It isn’t unfortunate though. What’s unfortunate is that I have to hide my fun “dice-rolling and sitting around drinking, and bullshitting with my friends” hobby from normal people because they instantly imagine you guys with your capes and foam bats, and associate me with that shit. Don’t pretend that you don’t know where the hate comes from, it comes from you making it worse for other, lesser nerds. In the exact same way that people who dress up for starwars or startrek conventions make it hard on normal people who just like the movies or show, and don’t want to go any further with it. I know it’s fun for you and all, but you really are fucking it up for the rest of us.

Don’t feel victimized when you get insulted over what you do, we’re the fucking victims here, we don’t even play the game but we get the stigma for it all the same. I have never once put on a cape, but that’s the first thing to pop into anyone’s mind when I mention Dnd. I can even explain to them that we don’t take it seriously at all, that it’s more of a board game than anything, and talking in character is optional, that we speak normally – no thees or thous- modern english only, and that it’s just really an excuse to get together with your friends – ’cause men kind of need a structure in odder to hang out, a BBQ or a game or whatever.

But it’s too late, there’s nothing I can say. In their minds eye I’m a cape wearer, and it’s all you LARPers fault for putting that image into their brain. I don’t care if you don’t have any shame or self respect. I do! Some of us don’t hate society enough that we want to completely scare away anyone who isn’t “one of us”.

As said by Joudas on the SomethingAwful forums.

I was going to add some fancy arse shit here.

But really, this just confirms the age old statement: “Fuck people”.

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