The King is dead, let’s piss on his grave.


This was sent to me. Three times:

Let’s get this trainwreck rolling:

“The Rest and Pieces, his Own words” is quite possibly the single most awful song I have ever heard in my entire life, even worse than anything Chase did.

It’s a retardedly poor song remixing in elements of Michael Jackson, apparently designed as some sort of memorial, unfortunately, it fails so critically that Old Jackson the creep would probably rip off his nose and force feed it to this inhuman song.

Rawdog, which is a fucking stupid name, you should be ashamed of yourself for concocting this crap.

“Spontaneous” actually has a musical element which has the sounds of an old school James Bond theme. Kinda odd how Rawdog has the voice of a ten-billion year old paedophile in this one, but not in the first one.

Apparently the song is about his narcissism, well done, can you get any more shallow and useless?

“If I revealed my soul”, HA! If you “revealed” your soul Pope Ratzinger would rise from his Life-Support throne in the deepest reaches of the Vatican and hunt you down in his Pope-Deathtank.

Shitty music, incomprehensible lyrics and it’s so quite that I can barely hear the dribble.

“Zoom”. Isn’t that a name that belongs to a J-pop song?

Oh joy! Electronic bullshit Rap, like this idiot wasn’t horrible already.

Oh wait, it’s just this creepy bastard singing really quietly about relationships? Or something, fuck if I can get through it.

“Music is my Religion”. No Rawdog, this is your religion: Sex, money and mediocre rap.

That’s all you are, the only odd thing about you, is where most Rappers are obnoxious, loud and honest, you’re silent, annoying and stupid.

Horrible song, moron tries to appear “intellectual” and “philosophical”, probably works, mostly due to fans of Rap being tremendously dumb.

“On and on And on And on And on” and on and on and on and on and why wont this stop? Why does this even exist? Who told this idiot that his crap was in any meaningful way decent?

Horrible, the “music” if we can call it that, is so mindbogglingly horrible that I am slowly developing cancer in my inner ear.

Lyrics makes no sense.

“Those Onomatopoeiais a generic rap song. Only thing that’s appealing is Rawdogs half-way decent voice, to bad the lyrics are so horrible it’s actually painful.

I’m not fucking kidding here children, my right knee is actually hurting now, I even think my dog doesn’t like it. Fucking awful.

“Off Springs”.

What the fuck? This “song” starts out with this song from LazyTown:

And then becomes absolutely horrible. To such a degree that it is a downright Human Rights Violation, and possibly a Copy-rights violation.

Even has an old whistling tune in the background and then the LazyTown pirate going “OHHH” at random times.

The song isn’t even fluid in any way. How the hell could anyone ever think this was decent in any way or form? Awful, beyond awful.

It’s going so far beyond awful, it’s not even good or “Cult”.

“Something it Girl”. I have no fucking clue what “Twurl” means. I’m sure it’s something to do with Girls Rear Parties. Especially juding from the “J-lo” part of the lyrics.

The music sounds like something from a demo-tape of an old keyboard.

“A Pearl” is the final song and oddly enough the most popular of all his crap.

The music could be good, it’s ruined by the beat song, why the hell can’t these fucking rap artists at least try and make some actual music, instead of just endlessly repeating crap.

Beat my ass, fucking cop-out.

An easy way for talentless idiots to avoid actually doing anything even vaguely sophisticated.

And Rawdog.

I have more talent in my lower intestines.

And I’m a tonedeaf nerd who only managed to master the Ukulele in the same way you have mastered the English language.

Why do you even exist?

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