Oh shit, they are on to me!

[20:33] Sace> like how he got into the chatroom.
[20:34] ~FreeSaiyan> And Original_viper please do not encourage the troll in future.
[20:34] Original_viper> How was I encouraging him?
[20:34] Original_viper> He joined, and I’m not a chat op
[20:35] Original_viper> If I were, I would have banned him for you
[20:35] ~FreeSaiyan> Asking for his site encourages him.
[20:35] Original_viper> He has other things on his site other than trolling AL
[20:35] FaerieFortune> Actually banning him does
[20:35] Original_viper> He had a video on it that I liked.
[20:35] ~FreeSaiyan> In the context it encourages him.
[20:36] ~FreeSaiyan> Quit splitting hairs.
[20:36] Original_viper> No it doesn’t. He trolls you because he thinks its funny

Congratulations Original_viper, you are spot-on. Allow me to convey in imagery how I think FreeSaiyan of Animeleague.net reacts every time I make yet another gimmick account in order to troll his silly little dole funded forum.


This is pretty much how Free reacts, that, and paranoia. Apparently he thinks I’m going to hack his forums, steal that abomination of a girlfriend he has/had/will have and break into his house and steal his children pornography.

Which is insane, I have neither the time, nor do I have the technical knowledge to actually “hack” a forum, not do I care.

I’m not touching anything that actually wants to hang around him while being in control of ones mind.

And I’d only break into his house and steal his chairs, because everyone needs a gimmick.

So yeah, relax Michael, just because most of the people on the Internet you encounter are utterly psychotic, doesn’t mean I am.

Also, do me a favour and start dating someone you haven’t found on your forum, get a job and make it a lot harder for me to mock you.

Life can be fun, if you live in a FUCKED UP COUNTRY!

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