I hate it when this happens.

I was planing to dump this one with the idiot below, but these guys deserve better:

Drop Electric is actual something fairly new, not rap, but Electronica/Live Electronics/Trip Hop. And even odder, their first song is actually fairly decent.

“The Leftist” has a fairly good electronic sound, none of all that odd soundwerk you usually hear from Electronica, where the artist thinks listening pleasure is a town in Mongolia.

Only problem is the presence of the singer, who I can’t understand a word of, mostly because she’s mumbling half the time, and just going “aaaahhh ohhhh” the other half.

Oh wait, I can almost understand her when the electronic overlay turns her voice into the voice of a cooler C3PO.

Also, not a sample, Bonus Points.

“Sky Red” is a bit faster, but still quite good. Oddly enough, I can actually understand and hear the singer now. A fairly pleasant voice.

This is actually a pleasant surprise, I usually only review crap rap shit. Not decent music.

A bit on the repetitive side though, which they then fix by changing style in the latter part of the song, where the shift to something almost folksong and yet totally fucking awesome.

Not a fucking sample but full-length and good. Fucking well played.

“RU50” has a pretentious name, good, gotta have something to get angry at. Which is fitting, cause it sucks and is fairly broken, so let’s pretend it doesn’t exist, YOU HEAR ME?

“Fierce Urgency of Now” has a different beat, but Myspace has broken it.

To bad.

Still, a refreshing experience Electric Bungalow, well done.

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