Protecting America from reason

TUCSON, AZ – Three people have been arrested in connection with last months deadly double homicide in Arivaca that left a nine-year-old and her father dead. One of the people arrested for the homicide is the National Executive Director of the Minuteman American Defense group (M.A.D.), a group known for patrolling the border, and is dedicated to “Defending America’s Borders” according to their website –

Yup, deranged racist American rednecks break into some poor Mexican bastards home, kill the father and NINE year old daughter, wound the mother.

Leave the scene, returns later, gets shot by the wounded mother, runs off.

Also, Minuteman American Defense are cunts:

Shawna Forde has been exposed as a liar. After her ex-husband was shot, she claimed she was raped and shot by a Mexican Drug Cartel and it was connected to her work as a Minuteman. Now, in this expose, reports Forde finally confesses these crimes may have actually been committed by friends of her son who is currently in prison. This expose also provides details into Forde’s very troubled life, her mental instability and criminal past. reports:

Trouble finds Shawna Forde – Border activist at center of recent spate of violence
EVERETT — An Everett woman who attracted national attention by suggesting Mexican drug cartels targeted her for a series of violent attacks now acknowledges she told police they ought to look closer to home for suspects — including among her own son’s friends. Shawna Forde, 41, said she is convinced there are links between the Dec. 22 shooting of her ex-husband at their north Everett home, her reported rape and beating at the same house a week later, and an attack on Jan. 15 in a nearby alley that left her with apparent gunshot wounds to her right arm…(the police) investigation should focus on local street toughs who until last summer were burglarizing Everett-area homes and trafficking in stolen firearms. One member of the ring was Forde’s own son, Devon Duffey, 19. He went to prison in October and now is serving more than two years at the state penitentiary in Walla Walla for being a felon in possession of firearms, records show.
..Forde’s ex-husband declined to be interviewed for this story. He was home alone when ambushed by a narrow-faced stranger dressed in khaki-colored clothing…Forde said it is ridiculous for anyone to think she had anything to do with her ex-husband’s shooting. The attack occurred roughly two weeks after she returned to Everett from a three-month stretch engaged in Minuteman border operations. “If I was going to do something like that I would have done it while I was in Arizona,” Forde said.

Troubled Life:

…Forde said she has been diagnosed with attachment disorder…restraining order against her..felony forgery charges..four marriages…On March 20, 2007, three young men (including her son) showed up at the beauty salon on Colby where Forde worked. One pulled a baseball bat from under his jacket and clobbered the man who owns the salon. The victim required hospital treatment to close his head wounds (son now in prison)…(Forde convicted of )chocolate milk shoplifting…

Forde said she knows her background is unconventional but said she’s not worried that it may affect her ability to work with other Minutemen in combatting illegal immigration and drug smuggling.

Taken from GOOGLE CACHE, because someone knows how to damage control a PR situation, well done.

Doesn’t make you any less racist.

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