Holy fuck, not RAP or RnB or any of that junk.

Sure, this one didn’t send me any horribly mismatched messages, but when the hell has details ever stopped me?

Never, that’s right, let’s get this show on the road.

Now, Shannon Haley has a couple of songs up for our collective listening pleasure, and for once it isn’t the usual rap or RnB or whatever the fuck the idiots call that garbage.

“Someday Soon” isn’t too bad really, the music itself is reasonably pleasant, not really repetitious in anyway, generally decent. The lyrics are fairly generic romantic ballad, nothing to write about there.

Overall, fairly decent.

“Don’t answer the Phone”, now the music is relaxed and again, fairly pleasant, the lyrics are about love once again, generic again, nothing special there either. I like the chorus though, quite good.

“Go” has a nice short name. Generic romance again, decent music. Waaaaaaaay to generic though, heard stuff like this roughly a billion times.

“Lie to me”, yeah, Shannon falls into one of the rare pitfalls, most of the crap I review just plain sucks, hers doesn’t, it’s just terribly generic.

“Always reminded of you”, shouldn’t that be “Always reminds me of you”? Bah, English, when will those silly Americans start using it?

The music is basically a piano playing in the background, not to bad. The lyrics are fairly generic, but the singer herself really shines in this one, very good, very good indeed.

Didn’t make use of the generic shift from relaxed music into frantic music, sure the shift is there, but unlike most music, it’s very gradual.

Probably the best one so far, but it’s really the music and the singer that carries it, the lyrics themselves are generic.

“This is gonna hurt me” is the last one for this time. Romantic drivel again, music is good, singer is quite good, lyrics are generic.

So yeah, ultimately Shannon has a chance, and if I ever hear her on the radio, I won’t have to sacrifice animals to the Dark Gods and pray for her death.

So everyone really wins today. Also, make more music in the same line as “Always reminded of you”, it’s probably the best one you’ve made.

That’s all for today sweethearts, now fuck off.

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