Fuck you and burn!

No seriously.

Why the hell do you retarded fucking idiots allow shot like this to happen? WHY? Can you fucking tell me that you raging morons?

No, you fucking can’t!

This, this is the PROBLEM!

A mother feeding her six month old kids fast food. SIX FUCKING MONTHS!

A 250 kg heavy woman when she gave birth, who refuses to make proper food and has actually, through the power of magic, lost roughly 100 kg.

Isn’t that wonderful? This 24 year old lard monster honestly doesn’t have time to make PROPER food for her kids, doesn’t have time to do anything but fucking go get her fucking Welfare Check.

Now, I’m a Socialist, no bullshit, plenty of ideology. And I’m perfectly in favour for the Welfare state, despite abuse of it.

The real issue her, isn’t her being a Welfare sponge, a single “accidental” mother, a landwhale or being a horrible lazy human being.

It’s the blatant and horrible abuse she conducts on her poor fucking kids, junk food? JUNK FOOD? Kid shouldn’t even eat that shit, at least not until their 15, and it can be properly blamed on themselves.

And this fat fucking wreck of a woman thinks fat is beautiful? Fuck off!



Look at her! Just fucking look at this nightmare! When I asked my two horrible friends how the hell you fucked that, with a fucking mallet?

The youngest of them then answered: “You just hit the hips and let the waves carry you.” And I can’t fucking remember who said this one: “Throw flour on it, go for the wet spot.”

Good guys, jaded as fuck.

Still, it could be worse, much worse:

Fucking Britain and fucking America eh?

Also, watch as Fatty MacFatarse Crash Bandicoot defends a horrible human being:

“Why? Every week there’s a new moronbaiting article providing an easy hate figure to get outraged about and every week there’s a 10 page GBS thread full of clowns going “Wow what a fat bitch why can’t she just eat salads fresh food isn’t expensive I watch my diet she can too”, entirely missing the point. All I’m saying is it’d be nice if people could contribute more to the discussion than “I HATE FAT PEOPLE GRRRRRR” and other dumb basic reactionary bullshit. “

“Never mind my cheeseburger, go buy your copy of The Sun and rant about how the world’s going to shit. Carry on being easily enraged over dumb issues reported by dumber tabloids sold to dumb people like yourself. I’m glad that you’re happy to operate on the same level as a Daily Mail reader, spitting out bile and hatred over stupid issues that you’ve been told to get angry about. It’s wonderful that you have such a low capacity for rational thinking that you’re nothing more than an automatic rage machine. Enjoy the rest of your ignorant life ranting about fatties and MUZLIMS DISRESPECTING OUR BOYS and whatever else sells newspaper this week. Just remember that the rest of us with a brain are laughing at you.”

“Daily Mail readers ITT. You are literally Daily Mail readers. You are literally Daily Mail readers. Just stop and think about that for one tiny second. Any time you have ever heard a comedian make fun of the idiot Daily Mail readers, they are talking about you. You personally. You are literally a laughing stock. People are literally laughing at the very idea that a human being could be as dumb as you. You personally.”

Not sure why be bothers, she probably wont fuck some random White Knighting moron on the intrawebs.

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