When in doubt, Trust your sources.

(9:50:28 PM) Sutaseiu: ps thanks for the entertainment, I was getting bored
(9:57:45 PM) lazeriusbalfour: You still pestering me?
(9:57:53 PM) Sutaseiu: hardly pestering
(9:57:57 PM) lazeriusbalfour: Unless you’ve got some more interesting shots, bugger off.
(9:58:10 PM) Sutaseiu: aaaww can’t we talk nicely like we used to? (Haven’t talked with her for ages.)
(9:59:03 PM) lazeriusbalfour: We used to? We haven’t talked for ages you dimwit, you just popped up a few days ago with a shitload of images.
(9:59:12 PM) lazeriusbalfour: Now sod off.
(9:59:26 PM) Sutaseiu: so cranky
(9:59:53 PM) lazeriusbalfour: So pierced nipples.
(10:00:02 PM) Sutaseiu: yep
(10:01:43 PM) lazeriusbalfour: Having some problems with your self-image, thus you attempt to reinforce it with a sexualization of your mammary glands?
(10:01:56 PM) Sutaseiu: Hmm
(10:02:08 PM) Sutaseiu: No, I just felt like mutilating a part of myself, and tattoos are too expensive
(10:02:33 PM) Sutaseiu: still want to easily find a decent job, so almost anything visible is out of the question
(10:03:21 PM) lazeriusbalfour: You do realize, that pierced nipples are easily visible through most light cloathing?
(10:03:41 PM) Sutaseiu: that’s why getting it done as fall and winter are coming was a smart idea
(10:04:43 PM) lazeriusbalfour: That makes absolutely no sense, as spring usual comes after winter, unless your amazing powers of predictions see a fucking ICE AGE coming next spring. In which case your piercings can be very useful.
(10:05:17 PM) lazeriusbalfour: As a rudimentary coat hanger for the psychopath to hang your skin on.
(10:05:18 PM) Sutaseiu: By the time spring comes around, they should have healed, and if I was wearing a shirt that light, I could take them out and using fishing wire/etc to keep the holes open
(10:05:38 PM) Sutaseiu: and spring is usually still rather cool here
(10:06:28 PM) lazeriusbalfour: And tattoos cost by the square-centimetres.
(10:06:33 PM) lazeriusbalfour: Must be expensive.
(10:07:14 PM) Sutaseiu: I want my full back done
(10:07:20 PM) Sutaseiu: and they charge by the hour here
(10:08:39 PM) Sutaseiu: piercings are far cheaper
(10:08:50 PM) lazeriusbalfour: Of course they are.
(10:09:10 PM) lazeriusbalfour: Still nothing interesting to give me so I can ridicule Towers? No?
(10:09:13 PM) lazeriusbalfour: Fuck off then.
(10:09:21 PM) Sutaseiu: nah, I don’t have problems with him lately
(10:14:05 PM) Sutaseiu: Still I’ll work on that picture thing for you

I’ll be waiting my dear.

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  1. Stacey says:

    but you didn’t even tell them what picture you wanted

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