Remember that BLOGGOSPHERE UPDATE, I made a few time units ago? No, well fuck you then.

It was all about how some stupid Video Game Studios retarded decision to create a Committee of Elected customers of their MMORPG, so they could give feedback.

In Theory, retarded, in practice, hilarious failure.

Yeah. It just keeps paying off, like a horrible nightmare of light entertainment.

The best is probably when Herschel Yamamoto pops up with this gem of unrestricted awesomeness:

Now, most people would be accepting of something like that, it’s a fair and reasonable post, with a fair dose of sarcasm.

But how did our wonderboy of maturity react? Like the retarded man-child he is:

Page three is just a clusterfuck of sheer stupidity, makes you wonder why people even bother, or even worse, what if any of those people ever got any actual power?

The though is staggering, go read through page three yourself plebs, hell, go read the entire thread, and laugh all the way to the ends of the Earth.

You’ll notice one thing, DARIUS JOHNSON, one of the members of the CSM, isn’t posting in the later parts of the thread.


Isn’t that a fucking mess? Of course, Jade avoided any problems at all, because he’s a nice and shiny little butterfly.

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