Obscure Cartoon: Cybersix.

Yup, one hell of an obscure Cartoon, Cybersix, originally an Argentinian comic, turned into a cartoon by the good people of TMS for the Canadian channel Teletoon.

So yes, it’s a cartoon, written by two Argentinians, animated by a bunch of Japanese under the direction of a Canadian company.

It’s technically spoken a Canadian-Argentinian Anime, isn’t that Terrifying?

Let me recap the main character, Cybersix, a female cyborg build by a deranged WW2 nazi doctor, escaped, needs some green crap the erstwhile doctor’s insane creations have on them, becomes a superhero fighting his minions.

Oh yeah, and she cross dresses as a male teacher, to avoid suspicions, and has a crush on one of “his” colleagues, a giant bulky blond guy, who looks vaguely like Brock Samson.

It’s not an American cartoon, I think we can pretty much define that easily. Not that many reverse drag queens around in the mainstream American media, especially not in children’s cartoons.

It’s fairly well drawn, with the usual setting being a sprawling dark version of Buenos Aires, vaguely resembling Batman’s Gotham City, just with low European houses instead of Dystopian skyscraper canyons.

The main charcter, Cybersix, even runs around dressed in black leather with a cape and a hat she stole from Carmen Sandiego.

A cheap Argentinian cross-dressing female Batman? Almost spot on, and considering that the original comic is supposedly a billion times more sexually and maturely charged than the cartoon, it’ll probably be right in the comic.

Who unfortunately doesn’t exist on English, only Spanish, French and Italian. Surprisingly not on Danish, which is rather odd, as the Danish Libraries love European/South American comics, hell, I like them too.

Tintin is a fuckload better than any Manga.

But back on track. The Cartoon suffers from the usual; One plot per Episode foiled and a rather limited list of characters.

It’s really just Cybersix, her Brock Samsonesqu love interest, a street urchin and Cybersix’s, and hold on, younger brother, who died, but who’s brain is not placed inside a giant black panther.

Furries, eat your heart out. Here’s a human brain inside a cybernetically enhanced panther, build by a deranged Nazi mad scientist.

Isn’t that lovely?

Besides is enourmously bizarre concept, it’s actually a fairly straightforward cartoon, the Nazi doctors son, stuck in a little boy’s body, conjures up some scheme to impressive his father, cybersic either:

A: Foils to scheme and the son, Jose, runs away.


B: Jose’s enormous incompetence foils the scheme with only the slightest push from Cybersix.

And that’s basically it, oh they try to make something more out of it, like the interplay between Cybersix in her male alter ego Adrian and the cheap version of Brock Samson, who seem to have a relationship like brothers.

Adrian is of course still Cybersix, who’re pining for him through the entire series, which only last a season, so yay?

And Episode 10 has a female werewolf.

Yeah. Furries are really everywhere aren’t they?

Gotta admit, that the Intro song is absolutely stunning, compared to most of the bullshit you see out there.

Probably because it’s sung by a Jazz vocalist, and not some bubblegum pop star.

Also, this:

Hey, I also like Adrian more. He’s hot! They should have just made c6 a guy. And he would disguise himself as a female literature teacher by the name of Adrianna!

Hell, why not just call the show Drag queen?!

I know I wouldn’t watch it… 😀

There’s also the slight problem that the cartoons is fairly slow paced, and suffers from the earlier mentioned “one villain a week” syndrome, the main Villain himself, never even leaves his massive Bavarian castle in the middle of the Argentinian rainforest.

Which reminds me, how the fuck have every single intelligence Agency in this stupid world ever managed to MISS something like that?

No wonder Argentina’s version of the Batman can defeat him so successfully, everyone must be idiots.

Son in conclusion, well drawn, stunningly brilliant character design, boring as hell.

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