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It is time.

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

come and show some luv to ya dog Linkking
i wanna be a superstar

It even had the subject line: “Big Dreamz”. Even from the begining this idiot makes me hate him, HATE HIM, hate him like the old lady who pays all her groceries in small change, like the fat lady in the bus sitting next to you, releasing digestive gasses, like conservatives and religious nutters.

I fucking dipise him before I’ve even listened to his music, I hate him even though I’ve never meet him, all based on his shitty messages, well done “Linkking“.

Perhaps this will teach you not to mass messages random people on the Internet, not that I’d ever presume you being capable of actually learning anything.

But on with the show, or the nightmare, depending on how pissed off I’ll end up.

“Move ya body” has a pretty unorginal title, has the start up “aahhhahh” of Wannabe, and has a pretty generic sound all over. It actually takes over a minute before the actual song starts up.

And although it fails to suffer from the usual endlessly repeating beat, it does suffer from people who can’t sing. Which is a pretty serious problem.

The music is good, but whoever the fuck Linkking is, can’t fucking sing.

“Just chillin” continues to be an affront to grammatical spelling everywhere. The music is endlessly repeating, well done returning to standard.

The singer is one again fucking horrible.

“Tell me why featuring Ezu Bean” has fairly decent music, the lyrics are the usual incomprehensible ebonics or whatever the yanks call it these days. The singer is once more, way the fuck below average.

“Freakin featuring Klelia” makes me cry inside. Endless beat, endless song, shitty lyrics, HATE HATE! ARRRGGHHH! I’m going to murder the fucking planet for this! FUUUUUUUUUUCK.

Yes, well.

Linkking, you are a horrible singer, your songs are boring as fuck, your lyrics are horrible and most of your music is utter shit.

And whoever Klelia is, she/he/it should really stop singing, or talking, or breating.

Ever again.

Also, picture of the offending elements:

I can\'t tell the who\'s who? Can you

Deirdre Hughes didn’t contact me

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

She didn’t even post some terminally retarded comment, but just a good old fashioned “Hey, thanks for adding me, have a nice day”, unlike most of the retards who keep trying to use the comment section of Myspace as some sort of advertisement board.

She is, however, a singer, so I’ll review here anyway, because I feel like it. Just before I start on the actual music, I’d like to point out that her Myspace is actually decently designed and reasonably simplistic. Points straight from the beginning for that alone.

Also, unlike most artist who uses outrageous clothing or insane sexualization, she just uses pictures like this one.

First song is “Change”, a rather normal country song, in the slow, soft and fairly decent way. Her voice is fairly good, the lyrics aren’t anything special, all in all, it’s an almost overwhelmingly mediocre song, which I guess isn’t that bad a thing, considering the environment of today’s music.

“Turn back the hands of time” starts with bloody banjo music, hahahaha, seriously, I just can’t take any music who seriously tries to use a fucking banjo. A banjo, the single most hilarious musical instrument, only beaten by the bagpipes. I can’t even say anything about this song, because of the damn banjo. Well done Deirdre, I can’t review your song due to Banjo.

“Backstairs” has a decent music, and it has my favourite use of voice, the strong almost yelling style, I have a personal preference for that particular style, well done, pretty sure the song is about how she wants to get up. She lose points for letting it be a sample.

Not that it matters, as I don’t use a point system.

“Redneck male” has the worst damn name ever, glorifying a culture of idiots and racism isn’t really anything I can stand behind. Also, it’s fairly average. Also sample, BAD GIRL!

“Heart of Glass” is way to romantic, and she falls for the annoying temptation of babbling on about how hard love is etcetera etcetera. Also a fucking sample, dammit, not buying your fucking CD now.

“Waitress in a Waiting house” is pretty much like the rest, really.

I gotta admit that Country music really isn’t my favourite, I prefer music with a bit more “go” in it. Also, I always get this weird mental image of rednecks sitting on their porch with a shotgun, mumbling about how “It’s all them there blacks fault”, hell, I can’t even spell the same ridiculous accent the Southern parts of the US has.

There was that moron who wanted me to buy her damn book, who kept bothering me with some utterly retarded Southern US accent, written that is, which makes no fucking sense.

But, Deirdre is a fairly decent singer, and whoever writes some of her music, is at least reasonably skilled.

The person who decided on the sample should be shot though, that’s just stupid.

Oh shit, they are on to me!

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

[20:33] Sace> like how he got into the chatroom.
[20:34] ~FreeSaiyan> And Original_viper please do not encourage the troll in future.
[20:34] Original_viper> How was I encouraging him?
[20:34] Original_viper> He joined, and I’m not a chat op
[20:35] Original_viper> If I were, I would have banned him for you
[20:35] ~FreeSaiyan> Asking for his site encourages him.
[20:35] Original_viper> He has other things on his site other than trolling AL
[20:35] FaerieFortune> Actually banning him does
[20:35] Original_viper> He had a video on it that I liked.
[20:35] ~FreeSaiyan> In the context it encourages him.
[20:36] ~FreeSaiyan> Quit splitting hairs.
[20:36] Original_viper> No it doesn’t. He trolls you because he thinks its funny

Congratulations Original_viper, you are spot-on. Allow me to convey in imagery how I think FreeSaiyan of reacts every time I make yet another gimmick account in order to troll his silly little dole funded forum.


This is pretty much how Free reacts, that, and paranoia. Apparently he thinks I’m going to hack his forums, steal that abomination of a girlfriend he has/had/will have and break into his house and steal his children pornography.

Which is insane, I have neither the time, nor do I have the technical knowledge to actually “hack” a forum, not do I care.

I’m not touching anything that actually wants to hang around him while being in control of ones mind.

And I’d only break into his house and steal his chairs, because everyone needs a gimmick.

So yeah, relax Michael, just because most of the people on the Internet you encounter are utterly psychotic, doesn’t mean I am.

Also, do me a favour and start dating someone you haven’t found on your forum, get a job and make it a lot harder for me to mock you.

Life can be fun, if you live in a FUCKED UP COUNTRY!

INDIE/HIP HOP/ROCK and other mean words.

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

Thanks again for the add RagnaokZ. I wanted to invite you to check out the Pain track on my page.
It’s an intense blend of intense Rock/Rap, lemme know what you think!

Is it just me, or does the word “independent” used in conjunction with music usually means “sucks horribly”.

But hey, let’s not judge a book on it’s cover, or a Myspace band on it’s shitty website.

First up is “Pain”, whose lyrics i misheard and for a few moments thought it was a lament about erectile dysfunction. It’s just some emo crap about how “Love hurts”, no sht Sherlock, thanks for telling us the oldest secret in the history of mankind.

Fuck off.

“Time’s Wasting” is all about entropy. Not the worst theme. To bad the music is awful, the lyrics sucks, everything about it sucks.

It makes suicide and damnation sounds like a fair and awesome alternative to listening.

“Paradigm featuring some guy callled Benjamin”, starts out softly. The music starts out decent, to bad it just ends up being endlessly repeating.

And since when has “sounding like scratched up CD” been an acceptable sound effect? Shitty song, horribly bland music and fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

“Nothing hurts like love” falls for Policy #812: “Emo-music automatically sucks horribly”, carry on.

“Lithium” falls for the same “Sounds like broken CD” again. And really sucks.

Seriously, for an independent band, they sure do sound like everyone else. I mean, there isn’t a fucking molecule, not even an eletron of originality in any of the songs.

It’s all just bland, samey, mediocre bullshit. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.