup, to the upcoming municipal elections in the capital, Copenhagen, has suggested that the streets and alleys of the capital, are to be patrolled by an anti-gang patrol, made out of ex-soldiers.

Ugly old fucking hag isn’t she?

She even suggests that this patrol, let’s call them the historic Stormabteilung, should be armed and uniformed in combat fatigues.

Yes, a paramilitary force, to prevent gang related crime, because we all know that heavy-handed police and paramilitary forces, solve the crime problem as fast as an ice age solves itself.

I’m sure her wonderful proposal won’t end up in tragedy and sorrow, much like it just did in Rio de Janeiro, at least their excuse “We have large slum areas full of heavily armed gangs, created by the crippling poverty our shitty society ,and years of abuse from the west, have produced” is slightly valid.

Whereas the Danish People’s Party’s excuse is “Our main power-base is old stupid people who are easily frightened by young people and their EVIL ways.”

Isn’t that awesome? Of course, the chairman of the Danish association of soldiers have pretty quickly gone and went “yeah, that’s a fucking stupid idea”.

I do not know what they have imagined, but I think that it is best that the police take care of things here. If the police care of their duties as soldiers fit the tasks they are good, and so can not mix things together, “says Jesper Hansen, President of the soldiers association.

From: Eks-soldater i bandekonflikt er en dårlig idé.

Member of the present Municipal council in Copenhagen for the Social-Democrats Jette Bergenholz Bautrup have already been out with a statement that basically goes: This is completely unacceptable.

Which is one of the problem, because she should have went “You are a bunch of fucking fascist little scaremongering lunatics, you fucking pocket Mussolinis.”

She goes on and suggest that the parents are the problem, to a degree, the parents are the problem, but the rampant racism that permeates Danish society is an even larger issue.

Especially, when you consider that the Danish People’s Party still get’s almost a third of the country’s votes, which is really fucking sad.

So, will we be seeing Danish SAs in the streets? Probably not.

Is it still sad that none of the Danish opposition parties, or the Conservative People’s Party who can barely tolerate them, speak properly up?

Yup, it fucking is.

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