Anencephaly Part Three

It just doesn’t stop does it?

Remember that thread?

We’ve got more dirt, not on the crazy fundie mother, but on the FATHER! Who cheated on his wife with this crazy broad.


And look what stonedpanda found: “Dan Lirette posted:

To top it off, I’m also in Ministry, preaching the Gospel Open Air (though under my own Power and not the Power of God!), in the media, known by many and even had a position on the Evangelism Committee in my local assembly.

I became involved in an adulterous affair with a summer student staff member at our church and she became pregnant.

Was what I to do?

I had two options:

1- Run away to another city
2- Hope for the best without turning to God

The Lord had option #3 waiting, which I had no clue would happen… you have to remember, I was one who was 99% sure I had blasphemed the Holy Spirit!”

Yup. Giant scumbad motherfucker, just dumping his responsibility on his precious little god. Well done mate, well done indeed.

And there’s more, samizdat found even more dirt on him:
” shoeshoe at 2007-09-23 00:57 CET:
Dan Lirette, in reality, is a closet homosexual who deals with his desire for penis by yelling at other homosexuals who are just minding their own business.

That guy is seriously tortured … gay, but so afraid of gay men that he became a bible-thumping fanatic solely because he couldn’t deal with his personal issues.

I’m betting he’ll commit suicide pretty soon.

aweirdly at 2007-09-23 01:53 CET:
It’s been awhile. He got laughed out of here the last time he posted this archaic info. He’s so desperate that he can’t even give this shit away.

Piss poor way to start your televangilist career.

Who wants to place bets that he’ll land up in prison like Kent Hovind?

shoeshoe at 2007-09-24 22:17 CET:
ha ha Dan Lirette got arrested a few days ago in Chicago for propsitioning an undercover police officer in a restroom!”

Apparently the fucker is all over the place!

Who knows what’ll happen next, perhaps he’d actually take some responsibility, rather than just blaming the GREAT GLOWHAND THE DESTROYER, ONLY TRUE GOD!

Probably not.

EDIT: Trying to escape the net are we? Bad David, that’s no good, no good at all!

Horrible try.

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