Here’s some background story.

Stupid girl meets guy on the Internet.
Marries him after meeting him ONCE.
Get pregnant with no education and only low paying jobs.
Is basically heading straight towards WHITE TRASH!

And now, her landlord is throwing her out, because he doesn’t want a noisy baby screaming all the time, fair enough for him/her/it, seeing as it’s private rental of a shitty little room.

Guess what? She’s fucked!

Nothing really happens until this gem pops up:

Silber N. Gord

Ember wrote:
I know what we have to do~

Get an abortion?

Of course, she’s seven months pregnant so that really isn’t an option.

Of course, as Jakk points out, they should probably have thought a bit ahead and not puke out a baby at a time where they hadn’t prepared at all.

And when you think about it, how can the parents be happy that their stupid offspring marry and get pregnant after meeting each other ONCE?

Answer, they can’t!

And as a few good proud citizens do point out:

White Trash? Well done indeed good sirs, you’ve read my mind. It’s not me of course, I just saw this when i made my monthly check-up using a proxy server. How could I resist? Hahaha.

And here comes Jakk again, a proud crusader against having kids when you have the mentality of a KID!

This next one needs no comments of any sort:

And then comes the extreme opinions, it wouldn’t be the Internet without the thoughts of the deranged and the foolish:

I’m still bewildered by this next piece here. I’m Danish, and I could theoretically afford an apartment, not with decent food, if I actually got a full-time job as say, a dishwasher, I could without any serious issues.

So how the hell can they NOT find an apartment with TWO incomes in the household? What are they spending the cash on? Japanese cartoons and candy?

Still, she fights on.

Stupidity makes you blind before the world.

It wouldn’t be the Internet without some bonehead doing something stupid:

Ian is a White Knight! He’ll happily defend even the most retarded causes ignore all logic and reasons! Drawn eternally the the light of the VAGINA!


And here comes the three musketeers! Athos, Porthos, and Aramis! No wait, isn’t Trainwrecker, Innocent and Killjoy!

And now our tale comes to a natural end, with the termination of the thread, alas, it may be erased from the fabric of it’s origin point.

But It’ll live on in our hearts, and on my site!

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