It is time.

come and show some luv to ya dog Linkking
i wanna be a superstar

It even had the subject line: “Big Dreamz”. Even from the begining this idiot makes me hate him, HATE HIM, hate him like the old lady who pays all her groceries in small change, like the fat lady in the bus sitting next to you, releasing digestive gasses, like conservatives and religious nutters.

I fucking dipise him before I’ve even listened to his music, I hate him even though I’ve never meet him, all based on his shitty messages, well done “Linkking“.

Perhaps this will teach you not to mass messages random people on the Internet, not that I’d ever presume you being capable of actually learning anything.

But on with the show, or the nightmare, depending on how pissed off I’ll end up.

“Move ya body” has a pretty unorginal title, has the start up “aahhhahh” of Wannabe, and has a pretty generic sound all over. It actually takes over a minute before the actual song starts up.

And although it fails to suffer from the usual endlessly repeating beat, it does suffer from people who can’t sing. Which is a pretty serious problem.

The music is good, but whoever the fuck Linkking is, can’t fucking sing.

“Just chillin” continues to be an affront to grammatical spelling everywhere. The music is endlessly repeating, well done returning to standard.

The singer is one again fucking horrible.

“Tell me why featuring Ezu Bean” has fairly decent music, the lyrics are the usual incomprehensible ebonics or whatever the yanks call it these days. The singer is once more, way the fuck below average.

“Freakin featuring Klelia” makes me cry inside. Endless beat, endless song, shitty lyrics, HATE HATE! ARRRGGHHH! I’m going to murder the fucking planet for this! FUUUUUUUUUUCK.

Yes, well.

Linkking, you are a horrible singer, your songs are boring as fuck, your lyrics are horrible and most of your music is utter shit.

And whoever Klelia is, she/he/it should really stop singing, or talking, or breating.

Ever again.

Also, picture of the offending elements:

I can\'t tell the who\'s who? Can you

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