Animeleague: The abomina-Webcomic!

Thought I was all done with animeleague did you? Well, you thought wrong my little friends. There’s one other thing that requires my superior attention. The AL WEB-COMIC! Drawn by incompetent losers, written by people who usually write Harry Potter Slash Fan fiction and edited by people with no taste or sense of criticism.

It could only end in a massive disaster, and as I’ve mentioned before, these forums have NO sense of criticism, so the useless fuckers who made it, can’t handle any proper feedback, outside of their precious weabo japanophile animefanatical circle-jerk, and thus start crying.

They recently came out with their first issue “Al-chan’s big victory!”. Even the name of the damn thing spells damnation and plagues doesn’t it? It sure as fuck does.

alcomic1cover It’s just as awful as you’d think. And as it’s drawn by several people, I’ll have to make separate commentary on each desperate page.

We start with the cover page, at least it’s coloured. And that’s it, that’s the ONLY positive thing I can about this piece of shit. There absolutely no use of perspective, the eyes of the metro-sexual are so far down on his face, that he’s apparently suffering from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, possibly because whoever drew this abomination suffered from it herself.

alcomic1page1 This one is oddly enough the best of the lot. Drawn by the apparent Editor-in-Charge Noddlekitty. It’s properly drawn.

But not very sophisticated, even for manga standards, it also makes pretty clear how awful the writing is, booze and boobs indeed. It also fails to betray just how awful the rest is.

alcomic1page2What the fuck just happened here? No seriously.

Time to rage! This is absolutely crap, what little there’s drawn looks like a sketch from a six-year old crack addict. And most of the fucking thing isn’t even drawn, it’s actually just a screen-shot from their fucking private comic forum.

How the fuck anyone ever though this was ANYTHING other than utter crap is beyond me and my good taste.

alcomic1page3Oh Merciful Jesus Augustus of Byzantium, why was this ever allowed to leave a sketch book?


How the hell did anyone let this out as anything other than a thread called “My art sucks, help me improve it” is beyond me! It’s better than the previous page, but that’s like saying AIDS is slightly better than fucking Ebola!

It’s awful beyond redemption, just like the previous page.

alcomic1page4It’s like a disease! It’s a fucking disease! It’s Criticism-Deficiency Syndrome, it has to be!

Why are they all thinking? Did Kisara actually try and force it upon almost a century of thought bubbles, that they mean TALKING rather than THINKING? It’s the only way I can make any fucking sense of this mess. It’s awfully drawn, written and executed.

Moving onwards to the writing: It’s fucking awful, not really anything else to it. It’s painfully generic and utter crap. None of this should EVER have been released, with the possibly exception of pages one.

So well done Noddlekitty, you suck, you just have potential NOT to suck.

Now, what’s interesting is, that in the comic thread itself, they ask for feedback:

Flake~ wrote: Be sure to leave feedback. There will be more to come in the future!

So obviously, they got feedback.


And they defend it in the usual way, it’s not suppose to be a serious webcomic, we didn’t have time to colour it, we’re useless hacks, etc… Leper did go “It’s crap stop drawing”. Which I shall change slighty to, everyone but Noddlekitty have no hope in hell, stop drawing, Noodle may carry one trying.


The rest of the feedback is bewilderingly constructive, and doesn’t take into account that 80% is utter crap with no hope at all.

Only the first page has any hope in hell, even the cover sucks.

So well done Noodlekitty.

Even of the comic is still a drawn version of a burning trainwreck.

EDIT: After a small conversation with Noodlekitty, I’ve learned that she doesn’t actually draw manga in any serious manner, thus she’s in the clear. She just did it for shits and giggles. Well done, well done indeed.

Remember the forums and the Twitter.

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6 Responses to “Animeleague: The abomina-Webcomic!”

  1. Matty says:

    :O But.. but.. but… The spam thread in the webcomic section was so amazing :’)

  2. Nente says:

    at one point you said its not very sophisticated because of the boobs/booze remark, but a LOT of people buy manga jjust for fanservice i.e. ikki tousen, not for the story (or lack there of)
    im not saying that this was a bad result at all, but that you go out of your way to crticize this when theress a LOT worse on the internet, is pretty lol.

  3. @Nente

    So because there’s worse out there, I shouldn’t criticise the simply fact, that the person who drew it, can’t fucking draw!

    Sod off, that’s a horrible argument against.

  4. Nente says:
    but your not going to go and criticize everything thats worse than this are you?
    your only criticizing it because it has something to do with animeleague

  5. @Nente
    You haven’t read the rest of the site have you? Apparently not, how delightful.

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