We don’t need you.

We don’t need no big brother.
We’ve our neighbourhood.
We don’t need no little bugs.
We’ve got out mothers.

We don’t need no rights.
We’ve got out patriots.
We don’t need no science.
We’ve got faith.

Cause this is a society of fear and despair.
Watch the news, listen, obey!
Free your will, submit to us!
Shut up and sit down!

Cause we’re a society of fear and despair.
Duck and cover, buy some duct tape!
Fox News, Bill O’Reily, Ron Paul!
Get up and salute the flag.

We don’t need no reality.
We’ve got our dreams.
We don’t need no censorship.
‘Cause we’ve got hope.

This is a society of hope and dreams.
‘Cause we say so.
Don’t let Ann Coulter win!


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