Beware! I Hunger!

Hahaha, It’s time for en Emergency Update of the FORUM WATCH!

Revy has kindly provided me with some indirect feedback.


Oh ho ho. I feel so special.


Hate you? Sweetie, you give me all this awesome stuff, I adore you right about now.

So as we can see, feedback, isn’t that just delightful?

But hey, go ahead and ignore us, Revy, Stacey and me, the Truth is often ignored anyway.

Feel free to talk about this thing on the forums!

EDIT: COMMENTS OFF! It’s all nice to see some feedback, but ultimately, I’m not really that interested in seeing you people have a giant fight in the middle of my blog, feel free to use my forums for that though, that’ll keep my amuse for at least another five minutes.

EDIT2: Comments back on.

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43 Responses to “NEWSFLASH!”

  1. Revy says:

    ahhaha RagZ you’re so special, why not get a life.

  2. Revy says:

    though Im completely honoured

  3. ed says:

    i stumbled upon this blog just now and i havent read a lot of it except for this post but i really like it and i really like that freestupidgrossface thinks whatever it is you’re doing is immature, childish bullshit, which is exactly what he does in the running of his shitty anime forum

    is it really mature to delete a post that makes fun of you because you dont like it?


    no its not.

    a mature adult would probably just go “whatevskies” and shrug it off and put on sunglasses and walk away

    but this douche bag–ALL those douche bags, really–get so hurt over a few words on the internet that are mostly made in jest at their expense and get so fucking butt hurt over it that its ridiculous

    all AL mods are fucking twits (except for joey pies and lolin. revy was ok before she turned to the dark side, and i appreciate her keeping me unbanned for the longest time, but enough is enough)


  4. ed says:

    oh and revy you need to stop sucking up to username, no matter how much grindcore you “are ashamed to listen to,” he’s not going to fuck you. that is all.

  5. I have one. If you’d noticed, it’s actually years since the last time I did anything related to your silly site.

    It’s just the time of the year for me really.

  6. You’re welcome. The honour is of course yours, you have me all this after all.

  7. Go and read the rest, but stay away from the stuff in 2007.

    It kinda sucks.

  8. There’s a button called “shift”.

    Never forget to use it.

  9. blood angel says:

    i am sure the ramblings moderators would be stunned to find out that much like freesaiyan, nobody likes them.

    at all.

    also i approve of this blog and i have bookmarked it.

  10. Now now, not their fault that they are immersed in nepotistical environment rife with corruption and inefficiency.

  11. Stacey says:

    People don’t like me??????????????????????????????????????????????

  12. Revy says:

    wait, one more thing, if that was actually me screenshotting it I wouldn’t have one of the three tools in the bottom right hand corner

  13. Stacey says:

    I have all three, even in staff >_>

  14. Stacey says:

    Or maybe I don’t. I swear it was there a minute ago. o_O

  15. Oh sure.

    People like you.

    Your vagina and easily exploitative personality.

  16. Sure you do, sure you do.

  17. Drugs? Probably.

    Stupid and a brain made of mush? No doubt.

    No Doubt fan? Why do I remember that band name, but no other details?

  18. Revy says:

    stacey is delusioned <3

    RagZ I will send you some juicy info okay?

  19. I’m always open for any whistle-blowers.

  20. ed says:

    shift key is for pussies fuck the po-leese

  21. Stacey says:

    Well that was odd, I can warn in staff again. Someone messing with things?

  22. Stop using my damn blog as your personal blog. Or I’ll dedicate an entire week to feature about how enormously fat you are, you fucking Exxon Valdez of lard.

  23. Revy says:

    your blog sucks anyway

  24. Revy says:

    and so do you


    Watch that. That is a metaphorical representation of me.

  26. ed says:

    if it sucks so much why do you keep commenting on it, you german twit?

  27. n_n says:

    I like this thread

  28. Revy says:

    so in other words,

    you are one of the main causes for epileptic seizures?

  29. Revy says:

    I have nothing better to do, you white ho.

  30. ed says:

    maybe you should do some moderating or something instead of just proving how right this guy is with your childish, immature responses. n____n

  31. n_n says:

    Revy is black?

  32. Stacey says:

    I don’t think you have much room to talk, Ed

  33. ed says:

    Yeah, but I’m not a fucking moderator on a shitty ass website, you Herpes ridden fat skank.

  34. Revy says:

    I am moderating my forum, I have not neglected my duties. Now why dont your mind your own fucking business.

  35. xer0 says:

    Revy you’re a faggot.


    suck mah dick


  36. Revy says:

    Sorry bro I’m not into guys.

    You can suck your own.

  37. blood angel says:

    i doubt xerus wants herpes

  38. blood angel says:

    i meant xer0

  39. n_n says:

    xer0 said…
    9:28 pm – September 11th, 2009

    Revy you’re a faggot.


    suck mah dick


  40. Matty says:

    Revy, does Free know yer sellin’ him doon teh river w’ ou’ a paddle?
    Also also, this blog makes me LUL. I mean, yis I’m a member of AL, but I also see the stupidity.
    I mean Free nearly got beat by a fifteen-year-old (Fate-Chan, if y’didn’t know). S’all very silly.
    -End my two cents-

  41. Revy says:

    D: why am I deemed the bad guy if im really helping out RagZ wouldnt I be the hero j/s

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