Hello, this is a special for all my fans from AL!

As a few of you may have noticed, I decided to advertise my delightful entry about how big a loser a member of the ever delightful Animeleague.net forums was/is/will always be.

My endeavour was however foiled. In part by Michael’s lack of a meaningful life, but mostly because I myself are way to lazy to really care.

It’s simply to much of a bother to pretend you can actually stand most of you Japanophile cartoon freaks. You and your pitiful little existence, you care so much for your filthy little collection of HTML and CSS.

Guess what scumbags? Your little insignificant shitstain of a forum doesn’t matter and neither does your stupid convention.

Then again, conventions never really matter do they? Except Industrial Conventions; and that’s just because of the free shit you get.

I am done for the night though, as I tried to post in the thread that was deleted before anyone really saw it.

A very Soviet method, let’s erase what we do not like, and do not wish discussed.

Fortunately enough, the eternal watch of Ragnarokz never ends.

So I grabbed some Screenshots before I made my post, which is probably why the managed to ban me before I managed to reply. Should have used a different not-caps-lock nickname. Oh well:

My Reply:

It’s never unnecessary to bring up the fact that everyone who regularly post on this forum are nothing but pitiful shells of human beings.

Also, still fun.

But I’m done for now, got Warhammer Online to play! FOR SIGMAR!


And even that was a little lie, as I play as a dwarf.

And I sure do have a grudge, hahaha, no I don’t.

I was just bored.

And I’m off.

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