Never mind the screaming Dane


Coritno, why? For the love of all things starting with the letter “b” did you ever contact me and ask for “Some Love”?

Did you honestly think anyone with a limited understanding of music and noise would ever enjoy your shit? If yes, then please, share your secret?

What kinda fucking wonder-drug are you on?

We start with “Hustle Hard”, It starts with the title repeated in the old “Smurfs” style, anyone remember those stupid CDs back in the 1990’s, you know? The ones where the took normal music and remade them with Helium voices.

It starts like that, and then gets worse, it’s not an intro, IT’S THE FUCKING CHORUS! Fortunately, I only have a short sample at my disposal.

And thank Eris for that.

“STACK” is the next evidence the World Court will use when I get in power.

I’ll try to decipher the lyrics, it’s something about someone called “Stack”, presumably a guy working with moving of furniture.

Who likes prostitutes? Fuck if I know. Horrible shit.

“Release” is what I’m thinking about right now, please release me from this shit! It’s about girls dancing and acting like whores.

And him/her/it not having any control, probably because he’s a fucking barbarian.

Do the world a favour Coritino, get a real fucking job!

Double update today.

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